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– Hi there. Today I have a really
big, big treat for you. I’m doing an entirely
brand new, start to finish, full, one-hour tutorial on
how to make this entire spread in my art journal, and I wanted to show you how you can take a blank page and go
through the entire process to fruition with a face. This is episode three in our face template and drawing practice series for
mixed media art journalists. And you know, I totally
forgot to introduce myself. My name’s Karen Campbell,
I’m a mixed-media artist, and my job is to give you my best drawing and mixed media tips
and tricks and techniques to make your life and
your arting super easy so that you can have more fun. If you like this style of
realtime drawing instruction, it’s not something I
typically do on YouTube because YouTube is more
of a quick time lapse, a different way of educating people. But if you prefer this
realtime lesson experience, you might wanna seriously consider enrolling into my Mixed
Media Society that I have over at Awesome Art School. Awesome Art School is my online
school I founded in 2016, and it is filled, filled
with hours and hours of realtime mixed media projects. The cool thing about it is, well, there’s a lot of cool things about it, but one it’s actually like Netflix, where when you sign up,
you have an entire library of content at your fingertips that you have instant access to. You can download everything right away, and there’s everything
from beginner acrylics, so if you’re not sure about how to blend and what the different
mediums on the market are and color and composition, all of those lessons are
there for you instantly. There’s volumes of lessons in there, there’s an encaustics entire course, art journaling for beginners, there’s my entire Mixed Media Magic series that goes with my book, but then I also add new
lessons every single month. So, I only open my club memberships at Awesome Art School twice a year, and that will close as of Easter week. So now’s the time to
join, it’s $18 a month, I’m not increasing the price. So if that is something
that would interest you, if you really like this
style of instruction that you’re gonna be getting today, that is how all of my classes are over at Awesome Art School. So I invite you to come
get creative with me. If you don’t like it, you
can just cancel at any time. It’s that easy. So I would love to see
some new faces over there and just step up your mixed media game. So without further ado, let’s get started. This face that we’re doing today is based on the face template that we created two episodes ago. So if you want to go back and learn how to make your own face template, you can see the I in the
corner of your screen and that will take you
back to episode one. If you have no interest in
creating your own template and you would like to
download and use mine, you’re more than welcome to. Just drop a comment in
the comment section below that says, “I would
like the face template,” and I will drop you a link that will allow you to go to that and
download it at your leisure. You don’t need to leave
your email address below. I will give you a link and that will just enable you to download that directly. So without further ado you
guys, let’s get started. All right, welcome back. We are ready to get started. I have my reference photo right here, which you don’t need ’cause you can just follow along with me, but I’m gonna be using
this photo from Pinterest. I love the hairstyle and
I love her eye makeup. So what we’re gonna do today is we are going to do a quick background, and then we are going
to use the face template that I created last week. Just know that you can
get this exact template that I’m gonna be using right now, and you can print it off and transfer it into your art journals if drawing a face is too scary for you. So the thing I’m gonna
be focusing on today is remember, every week
we’re gonna tweak a part, and I’m gonna teach you
how to incorporate faces into your mixed media
art journal projects, but we are gonna tweak the part. So we are gonna keep everything the same, but we’re gonna do eyes, and I’ll teach you how to do eyelashes, and we’re gonna worry about her hair and also her eyebrows
are gonna be different. So we’re keeping this part the same and we’ll change this
part for our first lesson. (whimsical music) So I wanna make a quick background and a really fast background is to just glue down a little bit of paper ’cause it gets our
color scheme picked out. I picked this gift wrap book up at Tuesday Morning for only $5. It has 24, really 24 super
lovely gift wrap papers inside. I love the houses. So use what ever you have on hand. I’m just gonna put a little
bit around the edges, again just to get the color
scheme kinda picked out. And I’ll time lapse this. I’m gonna be using matte medium, it’s my favorite glue to glue down things. I’m just gonna tuck it around the corners. If you want a tutorial on
how I do my backgrounds, I have another resource for you. I just did a whole series
of Art Journal with Me and we went over some easy backgrounds and this is one of them, but you can also just watch me right here. So I’m just gonna put some
around the edges as a frame. In the recent episodes we’ve talked about composition, I’ve
given away cheat sheets, so if you wanna go back and
watch my art journaling series, I just finished that two weeks ago. I will put a link in the description box and I’ll link it again
right here in this I if you need to go do that. Boy, it’s a lot of catching up to do. I apologize for that, but I’m
trying to make good resources so we can have lots of things to refer to. So I’m gonna just put
some around the edges, I’m gonna throw some paint
