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How to use Chalk Paint® Lacquer by Annie Sloan

How to use Chalk Paint® Lacquer by Annie Sloan

Hello I’m Annie Sloan and welcome to my
studio. I’m going to talk about lacquer. So you know I love waxes – they’re
fantastic but I love lacquers too. So I’ve got two Lacquers here one is Matt,
and this one is gGloss. They’re water-based and you would use them in
different ways. So why use Lacquers? One, is that it’s really really strong so you
could use it on something like a kitchen, kitchen table, kitchen cabinets and it’s
wipeable and all the rest of it, you could use gloss or matt it wouldn’t
matter. Another great feature of this Lacquer is that it has UV protection so
that means you can use it outside and, on furniture what-have-you, and the colours
won’t fade. So how to apply the Lacquer. You can use these brushes here, or you
can use a roller which I really really love. First thing you would do is stir it –
stirring is really really important because a lot of the goodies go down to
the bottom. So you must do that first of all. Then I’m going to put some into here. So this is the Gloss and I’m going to pour some into here. I’m just going to squash it a little bit so it’s not too fat with varnish. I’m going to do that – and I’ll probably do every which way. It
will be best to do two layers, I’m doing my left hand here, because if you’re not
careful you end up with some lines. So just roll gently over those. Now I’m just gonna show you how you
might take a brush, and so edges here, I won’t open it up but you can do edges
like that. This is a nice soft brush which doesn’t have lots of bristly stuff
on it, so it will help to make it smooth. And that’s it really. So I go every which
way and then finish off as I always do using this, and sort of feathering it. So
you’re doing that. Not, not that. That’s what I mean. The difference
between that, which will probably give you brush marks, and that sort of
feathering look. Big thing with varnishes and lacquers is that you don’t want to
get any drips. So you’ve got to always be looking, around any white bit so I could
see some white bits there, that’s no good, get rid of them. And then finish off. So
I’ve just been doing this bit and now I can touch this and it’s almost dry. It’s just a little bit but it’s all touch dry completely. Although Chalk Paint® Lacquer can feel touch dry within hours, it will take up to 2 weeks to reach its full hardness. Keep your furniture relatively protected until then. So this isn’t about waiting hours and
hours and hours, I might wait a little bit longer and I’ll do a second coat. And
the second coat will just be exactly as I did the first coat and yep. Just going
over again. Another reason you’d use Lacquers is
it’s a good style look. So something mid-century modern
something very modern you want something very slick, then I would use the Gloss
one and that would be absolutely fantastic. So now it’s going to be the
Matt Lacquer. Why would I use Matt? Well you can do it just because you like
matt, lots of people don’t like that real shine on anything. So certain colours I
think just suit it. I don’t, whites seem to be really lovely because they’re very
absorbent. It’s purely choice. I just want to show you the difference and how it
looks. So I better do exactly the same as I did before so you can compare like
with like. So there you have it. Whether you go with
a Matt or Gloss finish, lacquering just helps extend the life of your furniture,
and the Chalk Paint® finish. So have a go and let us know what you create.

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11 thoughts on “How to use Chalk Paint® Lacquer by Annie Sloan

  1. Thanks Annie! Great tutorial!! 🎨I love using your Clear Matt Lacquer, it gave a nice finish on my last table top project!!! 🎨

  2. Great product Annie! I have used it on painted slate signs for outdoors, vinyl floorcloths, glass ball painted ornaments and my art canvas paintings! Thank you for always seeming to know what we artists need. Janet x

  3. Hi, I love the gold gilding then the dry brush french linen on your website. Could I then use a Matt or a shine lacquer over the top to give it extra durability? It’s for a classic style furniture suite that will get a lot of use. Thank you

  4. Can lacquer go over your wax? I saw a tutorial on here that the painter used it over wax but I thought rule as wax last always

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