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I Got A Bow With INFINITE Ammo In Minecraft – Part 17

I Got A Bow With INFINITE Ammo In Minecraft – Part 17

(loud bell clanging) Ding ding ding ding! Top of morning! Irish noises! Welcome back everybody to Minecraft. Not uh- not major craft miner craft. What’s up Padraig? How you doin’? You doing good? All my nether wart is growing over there. It’s all lookin’ nice. Hey! There’s a- there’s a skelly mans over there. I see him! Get out of here, you frick! That’ll teach him. Hahaha got em. This time, as you can see, my beautiful enchantment level is up to level 30. Which means it’s time to go Go go gadget. I want this one and I want this one. Okay, so one diamond pickaxe is unbreaking three. Who’s outside my house? Who’s making noises out here? Is that you you fricking drowned? Get out of here! You need a license to fish in these waters. What are you even fishin’ anyway? Spiders??? Also I need more exp. Give me all the exp. If I can get to level 31, that’d be great, because I want to be able to- enchant a bunch of things this time Come here spider! Fricking water spiders! Coming in my house God, there’s more frickin’ drowneds. Okay, I’ll be back to kill you later. I mean! kick You don’t kill things in Minecraft. You just kick them. Ah… Let’s go Enchant-erooni (in bad Swedish accent) Oh it’s so beautiful the music. What was the next one that we could get? Uhhh (annoyed) Silk touch?! Okay, well those are poop. So, I’m gonna put in a diamond one… But then it’ll cost two levels to do it and then I’ll be back down to level 28! And then I gotta get two more levels again before I can do it again! But these- this one blows. Level 30 just for a silk touch? Get out of here I have a silk touch already. Ummm Wait? Both of these are unbreaking one? (cat meows) I’m just gonna enchant for one level, there. What’s the next one we can get? unbreaking three! Efficiency three! Efficiency three and unbreaking three. You know what, at this rate (chuckles) I’m gonna take what I can get There we go, two diamond pickaxes and you know what we’re gonna do? Dragon Ball fusion those bad boys. That’s right, Sam. We’re gonna Dragon Ball them. Sam’s a good boy. He knows what’s up. Oh Yes, unbreaking three and efficiency three. YEAH Even though I had a pickaxe The very first time, that had what like efficiency four, and unbreaking three? From ONE level thirty enchantment. and then what did I do, fell in the big hot lava ball and died. What should we call this one? Let’s call it… (animal noise) What’s that?! I’m not callin it that. It costs seven to name it something else? Oh come on. umm Let’s call it… Uhhhh? The Destroyer. I don’t know man, whatever. Okay. Now we have this. Is it the best enchantment we’ve ever gotten? Not really. But it’s ours and we love it. Nice I’ve just been waiting so long, to be able to enchant bloody anything at this point. And I needed to get to level 30 because the diamond pickaxes need to be really good. You know I’m saying gamers? I’m just drinking all up on my G fuel. Getting that gamer energy I need. They don’t sponsor me, but I would like them to (laughs) Oh yeah! I forgot that I wanted to name the cat Cait (pronounced koch), or Kate. C A I T, Cait is Irish for Kate. and people who are call Kate are normally shortened to Kat from Katherine So your name is Cait. What’s up Cait? Cait and Sam, even though Sam’s not an Irish name, but… You’re still proud, you’re wearing the colors. If I was to enchant some of my pants, what would they come out as? Unbreaking three? protection two? I have a feeling that protection is more important in some Pantaloon-ies We’ve got– wait you only need level 9 for protection two? Unbreaking three would be pretty good though as well. Plus six armor; how much do the regular pants have? +5 armor Right Okay, I honestly don’t know what enchantments I should be going for. What are good enchantments? What’s going to keep me alive? Protections probably. I do have- I have one here. Projectile protection. ooo That has protection four. Can I mix this with this? Let’s find out shall we No. No, no, you can’t. So what if I put this in and you in? yeeaAH, let’s get that. I just want to enchant things. I just want to actually do something with these freaking really expensive items that I got a while ago I have an iron sword. I could make a diamond sword and enchant that. Wouldn’t that be pretty neat. Can I enchant this fishing rod and get like master of the sea? Lure three and unbreakin– I don’t want the unbreak-ies. I want the super master of the ocean one that lets me… Fish up everything really good. I need an infinite- infinite bow. Actually. Yeah, let’s go try and enchant a bow Uhhh, Bo Burnham, come out here go away fishing rod (cat meows) Yes, exactly. Yeah, enchanting, shiny, right? Let’s just make sure this is the iron pickaxe. I’m glad that I renamed it, because as soon as I see The Destroyer, I know what’s up. punch… punch two? power two? Why would i want punch factor for a frickin’ bow? What am i gonna? BAH! take that you freaking demons! Yeah, I got a bow i can shoot arrows from it, but I’m just gonna hit you with it instead, That’s probably not what it means but… that’s where my brain’s going I could get power two; that’s pretty good, but I have heard that there is an enchantment that you can get for your bow that gives you infinite arrows and that’s basically all I want now at this point. Everything else is pointless to me. Oh Lords of the sea, guide this tender lure. Give me all of your secrets. Give me all of your powers. Give me everything that I deserve, everything I need. Do not give me fish. If you give me fish from fishing, I’m gonna fish a punch into your face Heeheehe hehehe hehe! Come on come on, come oooon name tag It’s a fish I got a fish from fishing what’s the point?! What’s the point Cait? I fixed up my stable a little bit more. So it’s still pretty tall, but at least now the shape is kind of broken up a lot I like these little indents and stuff I was gonna put lamps in there like the little lanterns But I don’t have any. Maybe if I get some I’ll put them in. What’s up? What’s up Phineas? Where’s Ferb? That’s what I should call another horse. When I get one. Finbar and Ferb (Laughs) I also, I have big plans for this aquarium. I know that I got dolphins before, but- that’s another reason I want more name tags Just so I can get more dolphins and if I put the dolphins in and put a name tag on them they’re not gonna despawn. Luckily Padraig’s not gonna despawn now. Man. Do you ever just take a moment and appreciate just how good things can look in Minecraft. It’s incredible. It’s a wonderful piece of art. Great piece of artistry; wonderful day out for the lads. Wait, where am I hearing people? Are you upstairs in my-? where are you? We’ve been breached!!! Oh, or maybe not We’ve been BREEAACHED!!! EVERYONE! SOUND THE IRISH BELL! SOUND THE ALARMS! We’ve been breached! They got through our defenses! I don’t know how How did they get up here? Did you spawn up here cuz it’s a darkness? Gosh ding-dang guys! No, shush. Stay away from Finbar. Stay away! I’ll save you Finbar! Don’t worry! Jack’s here! Oh. Mr. Spider ay, you want to go toe-to-toe with the Irish muscle? Didn’t even stand a chance. 360! How did that hit me? Clearly had my shield up Okay, I want to fight you guys cuz I need more levels. ah ow! Not the creeper though, maybe not the creeper. Creepers suck and I don’t wanna fight you. Wanna be a pacifist creeper lover. Whoa, what a shot! OW! They’ll never see me they’ll never see me here. I am sneaky hidden. Ow Ow Okay, okay, now you, now you asked for it okay. Now you, now you really ticked me off! Please creeper, no aaaAAAAHHAA! Why am I fighting everything out here? out in the open. In an open field! Bobby B would be mad at me. I have an even better way to be fighting things. Yeah-ha. Don’t– don’t put bad mojo in my brain, okay. Thanks Sometimes they say something and I’m just like why would you say that to me? We have a monster spawner down here god frick it. Monster spawner monster spawner. Gonna kil– kick everything at the monster spawner. Oh god Oh god, there’s a bunch of creepers spawned. Oh no. You- oh god. What is that? What are you wearing? Oh god what broke? AHH my chest plate broke Why is that baby weird? I mean, I’m not afraid I’ll still kill a child. AAHHH AAAAAHHH AAAAAAHHHHH dead. (laughs) Okay, there’s a lot of bad boys down here Nice, thanks guys, easy does it now, oh, easy does it there now boy Didn’t I see another creeper in here? Oh my god everything spawning! Everything’s spawning trying to kill me but I kill right back! I am fear, I am death Taking a lot of smacks for no reason but look i’m up to level 21 already Let’s just do this until we get back to level 30 again. There you are! Hi! ha. right in your face, and again Ohh. Double headshot. this is actually really strong. I just never have enough arrows to do it. Unhand thee Deathly fiend! HA! Okay, this is actually really slow. I need a better spawner. Can I have something spawn like… Ender dragons? and I can kill those? How many how many levels would I go up? a hundred? I have books don’t I? Now that I’ve done… Some more enchanting. Will they have switched out? What can I get in my book? power four, fire protection Power four is… good? That’s for a bow, right? Yeah. I want infinity. If I could get a fishing rod with… what that people say? Luck of the sea three. If i can get luck of the sea three apparently like one in