just to get the color going, and I always use the colors
that are in my paper, so I’ll choose, I don’t know,
colors that match those, and then we’re gonna transfer the face, and then we’re gonna color it in. So, let’s get gluing. (spirited music) And then for paint I’m just
gonna dabble a little paint ’cause this does not
look good to me. (laughs) So I’m picking two colors from my Fairy Faces Portrait
Series from Jerry’s Artarama. Just use whatever papers and
whatever paint that you have. I’m just letting you know what I’m using. (spirited music) so I want the paper to peekaboo out, but I don’t want it to
be the main attraction. Just lay, I can kind of paint the rest. It’s very rare that I use an actual paintbrush for this step. I feel strange doing that. Kind of intentionally leaving it a little empty in the middle, ’cause that’s where the face is gonna go. Also while I was at Tuesday Morning I picked up this pack of washi. It weirdly matches all of
the colors in that paper. It’s like a total coincidence. Can kinda just, oh, it’s
literally exactly the right color. That’s so weird, and awesome,
but weird, but awesome. So I can kinda run one
element into the next one. So this ties my collage in with my paint. It literally is kind of the
perfect in between situation. So as always, I prefer a
center-focus themed journal spread. I could do actually this around
the whole thing, why not? (gasps) So many fun things that
you can do to a background. So this is just plain matte medium. All of the acrylic mediums have
an adhesive quality to them. The washi tape definitely
needs some adherence help, so in order to keep it down, you need to glue it down in some fashion. So I’m gonna let that matte medium dry and then I’m going to the next step. (whimsical music) All right, now we’re ready to transfer our face template onto
our journal background, but I didn’t wanna skip
through the backgrounds ’cause I wanted to show you,
actually, how I would do one. So, okay, so I have my transfer paper from Arteza that I do highly recommend, and you put the dark side down. And I’m gonna center her right
in the center of the page. I’m gonna just put a
little bit of the top there ’cause that helps me figure
out where her hair is. I will transfer that. But her face would
actually go down like this. That’s another thing that
we can very easily change, so just be aware of that. At one lesson we will change that, but let’s keep it simple. So the objective of doing these projects is to one, build some muscle memory, so we’re tracing these faces. You can also draw these
from scratch every week. Last week I taught you
how to get to this part on your own if you wanted to. I’m gonna leave off her eyebrows ’cause those are super different. Okay, I’m gonna leave her
nose and mouth the same, so I’m gonna trace those. I only wanted to tweak one
thing or else it’s crazy town. But her eyes are what I’m
gonna change this time. So I’m going, and I’m, oh, it’s not good when your (laughs) face, when your face moves. Oh no, that’s not good, but
you can see it’s transferring. Oh, crap, okay, be careful about that. Well, I’m just gonna keep going. So her eye’s really circular. You can almost see her whole iris. So this is very much
swooping and swooping, not so much the shape that I have down. So that’s what I’m gonna change. So mine will look like, let’s
see, we’re gonna go here. At least I know they’re
in the right place. That’s why we have the
template to help us out. So I’m gonna make these much bigger and then coming down and
then curve like that. And you don’t even see a lid line, so I’m not gonna do a lid line. And then this one is the same, it comes up, up, and then
down, and then vroop. So we’re changing, yeah, her eyes. I’m not putting any lid, and then we’re gonna draw the, (laughs) they’re off-center
because I moved my paper. That’s so funny. And then we’re gonna
draw our own eyebrows on, and they’re gonna be different than the ones we did last week. (whimsical music) So get your pencils out. (laughs) I have to move her eye over because, no, it should erase but it might not, I moved my paper, whoops, so
I’m gonna just adjust that. First thing I’m gonna do, we
need to kinda shore up her face so I’m gonna come in a
little bit on the temples. She has a very square face. And then we’re gonna get
her hair started first. So the temples, I’m gonna come in at. I’m not gonna mimic her cheek line yet. Again, I’m trying to make
this not crazy complicated. So I’m gonna go in again at her temples and then using the face base. And then her neck is here. And we can put her eyebrows in, actually. So her eyebrows… (laughs) My face is still off
because I moved my paper. I am gonna move this over. You’re supposed to have the same distance from the eye to the side of the head, so I have to move that over a little bit. Just high ears. Whoop, now she looks like an elf. (laughs) Oh, that’s so funny. Oh great, the eraser is caked
into the, lovely eraser. Okay, so we have the top
of the head is way up here, her hairline, so when you do hair, you have to pick the part first. So it’s really easy if the
style is in a certain way, the part is way over here. Obviously that’s a false part. In real life, her part parts
way over here, but that’s okay. So we need to find that
same position over here. Here’s the top of my head. So people that struggle
with hair, listen up. You need to pick the part,
number one, pick the part. Okay, I’m drawing this little distance. So hair has height up and over and it also comes into the oval shape, which is why we need to remember and draw that oval shape for reference because look how high,
how much space that is. That’s a lot, plus check that out. So we have this line here. This is really close to her
head, so her head is here and I’m only coming up a
