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How to Wrap a Present! DIY 8 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

How to Wrap a Present! DIY 8 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Hi loves! All the snow is gone and the rain
has returned to Bergen. But anyway, I have 8 new totally amazing gift wrapping ideas
to share. I stayed away from the Christmas theme, so these techniques are handy all year
around. But you can of course use them to wrap your Christmas presents. Did you know
that I have birthday on Christmas? So double excitement is waiting for me and maybe I will
see some of the following wrapping styles under my Christmas tree.
To sweeten this plain brown package we’ll use a map and some brown string. In my previous
DIY I showed you several ways on how to personalize a gift. One of them was using a music sheet
to wrap it. This time Iet’s customize a gift for someone who loves travelling. Therefore,
we’ll wrap a present with a map instead of a wrapping paper! If you have a friend that
is crazy about some celebrity, like an actor or music band, try wrapping the present in
a poster that you usually get in the teen magazines. Now that my present is wrapped,
I am taking a string to make a cute bow on top. But before, I’ll show you how to make
a gift card from red cardboard and brown paper. Sketch a rectangle on the cardboard and on
the brown paper, making sure the paper rectangle is smaller than the cardboard one. Cut both
rectangles out and glue them together. Make a hole in the corner of the gift card. Now
wrap the string around the package and before making a bow on top, thread the gift card
on. Make a bow and cut away the excess string. How unique and cute is this present! Many
friends of mine love traveling and exploring new places, so I will definitely use this
gift wrapping technique! Next wrapping technique is perfect for wrapping
a small present like a piece of jewelry or a little chocolate. You’ll need a cardboard,
ribbon, scissors, ruler and a pencil. Sketch a square with on the cardboard. This will
be the bottom of our paper pyramid. Then draw a triangle on each side of the square like
this. You need four of them. Triangles need to be the same in size so that your pyramid
will close perfectly. Lastly draw these half oval shapes on the edges of each triangle.
These don’t need to be perfect as they will be hidden inside the pyramid. Now cut the
shape out and you should end up with a four petal flower. I like to go over the pencil
lines with a pen and press firmly so that the cardboard will fold perfectly along these
lines after. Let’s fold these edges now – see how the cardboard folds exactly where we want
it. Punch the holes on top corners of all four triangles and thread the ribbon through
them like this. Finally, pull the ribbon together and make a bow. Look how lovely is this pyramid
gift box. You can also hang these on your Christmas tree or you can put little advent
calendar presents inside. A super adorable way to decorate packages
is by making snowflakes. You’ll need white paper, string, pencil and scissors. Let’s
start with a snowflake. You need to fold the paper a few times to get a triangle. The more
times you fold it the more interesting and full the design in the end, but also the harder
it is to cut the design out. Next we need to sketch in a design. Here’s no right or
wrong, just go ahead and have fun with it. Mine looks like this. It’s time to cut all
the little pieces out. Now that I did some snowflakes again after so many years, I really
want to make more and stick them on my windows. Oh and now comes the exciting part, we get
to see how the snowflake looks like when we unfold the paper! Pretty lovely don’t you
think? Here I made another one. I draw the same design but I folded the triangle one
more time. Ok, now let’s decorate our package. Place the snowflake on top and then wrap the
string or ribbon around the package as usual to keep the snowflake in place. How amazing
does this present look! I think it’s perfect! Next idea is inspired by the Japanese wrapping
technique, called “tsutsumi”. Place the package in the middle of the fabric like this. Cover
the package with one corner of the fabric first. And then with the other corner, which
you need to fold in slightly like so. Pull the remaining opposite corners together and
tie them on top of the present. This is the most basic style for which you only need a
very light piece of fabric. It’s important how you tie this top knot. First make a standard
knot and then make sure the left corner goes to the left when tying the second knot. If
you do it correctly you get this lovely bow. This wrapping technique is really special.
It’s always nice to learn something new from different cultures.
Here I’ll show how to make a cute gift wrap using beads. I found these at home and since
I am not planning to make any jewelry pieces from them, I decided to use them as present
decor. You also need a piece of string; I am using this knotting cord that I normally
use for my DIY bracelets. Thread the beads on your string. You can use beads in one or
two colors, or you can use a lot of different colors like me. If you wrapped a present in
a solid color paper, pick different colored beads. But if the wrapping paper is colorful
or has some sort of a pattern, it’s better to stick to just one bead color. When my beaded
string is long enough, I wrap it several times around the package and then make a bow on
top with the knotting cord. This present turned out so cute and I love how I up-cycled my
old beads. This is what this crafty video is all about: Finding different things laying
around your house, and using them to create something unique.
Even if you’re using a standard ribbon to decorate your plain packages, you can make
it look very unique. First you need to measure the length of the ribbon to go around the
package, add an extra centimeter and cut it. You need nine more pieces of ribbon in the
same length. I am using three different colors today and I am cutting two white, four red
and four blue ribbon pieces. Now we need to place the ribbons on the package. White on
the middle, then two red ones and lastly two blue pieces of ribbon. To secure them in place,
I will temporarily stick a piece of tape on them. Turn the package around and again secure
the ribbon straps on one side with a tape and cut the excess ribbon straps. Secure the
straps from the other side too and trim the excess. Glue the ribbon pieces together like
that and turn the package around again. Now we’re going to add another set of ribbon pieces.
Start with white. Go over the blue, under the red, over the white and again under the
red and over the blue. With the red ribbon go under the blue, over the red, under the
white, over the red and under the blue. And lastly add the blue ribbon the same way as
you added the white. You end up with this lovely cross pattern. You can leave some spaces
between the ribbon straps, but I like to pull them together like so. Turn the present around
and glue the ribbon straps together like we did before. Remove the tape pieces and here
is our finished present. This one looks so elegant! It takes a bit more time but the
end result is so beautiful making it worth investing a few more minutes.
To jazz up this light blue package we’ll need colorful cardboard, thread, needle, scissors,
pencil and a coin or other small rounded object. Use the coin to draw the circles on the cardboard.
Cut them out. Thread the needle and sew through the little cardboard circles until you have
them all on the thread. Remove the needle by cutting away the end of the thread. Wrap
the thread with the cardboard circles around the package like so and make a bow or a knot
on the bottom. What do you think about this one? I like it so much, all these bright colors
make the present really shine and stand out! The last simple wrapping idea incorporates
a button and a string. Start by cutting a needed length of string. Then thread a button
through two opposite holes and slide it on the middle of your string length. Now wrap
the string around the present in a usual cross style. Lead the ends of the string through
the two remaining holes of the button. Make a bow on top, trim away the excess string
and you’re done. You can see that a little detail, like this button, can transform a
usual present wrap into something unique, interesting and fun.
Gift wrapping is in full swing at the moment, but these unique and unexpected ideas can
be used for birthday presents or other celebrations. Check out my first gift wrapping tutorial
for more ideas and if you use any of these to wrap presents for your loved ones. Don’t
forget to take a picture and share it with me on my social networks. I hope you’ll have
great upcoming Christmas holidays with people close to your heart and I’ll see you again

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  7. Hi sara my name is jhessa i am your number one fun ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ i wish you will make me a video..

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