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I Became SPY HACKER in Real Life for 24 HOURS to attend Secret Meeting about Game Master Network

I Became SPY HACKER in Real Life for 24 HOURS to attend Secret Meeting about Game Master Network

– We gotta go! – [Daniel] We gotta hurry hurry hurry. – I’m gonna get the invitation. – [Daniel] Okay. Spy gadgets? – [Matt] I’m gonna grab the spy gadgets. – [Daniel] The invitation,
where’s the invitation? – [Rebecca] Where is it? Here it is. – [Daniel] Okay, got it. – Okay, Matt do you have your backpack? – [Matt] I’ve got my backpack. – [Daniel] We’ve got to make
sure we catch The Red Hood. – You have it? – Let’s go! Come on guys! – [Daniel] Come on. – This must be the
location of The Quadrant. It’s here, look. – [Daniel] What are they doing? – [Rebecca] Come on! Danny…
– [Matt] What…? – [Rebecca] TV, TV. – [Daniel] Oh, oh, oh, hide!
– [Matt] Oh! – [Rebecca] They can still see us. – [Matt] I can’t hide
anywhere, what do we do? – [Daniel] We can’t, we can’t. – [Rebecca] Can you hack into it? – [Daniel] Yeah… – [Matt] Okay. So we’re on camera-
– [Rebecca] Yeah – [Matt] But this isn’t
transmitting anywhere. – [Daniel] What is this? – This looks like the place that we saw on the Game Master video
when The Red Hood hacked in. It’s an upside-down room but– – [Daniel] Look at how
weird look upside-down – [Rebecca] Whoa… – [Matt] Now I see it. – [Daniel] This is crazy. – All right guys, we’re safe. It doesn’t look like they’re here. – Hey Zam Fam, right now
we’re in an upside-down room where we think that Red Hood is and was when she hacked into our TV at our house. – Yeah, maybe we can spy on her and The Quadrant and find
out more about the Clue game. – What if they’re having
a secret meeting here? Like about E3? – About E3, exactly! – But we don’t have any disguises. – Whoa.
– What if we need to attend? – We might have to dress
up like Quadrant members. – Or like, The Red Hood. I don’t know she’s never
taken off her mask– – They’re back, they’re back. – What? – [masked figure] Where is it? – [second masked figure]
I don’t know keep looking – They keep turning– – [Daniel] They keep turning upside-down. Looking for something. – [Rebecca] Yeah. – It’s like they’re searching for clues. – Yeah, Zam Fam, there
has to be a clue in here. They keep looking but it’s upside-down. Daniel, maybe if we turn this over the Zam Fam can help us find
whatever they’re looking for. – [Daniel] Okay, all
right, this is gonna be weird for us but I gotta turn upside-down. Matt, I gotta turn the
camera upside-down, ready? – Okay. – [Daniel] Okay, ready,
three, two, one, whoa! – Whoa – [Daniel] Let’s go. – Check out this squishy. – [Rebecca] Ooh.
– [Daniel] Ooh. – A bread squishy, that looks real. – Oh I’m so hungry. – Real food versus squishy food challenge. – [Daniel] Upside-down challenge. – Oh my gosh.
– Whoa. – Look at this. An upside-down iPhone. What does that say, Zam Fam? What’s the time on that? I can’t– – [Daniel] Is that an iPhone X? – iPhone X, yeah. It’s stuck. There’s a time. What does the time say? – [Daniel] What does
that say? Comment below. – Hold on, let me see, the 5th. Do you think that the secret meeting is happening within the next 24 hours? I don’t see any clues, you guys. They kept turning upside-down so we have to read something. Grateful, thankful, blessed. Do you think that clock has
something to do with it? There was like a date,
but that’s already passed. Be sure to comment any clues you see in each of the rooms and keep track, because this is upside-down
so we can’t see everything. It’s like a girl’s bedroom. You guys be sure to
comment your favorite room. These are all so cool. But this, this might
be my favorite so far. Matt, look, you guys. – Oh! – Can you lift me up? – Yeah, yeah.
– There might be a clue. – Come on, let me see. – What do you see? – [Rebecca] I don’t know. Wait– They’re coming, they’re
coming in, hold on, hold on. – [Rebecca] Go, Daniel. – [Daniel] Get in, get
in, hide her, hide her. – [Rebecca] Oh no! – Where? Hide where?
– [Daniel] We gotta– I don’t know, hide this way, this way. – What? – [Masked Figure] What was that? – [Other Masked Figure] I don’t know. Maybe it’s the rest of the crew. We need to find the clue first so we can get to the secret meeting. Let’s go, come on. – What’s the secret meeting? – There’s a secret meeting.
– There is a secret meeting. – Do you think The Red
Hood’s gonna be there? I can’t believe I’m in here. – How do you get out? – It’s like a giant princess
box fort in real life but it’s upside-down. Oh my gosh I was so nervous, I thought they were gonna see me. – [Daniel] Wait so, maybe they need a clue to find out about the meeting. That’s why it’s so important.
