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How to paint like Bart van der Leck – Easy art tutorial De Stijl style

How to paint like Bart van der Leck – Easy art tutorial De Stijl style

Do you want to learn How to paint like Bart van der Leck, I will show you in this Easy art tutorial in De stijl style. He, Albert here at imperfect paintings where it’s all about Improving your painting skills by looking at art, yourself and the world around you. If you are new to this channel, consider subscribing and hit the bell so you do not miss a single video. This is my homework for my painting course and also the one I will show you how to make in a few moments. Later on in this video I will show you the results of the participants of my painting course, so keep watching. Today we look at the artwork by Bart van der Leck. De Stijl or the style is a Dutch art movement with the members Piet Mondrian Gerrit Rietveld, who all worked with primary colors. Bart van der Leck is known for paintings like these. At first you still see what he is painting. When I saw this one in a museum I new I had a new lesson for my painting course. So let us begin. The colors and other things I use are in the description below. This first part is painting a kind of pattern, a chessboard, or floor tiles of colors I will show this at higher speed. To give it a Bart van der Leck look and feel, only work with the primary colors red, blue and yellow and black. You can choose to divide your painting in rows and colums of 3 x 3, 4 x 4, 3 x 4 or whatever you like, but not to many. As you can see I did not think enough about where to put all the colors and ended up with these two blocks of black next to each other. Yes, again an Imperfect Painting. But you will see, it does not matter that much later on, so relax. Everything happens for a reason, just find your way with it. These are two snapshots of what they made in my painting course. Now it is getting interesting.Take titanium white, it is opaque and sort of hides the paint underneath. What you are going to do is paint geometrical forms and shapes but you have to think the other way around. So not paint a triangle, but paint the surroundings of a triangle to create the shape. Start with larger forms because you probably will find out that it is more difficult to paint straight lines than you might think. It looks very simple, but there is always a challenge. Today it is composition. When you put all your geometrical forms in the middle of your color tiles it tends to create a static feal overall. So put your form also to the left, to the right or in the corner of the tiles. The same for the number of shapes on a tile. But remember, I just show so how to paint like Bart van der Leck. If you want to go a different direction because you want to experiment with it, feel free. This is the endresult of my homework. Question of the day: Should I put an extra layer of white over it to make it more perfect? Let me know, yes of no, in the comments down below. And here are the results of the participants of my painting course. Enjoy. If you liked this video hit subscribe and click on the bell so you will not miss a single video. Share it with a friend and click or tap the screen to see another one, and until next time, Keep Painting!

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