little bit for that part. And we can, you know,
she has this little hair flowing here off the page. And then it comes here. She actually has a very square head line which does not really
match up with our template, so I’m just gonna kind of improvise, have it coming this way a little bit. And then it comes off, up,
and above the oval line. So here’s my oval line
and we’re gonna come up. And we’re gonna zoom out a little bit ’cause we have to draw this
wonky-tonky crazy thing. So I’m gonna skip over to
this side for a second. We have this. And then, so coming out
of this part of the hair, actually I think it’s
up a little bit further, this comes up and over,
and this swoops up and down and then it curls in on itself. But then there’s also this length (laughs) of the hair coil, which
goes all the way there. And if you can see that, the head, again, the volume is humongous, so
it actually comes up here. And then the roll comes all the way here. So if you can try to see this actually probably comes down low like this. It’s a very big swoopy swoop. And then this hair is
getting pulled up this way, all the way from her ear, all the way up. Okay, crazy. Aren’t you so glad I picked the most complicated hairstyle in
the world as our first one? (laughs) But I wanna show
you just how to make it. I can’t help it, I was inspired. We have our regular oval, which you can still see is in here, and you see this hair goes up over it and then it also comes down into the face, and that will be everything. Now, she has a huge forehead so my proportions are not awesome, so we need to kind of
have this rounded here coming down a little bit more, and then our coil will
come even further down. And you see how I’m just
drawing over and over my lines? And I think it comes to about here. And we don’t have to perfectly
match the photograph. That’s not what we’re doing here. So we just do our best. It’s all good. Just in our art journals,
we’re just having fun today, fun on a Friday, okay? So please don’t. If you notice how many lines I have, I have a lot of lines. And this one comes up here, so it starts somewhere in here, and it’s not perfect. It’s my Vanish eraser. Okay. So wherever your starting point is, it’s somewhere up in here. Whoop, whoop. So then this will just go cascading. But let’s get the outline first. Whoop. And all these hairs come up. So when we do our brush strokes,
they’ll come up like that. And then this goes whoop, all right. Good enough. I’m okay with good enough. I don’t care if this is perfect or not. Okay, cool. And you guys go easy on yourselves. This is just for fun. But we like her, though,
on the background. She’s setting up stage nice. All right, so let’s get those eyebrows in. She has really curvy eyebrows. If you look, they’re like vroop, and vroo. They’re very complicated. They’re not the big, bushy ones
that are in vogue right now. In vogue, who says in vogue? And then this, I notice her eyes, yeah, they really come down, and then they come down and up. So her eyebrows, they’re starting
off very close to her eye, and they worm down and then
they kinda flick up like that. And they’re, yeah, they’re
kinda crazy shapes. And she doesn’t even
have a facial expression in her eyebrows just to
have crazy curves to them. And then this one’s over here, and this one is more flat across
and then it curves around. Thank you, girlfriend, for letting us borrow your wonky worm eyebrows. Super appreciate it! Okay. So they look nothing alike
on closer inspection, but that’s just what it
looks like in the photo, so she’s gonna look sassy
because they’re different. All right then we gonna
put our little irises in, which you actually almost
see the whole iris, so you can have them just cropped off a little bit top and bottom. You actually, on this one, you see the whole bottom of her iris and then just the top is
cooked, is cooked off? What? Chopped off. Cooked off, that’s bizarro. And there is a tiny, thin lid line but it’s all gonna get
covered up with her makeup, so we don’t really even
need to put it on there. All right, now our nose. The only thing I’m gonna
add is some nostrils, but we can keep our Fun Fab Draw nose kinda just like it is ’cause we’re only trying to
change a couple of things not the whole thing every week. So then I’m gonna redraw the mouth. Kinda what we had it last week. Okay, woo, we are cooking, good looking. All right, so now we
need to pick our mediums. So what I would like to try
to mess around with today, I’m so excited, is not to do a full hamburger acrylic painting, and if you’re like, “Hamburger? “What the hell did she just say?” Actually I should say, “What
the heck did she just say?” Somebody called me out for my bad language so I have to be more careful. I have a potty mouth, I cannot deny it. This is a recent series I did on YouTube. It actually became a whole entire book. But this is my classic mixed media system that has all these layers. So we’re gonna do an abrived… Abrived. Abridged version of that, and we’re gonna cut out the acrylic later. And we have the collage as layer one, we have number two,
acrylic paint or gesso. I guess we do have that, we have that in the background as well. And then so water soluble’s three. I’m not gonna take it all the way up here, I’m gonna kinda stay down
in layer three today. So that is basically drawing
with different things. So you can draw with either
a water soluble material, which means when you
add water it will melt, or you can do a permanent layer here too. So you totally have options. (whimsical music) Today I wanna try either doing gelatos and mixing them with gesso,
or using a watercolor marker. And these are equivalent to Tombows. These are just better