– Yeah. That’s why they keep searching here. – [Daniel] Okay – Maybe The Red Hood hid it
in this upside-down room. This is like an upside-down room. Look, I’m doing a handstand! Ah! – [Daniel] Whoa. – Shh, shh. – [Daniel] What? – I think they’re around the corner. – [Daniel] Oh, you’re right. Hey man, hold that. – [Matt] What are you doing, Daniel? – Hold on. I don’t know why I
didn’t think of this earlier. – They’re definitely around there. – But I’m gonna gonna try and
hack into the cameras in here. There’s security cameras, I mean we saw them in the beginning. – Why didn’t you tell us, really? – I just thought of it right now. Hold on, okay, I’m pulling it up now. They’re in that back room, look. – [Rebecca] Yeah, yeah, yeah – [Daniel] Oh, this is not a good feed. I could lose it any moment. – [Rebecca] What, they’re
doing a handstand? – [Daniel] There’s a handst– it looks like, oh, I lost it. They did a handstand,
– They did a handstand. – In that back room and
then they looked excited after they saw something upside-down. – Zam Fam, why do you think they did a hand stand in that room? – I can’t, I can’t bring it back. Sorry, I don’t know what happened. – [Daniel] There must be
a signal jammer in here that’s like, stopping you from hacking. – Must be. How long was that? 10 seconds? – [Daniel] 10 seconds, max. – Well, if they were excited, maybe the clue is in
that room they were in. I think it’s clear. – We need to get to that secret meeting so that we can find out
what’s going on for E3. – Yeah, because if I
attend the Clue party, I need to know what’s going on. – Yeah, right. – Whoa, bathroom. Look, I’m
brushing my hair upside-down. – Where’s the urgency? Let’s go. – [Daniel] Okay, okay, okay, okay. – So this was the room they were in, this is what it looked like, then there must be a clue
that’s upside-down in here for the secret meeting. – [Daniel] In the image,
remember we saw the bike? There were, it was something
over here, I think. – Maybe there’s like
a, a code or something? I don’t see anything. Smash the thumbs up button if you think we’re gonna
find something here. Three, two, one. – Whoa – Okay. Oh! There’s the, the painting. Zam Fam, you guys can see
it, you’re upside-down. It says home. – [Daniel] Home? – [Rebecca] That’s all I see though. Oh! Whoa!
– Home. Home. – [Daniel] Okay. – Maybe there’s a home room? – We were in there, they
didn’t find anything and they left after they were in here. – [Daniel] Yeah, they were
excited about being in this room. – This room. What does this say? It’s so hard, and– – Home! – Home upside-down. – [Daniel] Whoa. – Oh! Can you guys read that it’s home? – [Daniel] Home. You’re right. Did you hear that? Was that The Red Hood? – It sounded like The Red Hood. – [Daniel] Okay. Whoa. – [Matt] It’s a clue, it’s a clue. – Yeah, this is it. City is…
– Java? – [Daniel] What if it, wait, Things are upside-down,
things are backwards here, What if it’s not Java? What if it’s some other word? – Lava! – Wait, it’s not the floor is lava? The city is lava? – The city is lava. There must be a room or
something themed like that. – Maybe it’s out here. Oh! Quadrant, Quadrant is right there. – What? Right now?
– What? What? – [Daniel] Whoa! They
know where we’re hiding. Go, go, go, go, go! – [Rebecca] Over here! – [Daniel] – Go, go, go, go! – [Matt] Go! Let’s go, let’s go! – [Rebecca] Right here! – [Matt] Hurry, hurry,
hurry. Hurry. Hurry, hurry. – [Rebecca] Hide, hide, hide. Go, go, go. That was close. – [Matt] Wait, where are we? – I’ve been here before. The Red Hood goes to
places I’ve been before. This is the Museum of Illusion. These are like, giant flowers. – [Matt] Whoa. – These walls are all
different types of illusions. Come here. Zam Fam, go to my Instagram because look, I took a photo out here. – Oh yeah, you did take a photo out here. – Yeah, where I was like,
falling off the cliff. – [Matt] Oh, wait! Shh. You hear that? Is that somebody around the corner? What do you hear, do you hear anything? – Rebecca, if you’ve been here before, do you remember anything about like, the city is lava, or floor is lava? – A room? I think there’s
something around that corner, it had like, rocks. I can’t remember if it’s floor
is lava, but it might be. – Let’s go there.
