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How To Polish Black Paint With REALLY Bad Swirls! – K.I.T.T. Knight Rider – Chemical Guys

How To Polish Black Paint With REALLY Bad Swirls! – K.I.T.T. Knight Rider – Chemical Guys

What’s up guys? Welcome back to the Detail Garage. Today, we are going to be showing you how
to polish out your black paint on this KITT car from Knight Rider. Now, it’s black, which shows all kinds of
imperfections, but it’s also been repainted at one point in its life, so it’s got a thinner
base coat than your typical car would have, so we are going to do the least aggressive
approach using V36 with an orange pad and then finishing it all off with V38 and a white
pad. Now, I’ve already done a test spot and that’s
proven to show that it doesn’t take a whole lot to refine those scratches and swirls. I’m going to take out my light here and show
you guys exactly what we’re working with today. From improper washing and drying and anything
else that scratched the surface, it’s got a ton of swirls. As you follow the light, you just see all
those lines and all those lines and imperfections, so today, we are going to refine the finish
and bring out that lustrous black shine. So, as I mentioned, we have ourselves over
here a TORQ 10FX, which is a DA polisher with an 8mm throw. Since I’m only going to be working on this
small section to start off with and also since this car has some contoured edges (mostly
flat panels, but still some contoured edges), we want something that we can control. 8mm gives us that perfect combination of speed,
friction, and also a tight little orbit so we can get the perfect results. We are going to using an Orange Quantum Pad
to start off with. We will start off with placing it on the machine
as centered as possible. This will prevent any kind of excessive imbalance
or vibration. V36 is a micro-abrasive that helps cut through
the dead and scratched paint. You can remove water spots, scratches, swirls,
oxidation… and then we are going to spray a little bit of Pad Conditioner which is going
to help moisten the pad and this is going to help prevent any kind of excessive heat or
friction and it’s also going to keep the pad nice and soft. Now, like I was mentioning, we are going to
spray some Pad Conditioner, which is going to reduce any excess heat and friction and
also soften and moisten the pad so that you don’t have to replace your pad periodically or often because
now it’s going to be nice and rejuvenated. So, we are going to go over to the vehicle,
and whenever you are using a dual action polisher, what you need to do to start off is blotch
out the product you are going to be using and then on the lowest speed setting, spread
it out on the section you are going to working on. Now, when you are working with any kind of
polisher, it’s best to keep it as flat as possible. With a DA polisher, you
want to put 5 – 7lbs of pressure down to thoroughly break down the polish, compound, or whatever
you’re using. Once you’re done spreading it out, bump it
up to the highest speed setting, and you’re going to polish until your compound or chemical
has gone completely clear and then you’re going to buff off the excess. So, now that the polish has gone completely
clear, we are going to take a clean microfiber towel and buff off the excess so we can check
our work. Just using a nice, plush pile towel. This is the Super Towel. It’s got this nice high plush pile on one
side and a shorter plush pile on the other side for buffing off and also a silk banded
edge to prevent any kind of scratches or swirls. Gently place it on the vehicle and just wipe
off the excess. I can already see that its done a tremendous
job and that this is going to be a huge before and after. To further refine the paint, I’m going to
do a two step polish and hit it with V38 and a white pad. Like I mentioned, this is going to help give
it that last final touch, really bring out the shine, and help bring back that factory
finish. So, I have the white pad centered on the machine. Again, this is going to prevent any kind of
excess vibration that could damage the machine. It creates fatigue, and it could also give
you improper results. Now, we are just going to shake up the V38,
which is a finer polish. It’s a jeweling polish that really brings
out the shine on any color vehicle. We are just going to place 5 dime sized drops
on the pad cause we want the pad and combination of chemical to do its job properly. Excessive compound will fling or won’t cut
properly and takes a long time to thoroughly break down. So, by using the smaller amount, it’s actually
better for the paint job, it’s better for time saving effort, and it’s also saving product. We’ll blotch out the product just like we
did with V36. The white pad is a little softer so it’s not
going to have as much cut. It’s more just a final touch. We’ll turn it on, spread it out, and then
go to our highest speed setting to do our actual polishing. And now, once again, we will just take a clean
microfiber towel and buff off the excess. To prevent cross contamination, I’m going
to grab a fresh towel, go back to the vehicle and then in straight lines, just wipe off
the excess. It has a nice slick feeling: that freshly
polished feeling. I can see that it’s virtually removed most
of the scratches and swirls. I don’t really see many. There might just be a couple of deep ones,
but for the most part, it’s a mirror shine. Now, while you’re watching, you saw that I
was going over my passes 50% of my last passes. This is to ensure a uniform shine. No tiger striping. Also, I was going up and down, side to side,
North, South, East, West. This is just to thoroughly break down the
polish and make sure you are removing an even layer of the paint so you get the best shine. So, we are going to finish it up by applying
a nice wax to this because once you polish, it exposes the pores of the paint and contamination,
fallout, all gets in there really quickly which creates oxidation and it also just looks
really awful. So, by applying wax, it’s not only enhancing
the shine, but it’s going to add some protection. Before I apply a wax to KITT, I need to finish
polishing it, so we are going to get back to that. Well, guys, you can see that KITT has had
a huge transformation today using V36 and V38. That perfection combination has removed those
scratches and swirls and brought back that deep lustrous black shine. You saw before how it had that kind of cloudy
look. That’s all those scratches and swirls blocking
out the light and is making it look really awful. By polishing, we removed a light layer of
paint and brought back that factory finish. Now, what we are going to go ahead and protect
it with some Better Wet Wax. To apply Butter Wet Wax, I am going to be
using the TORQ 10FX again using a black finishing pad. This is for your glazes, sealants, and waxes
to apply a fine coat the to vehicle. Now, like I mentioned, we are using Butter
Wet Wax, which is a great way to add shine and protection to any colored vehicle. You can use it on paintwork, glass, chrome
pieces… anything you want to protect and also repel any kind of elements. So, again, we are just going to shake up the
bottle and apply a few drops to the pad. On the lowest speed setting, we are going
spread it out over the entire vehicle and let it cure for about 15 minutes and then
buff it off. A lot of people ask if you need to use a pad
conditioner when you’re applying a glaze or sealant or wax, and in fact, you don’t because
the pad is not spinning fast enough to create heat (or at least it shouldn’t be), but it’s
not going to be cutting into the paint. So, you guys can check out these products
for yourself at Also, look for the local Detail Garage
in your area and go ahead and stop by the store. If you like KITT, be sure to give him a thumbs
up and we will see you next time right here in the Detail Garage.

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