because these are archival and are really high quality and they are like watercolor true pigment-based, whereas Tombows are
dye-based, so they do fade. Which it doesn’t really matter, and I don’t even really care about that. It’s interesting to note
what the differences are. I know lot of people have
Tombows, they’re super popular. So you can totally use those. So I’m just thinking out
loud of what I’d like to do. I think a lot of people have gelatos, so I’m gonna try gelato-ing her. (laughs) So what I’m gonna do is just
to put down some skin tone, and I haven’t done this in a million years so I’m a little nervous, actually. Just gonna, with the oils from my finger, kinda activate these. This is, what color is this? I think it’s peach, yep. Just gonna blend, get the
blending party happening. Bop, bop, bum, bum. They give a very nice, soft effect and they kinda go with my
background colors, too. Um, mum, mum, mum, mum. It’s just putting a thin layer. What I like about gelatos, too, is that you can make dark skin tones just as easily as you can
make light skin tones. You just would grab some
darker colors is all. I think we’ll just have it
fade into the beginning. This is cool. Sometimes less is more. You don’t need to go full-on
hamburger every time, although I certainly do
like to, I can’t deny it. Okay. But sometimes it’s good
to do different things. Okay, so that’s just the base of our face. Now we need to get a little shading going ’cause guys, don’t be afraid. Now she doesn’t have a lot of shading, so you can rest easy on this one. So you just take a darker
color of anything here. I’ll just use, is peach darker? Oh, I was just using peach, durr. I’m gonna use this guava
and give her some cheeks. I’m kinda looking at my reference. There’s barely any shading on this one, which is also why I’m
starting with this one, ease you into shading. So we’ll go slow over the next few weeks so we don’t freak anybody out too much and they won’t come back. All right, so I’m just gonna
rub in some of this cheeky. Now just on a side note ’cause
I might end up doing this, we’ll see how it goes,
I love to take gelatos and then actually brush in gesso, and it will smooth everything out. But I’m gonna try to not do that and see what we can do here. So usually along the hairline it’s shaded, so we’ll go ahead and put some up there. There’s some shading under her, well, I just said hairline so
we can just do that right now. So you follow along the
hairline and add some in. And then under the chin. This is like shading for super beginners because we’re going really
slow and not adding too much, we’re not getting crazy dark colors, although we will in the coming weeks. But I will start you off with baby steps. And then we do need to create, the bridge of her nose is always created with shade and shadows. Let me add a little bit
more gelato up here. So what we want to do is we
want to just put some down around her eyes like this, because that is what
makes up the nose bridge. Taking my stubby, fat fingers, and putting them, just adding,
mushing them around here. And as you can see, it’s this development of putting around here that
starts to give her a nose. And I like that the other
color is morphing through. I think that looks neat. And then there’s shading
under on this side of the nose with my giant fat fingers, and there’s always a lot
of shading under the nose because the nose is big
and pointy and sticks out, so there’s a lot of shading there. And then she’s got a lot of shading under the chinny chin chin right here. I’m so resisting the urge to take a big ole paintbrush full of gesso and gessoing the whole thing. But I’m gonna try to be not crazy. I don’t know if I can keep myself from doing it, but I will try. So she has some nice shading everywhere. Oh man, oh man, I wanna so
add some gesso right now. It’s killing me. Oh, oh, oh please, please
can I add gesso, please? All right, no Karen. Let’s add one more darker shade of whatever this color is, what is this? Melon, melon. I think this is even a metallic color. Ooh, there we go. There’s some definite cheek action now. Watch out. Just a little bit goes
a long way for that one. I’m under the nose again. My fingers are so fat, it’s
so hard to get up in there. Right, now the only downside of gelatos is they are so stubby you can’t really get detailed with them at all. So I’m trying to think
about how I want to do her color in her lips and stuff. All right, so that gives
her some added drama. I know, I can’t help myself. It’s like I love shading. But these are the places to go. So we have her eyes, which
create her nose bridge just by squishing some
darker shades there. That’s what builds up her nose. Ooh, yeah, we get to do
her dramatic eye makeup. I forgot. And then we have the dramatic shading under her swirly whirly
there and alongside here. So we have three colors of gelato all built up to give her this drama. Oh my god, I wanna put some gesso-esso on. All right, TBD if we do anything
more for her skin color. I’m dying to add gesso. All right, so let’s put some in her hair. I’m going all gelatos today. Bolds, I’m feeling super bold. So I’m gonna start down here ’cause it’s kinda dark at the roots and then it switches to the lights. That’s all I’m gonna put down here. And then there’s some streaks there. I’m gonna see how much we can do by just finger painting today. (laughs) And there’s some there. All right, so that’s all I’m
gonna do with that color. What is this? Oh, that was chocolate. This is gold champagne,
yes, bring it, ooh. You know what, that looks
just like that paper color. It’s not the color I expected
to come out of there. Just gonna streak it through here. Oh, I got some on her face, my bad. And then the last color is caramel, ooh. Just sclooshing it around. Now I’m gonna see if I can just blend this all out with my finger, we’ll see. (laughs) This might
