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How to use waterslide transfer decal paper for applying script or images to an art stone.

How to use waterslide transfer decal paper for applying script or images to an art stone.

Hi everyone its Anjela from Happy
Dotting Company. So if you’ve been following me for quite a while you will
know that I’m not very neat with writing and I’ve always struggled to find a good
solution to putting script on art stones or script anywhere for that matter. So I
think I found a great sort of solution or one option you can use if you would
like me and you struggle with neat writing. It involves waterslide decal
transfer paper so this is available like on ebay and amazon and places like that
I probably will get a bulk supply of it that I can sell in my Etsy shop directly.
There is a difference I believe between quality of products so I’m sure I’ve
done some more testing about the ones that I like and don’t like I should be
able to have a supply of this so I can’t tell you whether I will have that supply
at the time that this YouTube clip goes to air but I will be working on it. So I
will put the link to my Etsy shop in the description below so you know you have
the option to see whether I have it available at the time or not, so if you
follow my Facebook page and Instagram you will have seen that I recently put
this on there now it is a little bit funny because there is a spelling
mistake in it but fortunately the person whom I’m giving it to isn’t the best
speller in the world either and even if she does realize then she’ll probably
have a good laugh about it so anyway the point being that I wanted to show you
how I actually got this script so neatly on this art stone and obviously you can
do you know anything any sort of script font this transfer
paper comes in both white and clear and the one that I’ve used so far is clear
this is actually a one that I started of my Mum’s little dog so it’s supposed to look like prize
ribbon I’m not very good at sort of drawing prize ribbons and things. In fact
Rachel from Rachel’s Rocks Canada if you can please show me how to make a prize
ribbon on a stone that would be wonderful thank you.
She has great YouTube clips so if you don’t follow her already please do okay.
So I printed this out on my computer and then I was able to transfer the image
onto the art stone then I continued to make the sort of pattern around the
outside and then I put a gloss sealant on it
this one is done with resin and that worked really well no problems at all
this one is actually liquitex high gloss varnish and I must admit initially I had
some problems with it and hearing but after a few coats it did actually work
and I think that looks fine I don’t think this would actually work well for
outside stones because I don’t know of any product that’s not that’s going to
be sort of gentle enough to work with the decal transfer paper, but anyway I’m
going to show you how I did this today and I’m going to also discuss some of
the mishaps I have had with it because it wasn’t smooth sailing. So that if you
choose to do this then you don’t have the same issues so
let’s make start so I wanted to just show you how I do
this one this is a art stone that’s made from the mold 2 here that’s available
now in our Etsy shop as well and so this is the decal transfer paper that I’ve
printed this picture out here this is actually my mum’s dog and he really is
just the most beautiful little dog so the idea is that I’m trying to make this
look sort of like one of those show ribbons so I’ve just drawn a circle here
with a compass I’m using a chalk marker and you know this is just acrylic paint
that I’ve applied underneath using a sponge just trying to get some you know
depth there with the colors so I’m just going to show you how I how I do this
I’ve got a little bowl here of water and just like the other I’ve put this
through my printer allowed it to dry and put three coats of clear acrylic paint
on so that’s a spray paint the I use the white king click clear acrylic spray and
let it dry between each coat but I did do three coats so we’ll just see how
this goes I’m just going to pop this in here let it soak a little bit now just got some he bides him it’s
gonna put a little bit of water on there just so that I can slide it around a bit
and actually get it centered it’s actually not too bad so we’ll just let that dry now okay so I’ve shown you how I’ve done the
one with my mum this little dog since then I’ve actually got delivery of
another couple of waterslide decal papers so I just wanted to show you you
know how it comes so it’s just an a4 sheet and I have a laser printer so I
have to choose the ones that say laser and this one’s clear and this one here
I’ve got these are going for a laser printer so I put this one here through
my printer now like I said to you there is a difference I believe between
qualities and is even a difference between instructions that come with them
so this one here said that with a laser printer you don’t need to use the
acrylic clear spray but with the other one you do and I believe that if you
use an inkjet printer you do have to use the acrylic spray and I’ll just
show you that a quick spray so this is the one that time I was using it’s white
night crystal clear acrylic and this was just a few dollars from the hardware
shop so we’re just just talking about some of the pros and cons with this it
didn’t want to feed automatically through my printer just through the
normal sort of paper feed things so I had to feed it through by hand if that
makes sense sort of you know put one piece in until it fed through – and that’s just
because it’s just a little bit thicker than average paper so you know that’s
probably an individual problem or you know issue that you may have with a
printer dependent of what printer you’ve got and I couldn’t sort of comment
further on that so like I said there is a difference between
the qualities that you can get there’s a difference between instructions but
essentially I think they all sort of come out the same – now the first one I
got that said to use the acrylic spray that I showed you it’s said to use one
coat however I just didn’t find that that worked the one on when I put it in
the water it just sort of wanted to disintegrate but when I put three coats on
it did work well however like I said to you this brand here said that with a
laser printer you don’t need to use the spray door so let’s see how this works
so firstly and the other issue too is that because you can only put the paper
through your printer once you know I think you’d probably be wise to try and
fill up the page I mean I haven’t done a very good job filling it up here I could
put more things on there you know to fill it up and then have lots of options
of what I wanted to put on a stone but anyway I’ll start with this. So I’m going
to put on this little stone what should I put – Be kind to yourself –
love from the universe, so I’m going to cut this out but as you can see I mean I just did
these up using word and you know it’s nice to that you can use any sort of
font or size font that you want okay so I’ll just aim to put that on there now
what I’m going to do is put it in my dish of water and I’m going to leave
that for about 20-30 seconds and fingers crossed this works so I’ll put a little
earbud here I’m just gonna put some water on that so that I can actually
slide it around and get it in place if I don’t put it smack in the middle
initially okay let’s see if this wants to slide off oh and it does – like I said this
one’s on white, I’m just going to ease out these bumps here it’s super super
thin so I think that you know what’s good about this is that you could after
putting you know some resin coating on the top or even you know the gloss Liquitex varnish that I was using it is so thin that you know you can really
barely see an edge at all I mean obviously the whites a little bit
different that I’m thinking I’m going to you know maybe dot a little border
around here and then put some flowers around it and it’s more smiley faces or
something cute anyway and I could even do could even use some them you know
posca pens as well so anyway you can see that that’s how it goes on it just sort
of slides off the backing piece and on to you know your art stone I believe you
can also use these on candles and soaps and things like that or mugs so not
that I’ve tried those but apparently you can. So anyway I hope you’ve enjoyed
this I’m going to let this dry now and then finish doing some you know
decorating on it so that’s just one option that you can use to put text or
pictures or anything cute on some art stones so thanks for watching and if you
want to see more creative little ventures for me please subscribe

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6 thoughts on “How to use waterslide transfer decal paper for applying script or images to an art stone.

  1. Love the name of your company and your videos…but I really have trouble hearing your instructions. I will be doing this soon!

  2. I have an idea to print a picture of my son and his fiance and put it on a heart stone, then finish with Krylon Triple Thick Glaze. I hope this is my solution.

  3. Great idea Anjela, thanks for sharing your info. I’ve been looking for something like this after seeing font added to stones using a Cricut machine. They’re rather expensive starting at £200 upwards, too much just to use for this purpose in my opinion. This method seems to work equally well and is something I might well try. Off to search for this magic paper while stuck at home during this scary Coronavirus situation. Stay safe Anjela 😊

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