21 thoughts on “HOW TO PAINT Paint this ADORABLE Mixed Media Squirrel!!!

  1. My husband would love this he is Raising a squirrel I’ll let him see this the Squirrel is his best friend thanks you are awesome

  2. Very cute!🐿💕Adorable little squirrel-I’ve got lots of those fan (FUN 😄) brushes – and never know what to do with them – so thank you for showing me the way of utilizing them – finally. Love those big Pitt markers as well!!! Thank You and have a wonderful day!🎨🙌💕

  3. Too cute, but if I do this one I'm gonna have to use that adorable tufted ear squirrel as a model, can't remember what thet are called, probably tufted ear squirrel or some simple thing like that, but this guy looks like the little goofs outside my my backdoor I watch all the time. They are so much fun to watch and talk about attitude! Hahaha Great way to welcome the Fall season, thanx 🤗

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