not work, but it might. Mixed media is all
about just trying things and really just play. This is how I discovered
my mixed media method, was just trying new things and then keeping the things that were successful and then getting rid of the things that were not successful. And then slowly after
a year, a couple years, I was like, oh my god, I think I found my thing and what works. That’s where the hamburger
system all originated was just my own trial and error. And like I just said,
when things worked out I would take note and do them again, and then I would ditch the things that did not work out so well. And there’s no reason I couldn’t be using a wet paintbrush
right now to activate this. If you add water, it
will do different things than just dry rubbing this with my finger. But I’m just kinda having fun, so. So, just a little bit of this. It’s like a very soft, painty effect. You could also take matte medium. Oops, doesn’t really go
all the way over there. It was kind of right the first time. Whoopsies. You could take matte medium and run a brush with matte medium in it, ’cause that would actually
then freeze it in place. ‘Cause If you do gesso with, like I keep saying that I wanna add gesso, it will, obviously, you’re
also adding the color white, so it will wash everything back. But you can use clear gesso
or you can use matte medium and put that in your
brush and activate it. Now I’m talking about it, now I’m gonna have to
show you what I mean. It’s just my excuse to be able to (laughs) go ahead and add it. You know, right? I’m the worst. Okay, let me try this butter. This is yellow-yellow, ooh, ’cause her hair in the picture is yellow. So lemme show you what I mean. And sometimes I will even do
half gesso and half white gesso so it’s not like white sticking down. I know, I have to show you what I mean ’cause it’s so yummy when I do it. All right, I wouldn’t be a good teacher if I wasn’t demoing, so I will
show you what it looks like to do it with gesso, and will
show you what it looks like to do it with matte mediums, so, ooh! (laughs) I just squeezed gesso and it popped out onto my face, awesome. (whimsical music) All right, so we’ll do gesso first and then I’ll show you the matte medium. I knew I couldn’t resist, sucker. All right, this is gesso onto the face, and I will start down here. And just, I don’t use very much, I use the tiniest bit on my brush, because I don’t want it to turn
into a full-blown painting, but you have to know how yummy it is when you blend gesso into gelatos. It’s so yummy. Ah, it’s so good. But again, I don’t want it to be, I don’t want the white
to steal center stage, I want to keep the colors that I have, so I’m barely using any. As I use too much. Just knocked some off on a
paper towel that was next to me. So when I mush this in it’s
really almost like dry brushing. There’s just enough liquid on my brush to smear, oh, (laughs) to
smear her hair into her face. To blend the colors, do
you know what I mean? And see how it’s getting colored now right here where I wanted it to stay white so I can add white? This is why you have to be careful, too, because though gelatos are water soluble, so they want to smear and
blend when you add liquid, and gesso is a liquid, so it wants to be a good water soluble
material and smear around. So that’s why you use just a touch. Okay, it really looks lovely. I have no regrets. So I’m just using the
littlest bit of gesso, just enough to blend it. I’m letting the blue paint go through, I’m getting that nice and blendy-blend. It’s like the most driest brush
in the whole world. (laughs) All right, do you see
how it all mushes now? Unfortunately then you usually need to do more than one coat, because now you’ve knocked
back all the contrast. But it’s a great way
to layer up your faces in your mixed media projects. Gesso’s kinda the bomb. I have a whole painting
that I do just having gesso, painting everything in Stabilo
and then just adding gesso to activate it all, to do all my shading. Maybe we’ll do that next week. I can show you that. So again, the downside is why I was trying to fight the urge to do this is now you’ve washed
out a lot of that color. But it’s also really handy
to know that this exists because if you make a mistake or you don’t like how something looks, don’t be afraid to use
gesso very strategically to blend your colors together, or if you made your
shading and you’re like, “Oh my god, it’s too much!”, you can always just blend in
some gesso to wash it out. So I’m gonna now go in
with my matte medium and show you what it looks like to put matte medium over the hair. (whimsical music) Now this is just liquid,
clear, the matte medium, so it smears it out, totally
different look, right? I usually use gelatos
over my acrylic layer, but it’s cool to know
what you can do with them. There’s a lot of different
ways that you can use them. So hopefully you learned
something new today. So here’s our swirly swirl. And again, just going
back and getting more. So again, the liquid from the matte medium is activating the water
soluble gelatos underneath, and it’s a completely
different look than before, not better, not worse, just different. It’s nice to see the comparison. So I’m gonna dry that with my heat gun and then we’ll come back. I have to do another layer
’cause it’s too blah for me. I need more, more. (laughs) So I’m gonna dry this
and then we’ll do more. (whimsical music) So at this stage of the game, you actually have a lot of options. You can switch, well,
you have three options. You can number one,
keep going with gelatos or keep going with water soluble mediums. So that means you could