– Okay. They must be around. – [Matt] Oh, it’s right there. – That’s doughnuts, there’s
another room over here. There’s Quadrant waiting over there, I think the room is right there. Look. The Red Hood! This must be the city is lava! – [Daniel] Right. – Look at the ground! – [Rebecca] Now’s our chance, they’re not looking, we can get closer. – A mistake like that cannot happen again. – I don’t know what happened. Everything was connected and
working when I set it up, it was some type of glitch. – They must be talking about the Game Master Network
video with the glitch, that’s how we found this location. – With the green screen. – Colonel Mustard would
never let this happen. – Colonel Mustard? – Zam Fam, comment below what you think Colonel Mustard means. – But he has been given
another assignment. Which is why you’re here. – She must be talking
about hacking into our TV when we were filming the
Game Master Network video. – Have the invitations all been delivered? – Invitations? – You have one.
– Yeah. I have the Mrs. White invitation. – They have all been sent out. Hopefully they will figure
out the time and location, but at least one YouTuber
has been confirmed. – A YouTuber? – A YouTuber, she can’t
be talking about me she doesn’t know I have the invitation, so there must be other YouTubers. You guys, comment what YouTuber you think she’s talking about. – Every hacker knows to use a blacklight, and if they don’t, they
shouldn’t be attending. – On the invitation, – I have it in my backpack. – Okay, we’ll look at it later. – What about Q? – Let’s just say he’s been replaced. No one pretends to be me
and gets away with it. – Q’s been replaced, Zam Fam! – Then Q is not The Red Hood. – He was trying to be The Red Hood! – Someone in the Quadrant
cannot be trusted, and I’m about to find out who that is. – She’s taking off her hood! – What? – Becoming a Quadrant? – Make sure Clue is all set up and the controller for E3 is safe. And don’t set up the van
outside until I get back. I need to make sure I have
full access from my mansion. – A van? – Maybe it’s like a hacker van. – Like they’re setting up for E3! Matt, we need to look at the invitation there’s something on it. – Yeah, I’ll take the camera. – Okay. – Here it is. – Zam Fam, let me know if you think we’re gonna see anything it said something about a blacklight. You guys know the invitation said that it’s a disguise party, and
bring your favorite spy gadget. Do you see that? – [Daniel] I see. What’s it say? – [Rebecca] 12, 12pm,
this Saturday, my mansion, – [Daniel] Whoa. – and coordinates. Daniel, we know where
her mansion is already. We just went in there
and set up the cameras. It also says, “you will be filmed, don’t forget to smile.” – So Colonel Mustard, you got Mrs. White, this is like Clue in real life. – What do you think the filming is for? – [Daniel] I don’t know, it’s like they’re documenting something. – If you guys know at all Zam Fam, I need you guys to be spy ninjas, and try to figure out why
The Red Hood is doing this. And there’s gonna be a YouTuber there. – They talked about a van
out there, I have an idea. What if you go and take
that Red Hood over there, put on the disguise, pretend to be her, and then we can get the
keys to the hacker van. – [Daniel] That’s great,
we need access to that van. That might help us stop E3. – I don’t have a mask. – It’s a big hood. – [Daniel] Pull the hood over your head. – Zam Fam, smash the thumbs up button if you think this is going to work. I guess I’m going to become The Red Hood, and try to trick Quadrant. – [Daniel] Let’s go. – The Red Hood! Zam Fam, do you guys think I
should become The Red Hood? – We need to get the keys. – I’ll get the keys from
one of the Quadrant. – What are you gonna do with your voice? – Uh, I’m just gonna talk like this. – [Daniel] Just talk, talk real low. – Yeah. – [Daniel] Yeah. It’s the best thing, it’s the only thing we know.
– I don’t know what else to– – Blonde hair, blonde hair too. – Okay, okay. – [Daniel] Yeah, you have to hide that. – Hold on. I have an idea. – [Daniel] Can you hear that? – Yeah. – [Daniel] I hear voices, I
think they’re coming back. – Okay. Okay. – [Daniel] Hurry, hurry, hurry. – I’ll make it work. They’re coming! – [Daniel] Go. Go man, go, go. – Uh, I’m good, I just
wanted to wear my Red Hood so no one took it, again. Like Q. And, uh, I need the keys to the van. Where is it? – Out and to the left. Where you left it. – Oh, yes, I said that, didn’t I? So right out there. Thank you, uh, you guys, you
should go search in there, with the rest of the team, yep, yeah. Yep, just go out… – Is everything okay? – Yep. – Do you need help? – Nope, no I’m– – Whoa! – Go, go! Right! Go! Go, go, go. – [Matt] Go! – Stay to the left! To the left! – [Daniel] Left, left, left, left. – [Rebecca] Left! Go left. Go, go, go. – [Daniel] There’s the van. Hide, hide, hide. Hide, hide. Hold on, we’ve gotta make sure it’s clear. – Okay Zam Fam, so we have the keys we’re about to get into the hacker’s van, make sure to check out
the video right here. Subscribe, turn on notifications,
if you have haven’t. Shout out to these people
that got 100 on the last quiz, if you want to take today’s quiz, go to Go! Go, go!

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