introduce Tombows on here, you could do more gelatos if you wanted to layer up the skin with gelatos, you could use water soluble pencils like Inktense or watercolor pencils and then keep layering them. You can either layer that
again and activate it again with your gesso and the matte medium, or you can switch to dry
media and permanent things that are not gonna move. So you can switch to just color
pencil, or pens, or markers. So you’re at a crossroads right now where you can go left,
water soluble materials, or right, permanent materials. And really the choice
is entirely up to you. And that kinda overwhelm is kinda why I also came up with the mixed
media order of operations, because it helps in your head to organize like okay, where am I
and what can I do now? So I could if I wanted to, if I was doing my mixed media work, we did number one, collage, we did two, the background paint, number three, water soluble supplies, okay, that was the gelatos, okay, and then I went back to layer two, so before you hit the Mod Podge layer… I have videos and videos on this stuff I’ll link it again, check the
I in the corner right now. That links to my entire mixed media hamburger series on YouTube. But you can work in here all day long and you never even have to
do any of this part up here. So you can go back and work again with acrylic paint or gesso. That’s what we did, we
went from layer three, which was the gelatos, back
to layer two, which is gessos. So you can keep in here and then you can also keep up in here. But once you’ve passed the
Mod Podge or sealants layer, you’re blocked out of this part, really. You don’t put gelatos on top of Mod Podge, you don’t put watercolor
pencils on top of your sealers. So it’s like you have to decide when you wanna stop hanging
out and move forward, or if you wanna just stay
here and end your painting. So this is super helpful. I also have this actual
cheat sheet available. You can just let me know in the comments if you want this cheat
sheet in and of itself. And I just laminated it. I actually just keep it right next to me. So this is where we have been hanging out. So I just need to decide, and when you’re doing your
projects you need to decide, are we moving forward? We could totally seal
this and then just work. So what comes after the
sealing layer, you’re asking, is we work with paints on top or you can work with
permanent inks on top, which includes paint
pens, ’cause paint pens have acrylic ink in them, so that’s great. I mean, you still have a lot of options. You can paint, you can do ink, you can do ink markers or paint markers, and then you can go up into, this is usually my
favorite place to hang out. And I’m trying to vary it and
introduce you to new things, which is why I’m trying not to just automatically do my system. I’ve done so much on
this whole system before. So maybe with that being said,
I won’t activate it again and I will stay under the
Mod Podge layer for a while and show you what else
you can do in there. I feel like that gives you
the best kinda education, and it augments what we’ve done on YouTube and isn’t just repeating the
same thing over and over. (whimsical music) So I’m gonna go ahead then and I’m gonna do my highlights and depth with more gelatos and vary this. Thank you for bearing
with my explanation there, but it really is, there are so many choices with mixed media, and
there a lot of great ways, like successful ways, that you can do your work that will work. But you have a lot of crossroads. Mixed media’s a lot about experimentation and trying and seeing what works, and I know a lot of those things ’cause I’ve just done so many projects, so I’m trying to bring them to you in a way that makes so much sense and to save you all the heartaches and all of the things that have gone awry in my past experience and just kinda keep you on track and keep you steering towards the things that I know will work while also demoing things and
opening your eyes to things you maybe were not familiar with. I’m staring at this
bucket of colored pencils. (whimsical music) I think I’m gonna just dive in here. I never use colored pencils and I have had some
people recently ask me, so I guess this is my window. Color pencils work great over watercolors, they work great over alcohol markers, they work great by themselves. I do not have the patience for, and these are not water reactive, these are just straight-up color pencils. I do not have the patience for
doing color pencil drawings. I wanna shoot myself. It’s super labor intensive. You have to do like
80,000 layers and burnish and I don’t have the patience for that so I don’t do straight-up
color pencil drawings, but it’s awesome to layer
with other materials. I’m using the side of my pencil just because I don’t want
to make like err, err marks, I want to make kind of
broad shading marks. So I’m going back to
the areas that we shaded that got lost when I added the gesso. The downside of this
heavily textured paper is that it’s heavily textured paper, so it picks up on every little nook and cranny of my pencil, but I do love texture so
it’s kind of all good. But I’m using the side to
do a larger swath of color in the same exact areas
that we had done before. And this is nice too, it kinda brings back the look that we lost
when I added the gesso. ♪ Doot, doot, do ♪ I’ll try to also, you can see
when I zoom in a little bit. You see how it’s a different look? And you can still gesso
again if you want to. You can just layer to your
little heart’s content. Again, just figure out where you are in the burger system and
where you can keep working. So I’m just gonna stay
under this Mod Podge so I can keep working back and
forth between all of these. I can add more collage, I
can add more paint or gesso, or any of these other either permanent or
water soluble materials. You can flip-flop to your heart’s content within that layer with no problems. So it’s just also nice
to be able to sit down at your art table and have full confidence that what you’re doing is not gonna screw up what you’re doing. (laughs) You know? That’s kind of what I always
think of my job as YouTube is I’m really here to try
to make your life super easy so that you can just have more fun. I know I say that all the time but that’s where I’m coming from. ‘Cause like Bob Ross, he spread joy, he’s my idol ’cause he spread so much joy, but he spread joy because he was teaching art in a way
that anybody could do it, and then he made it accessible. So it was basically was like, open up the party to everybody
to be able to have fun, and I am so on that same exact path. If I can make somebody have a better day because they got to art for
a little bit, that’s awesome. Why wouldn’t we want everybody
to have that opportunity to have joy in their life? So if I can make it easy for you, I am like, “My job here is done.” I just know the positive
effects that art can have. Why wouldn’t we want everybody to do it together and have fun? I feel bad for people that don’t have hobbies or don’t understand what a creative outlet
can do for your soul. It changes lives. Okay, cool beans, she is rough and ready. I’ve never used these
pencils before. (laughs) Yes, I am an art supply hoarder
as most of you are, too. So I’ve had these, I don’t know, probably over a year, I’ve
never used them before. That’s shameful. All right, but hopefully
you’re following along with where I’m shading and it makes sense. Around the eyes, that
gives us the nose, okay? And I’m just gonna keep this all realtime. I know YouTube videos
are not supposed to be longer than five minutes,
but screw it, here we are. All right, now I do need
to start outlining her and getting the details hammered home. So that being said, five minutes or no, we don’t want it to be five hours either. Okay, what is this? Chocolate. I’m gonna string some chocolate strands (whimsical music) through her hair. That’s funny because I think chocolate was the name of that gelato as well. So I’m just adding in, I
hate the lack of detail, it drives me crazy, so
I’m kind of an outliner, so this allows me to get my
outlining in, my outlining fix. So I’m just taking it and I’m just following the lines of her hair. I should look back at my reference. Yeah, this goes, more or less, boom. So stringing through
some individual strands helps make it look, I
don’t know, better to me. Better in my eyes. So you can keep the background mushy part background mushy part, and then just add in
some individual strands. And then we can call that a day. So you’d outline this roll. I wish I hadn’t gone so dark. I don’t know if I can
layer on light strands. I don’t think they show up. Oh, they kinda do. Gives her some lighter… I really like these Derwent pencils. They’re very, oh that’s pretty, they’re very soft and buttery, kinda go along with the gelato
theme that we got going on. Now I really wanna outline her eyes. They’re bothering me. She also has all this dramatic makeup and that’s what I actually
grabbed the reference for, so I’m gonna do it. We also need to get her eyebrows in there. She has really light eyebrows. I’m gonna do like a light brown. I can’t always do these
long tutorials on YouTube, but if you do like realtime
mixed media lessons, I do have the Mixed Media Society on Awesome Art School,
the art school that I own, I don’t really talk about it too too much, but I am closing enrollment
in Easter, the week of Easter, and it won’t open again until Halloween. It’s basically, when you sign in after you
join, it’s $18 a month. It’s like Netflix where
you get instant access to a whole ton of stuff and then you have instant
download capabilities for the whole thing, you get
instant access when you join, which is a ton, it’s all my acrylics, all my encaustics, all
my mixed media courses. It’s a bundle of all my
past courses since 2016. It’s chock-full of content. And then I add on lessons every month, but they’re like this,
they’re all realtime. So the series that I’m doing is kind of a sneak peak into what I always do over there in Mixed Media Society. All right, so she has this dramatic, I was gonna say is this even faded off? No, she’s got serious
dramatic eye makeup on. It’s like her sweet 1940s hair and then we have a little bit
of whorish makeup. (laughs) So I might have to add some pen. I have a hard time without
having really definitive lines. It bothers me, I don’t know, that’s just personal preference. But I’m trying to draw in what I see which is massive makeup, but then she also has eyelashes
coming off of there as well. (Karen laughs) But that’s how she looks. That’s so funny. That’s really how she
looks in the picture. I need to dramatize this, all right, and I do think, oh no,
Tippy’s coming for snuggles. Hi Tippy. I do think we need to add some pen. I’m gonna add some more
shading on her nose and then her mouth. Hi Tippy. Oh, my cat is loving my legs right now. So I do think I’m gonna have
to bring this home with some, I have to use a gel pen, or a Pitt pen, or something for her eyes. Hi Tippy! Oh, you love me. Can always use more gelato. All right. Let’s see, what do we
want to color in, her… We have to do her lips and her eyes. We can use this. I’m dying to use my watercolor pencils, so I’m gonna stop fighting
it and just gonna use it. (whimsical music) Can’t stop me. So I’m gonna do a little bit there and a little bit up here. Oh and you know what? I’ll activate that with
some matte medium, actually, ’cause that will smear it, these are super water soluble markers, but then it will also
kinda lock it into place. Ooh, I wonder if I can
also smear it, oh yeah. Kinda smear it around
the eyeball a little bit. Blend that in, oh yes, I can’t
help myself, I’m a blender. Again, just a touch– (Tippy meows)
(Karen squeals) Oh, I’m so sorry, I’m sorry, I stepped on Tippy, I’m so sorry. Oh, sorry, come here. Oh, boo boo, (kisses) aww. All right, now we’re talking. I’m gonna do the same thing on this one. Use a little bit of that medium
to activate the eye, oop. (spirited music) All right, so now I’m just having a blending heyday with my matte medium ’cause I can, ’cause I just feel like it. Yeah, isn’t that nice? I love art. You can just do whatever you feel like. It’s kinda picking up on
the layers underneath it. All right, and then I’m just
about to add some details and we can call this
a day, call this done. I totally forgot about her mouth. I’m using the same marker
but in a different color and I’m just gonna do that much ’cause I think if when
I add the matte medium, it all spreads around. (spirited music) So while I still haven’t
Mod Podged over anything, I’m gonna go around with my markers and I’m gonna add just details. We’re almost done. (spirited music) There’s another shade of golden. The Winsor & Newton markers
don’t come in that many colors, but when you have them all you kind of have all the
colors that you’ll need. It’s such a good company. (spirited music) Oh yes, all right, I cannot
wait to finish her up. While I have that stuff out though, I think what I’ll do is I’m gonna streak a little of this color
kind of and bring it back. That is a nice, it’s like the same color that I started out with
with the paper collage. Ironically, I’m back to where I started, so I’m just gonna add that back in. Repeating your colors on the outside that are in the inside really
solidifies your composition. Supplies layer up just beautifully, so don’t be afraid to keep
laying them up if you want to. So that’s a super important lesson. You never have to stop, and you have so many options, actually. So instead of doing the Mod Podge layer, I’m just gonna scribble the rest of the details with a gel pen, (whimsical music) okay, which hopefully
survives this scribbling ’cause there’s so many products down here. I love a fat… It will have a little bit of a tough time over the gelato layers, but I love to draw as much
as I love mixed media, so I try to be able to
do both in my projects. You can even give her
a little eyebrows hair. I love these little
Uni-ball Signo in black. It’s a one millimeter nib,
so it’s nice and chunky. I’m all about a chunky nib. Okay, so we finally get a pupil going on this poor girl who’s been pupilless, and then her eyelashes are huge from the actual photo. So when you get to the
midpoint you switch directions, so we go this way first. And eyelashes are also different lengths so don’t be shy or sad
if yours are all wonky. Actual eyelashes are totally wonky and they’re made up of
all different lengths. So go for it. I also have an eyelash cheat sheet, but it talks about basically, I’m trying to find it, it’s in my mess of other cheat sheets I have around here. You have varying lengths. You consider it like a parentheses, so you have them like a
parentheses this way and this way, and then they switch when
the get to the middle. So it’s like this way and then they get to the
middle, they’re straight up, and then they switch directions. And they’re all different
lengths, and they’re all wonky. And then it’s the same
thing with the bottom. It’s like the parentheses
are here and here, and then they go this way
and then they hit the middle, they switch directions. So if you need a cheat sheet
on how to do eyelashes, I got you there, too. So I have a mega cheat sheet
pack for art journaling, one for mixed media, and
one for drawing faces basically is how we break that down. A little something for everyone. And I’m gonna put highlights in her eyes so they’re not as wonk-tastic
as they are. (laughs) All right now. And then you got her
nose, and we gotta put her lip dippy thing back together. So it’s a nice sketchy look,
which is very different than the kind of bold Pitt pen that
you’re used to seeing me use. We tried the crazy
makeup from our reference as well as her crazy hair. Our gel pen is fighting to stay alive over all of this crazy
media that we have down. Sometimes you need a
little doodle, you know? Doodling on her hair, since the gel pen can’t quite make it through all those layers. You can even do some
shading doodles, get crazy. Can always add more eyelashes. You can never really have
too many eyelashes, really. Doodle shading in her hair. Sometimes I get a little
carried away with my gel pen. ♪ And I’m not sorry ♪ All right, now we just need some white highlights and we are done. So here we go, we’re gonna put some white highlights, let’s see, here, she can have one there,
just use a white paint pen. Just there you go. Nose. And we can have one on
her bottom lip here. Boop, boop, boop. There’s one on her cheek,
on her cheek over here. Add some lovely fun highlights. So we changed so many times what we were doing, but who cares? (whimsical music) And finishing effects include running my stamp ink pad around the edges, also adding some of the
hair color around the edges where the washi tape was, and also using a decorative
stamp to add a little bit more fun scripty patterns in the background, and then you’re pretty much good to go. So I’m gonna use my spray sealer, which is the last acrylic
spray varnish/sealer. Again, check out that hamburger series to understand what I’m using and why. All of these layers have their own video that goes along with them. So I will be using my
acrylic spray sealer.

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