every 10 fishing… Then gets you an infinity bow. Which would be really good. Can I like upgrade stuff without having to spend levels? That’d be nice I’d really like that, actually, that’d be pretty great. Okay, put you guys in here anything that has– can I eat pufferfish? What do I do with pufferfish? I can cook you guys I don’t know. Pufferfish, you’re going in this. This is my chest that has anything got to do with animals. Anything like saddles for animals String that comes off spiders, bones who come off bad boys There’s a large chest here with nothing in it I’m very organized, as you can clearly see. I kinda I want to go farming for more diamonds As well, but I’m always reluctant to do it in the videos cuz it’s just a lot of me just picking at things. AH Hey! What was that? Who’s on this glorious pint a Guinness? Alright you have to come down. Actually, you know what when you’re coming down through the pint you actually have to hit the floor And you have to burn your feet just a little bit It cleanses the soul, it cleanses the body and then you’re allowed come into the pub and have a grand old time Listen to that music. Oh good ol Irish Caleb music, ah boys ah a grand opening crowd all my friends showed up Alright I do have some areas down here that I could go mining in I have found diamonds down here already And there is a whole mess of lava down here. somewhere Someone is absolutely gargling balls down here. Yeah. There’s a whole mess of lava and stuffs out here That will probably lead to diamonds somewhere Woah! hey there’s gold up there Into the fire ha ha ha ha Okay, I’m very nervous that you’re actually gonna kill me and I don’t want that This is another great way to farm exp Uh, guys, in Minecraft, uh, to just get more levels, just uh kick things, and then that should be good What level am I on? level… 13 What’s up here now? Wow, it’s nothing haha, great. dig, dig, dig, chop, chop, chop Let’s just go time to find diamonds, baby We’re gonna find it. I have heard that they clump together like if you find a resource, like redstone, that they come together with other things, but… i want- I want diamonds Can I- can I diamond now? Is there a mod or… like a console command or something for Minecraft that lets you see where diamonds are or see where any sort of like ores are I’m not- I’m not gonna use it or anything I just imagine how satisfying it would be being in an area like this and digging around and then Using that and being able to see through the walls just to see how close you were cuz there’s likely diamonds here somewhere, but they’re kind of hidden somewhere else Like I’m just not at the right place. There’s probably like diamonds like two blocks over somewhere and I just can’t find them it would be super satisfying to know how close I am (echoing rumble) What the jiminy crickets! Was that just thunder? that was badass sounding! Wait, how do I get out of here? I forget. (another rumble) Oh BABY! I wanna go up and see thunder! Can’t see thunder. I wanna go up and see lightning in the game. Is there lightning in the game? It’s never thundered for me before Thor is pleased Oh, yes. WoaHOhoho! Yeah, buddy!! am I gonna get electrocuted standing so high up? i kinda hope i do. Man yes Thor! Send me to do thy bidding show me which location the bad ones are Th- thor? Maybe he’s not that pleased with me. Oh, this is nice. This is cozy i love this Rain is great! Rain is great at making you feel… Warm. Like if it’s raining outside, you’re sitting inside. It’s like aw I should curl up with a good book I’m not gonna, but i- uh just want to oh yeah, is it over there Thor? Is that where it is? Is that where I should be? man that would be cool YES! the lightning struck right in front of me that was awesome i love lightning i used to be well, I still AM but I used to be fascinated by it as a kid Ow Okay, could you guys not Thor is very, Thor is very pleased with me. I should be blocking but I really don’t want to oh yeah. why is there a witch in my farm?! Are you throwing stuff in my farm? How dare you! Woo you gave me a potion. A potion of healing! Thank you ALMIGHTY THOR! Thank you for gifting me. With this bountiful harvest. Oh, it’s gonna be a good year for the spuds Isn’t that right Finbar? You know what I’m gonna go in and stay with Finbar oh ho this is cozy (rumble) Oh yeah! This is awesome Why am I so obsessed with this? why is this so amazing? oh that was a big one. Oh that creeper just despawned. hey! there’s people in with Padraig! How did you guys spawn in there? Okay wait, I’m gonna use an axe because I don’t want to axe-identally hit my polar bear i’ll save you Padraig! fight back! Make sure there’s no creepers around. NO! get him! get him Padraig! Yeah! Mess him up! oh That’s my boy, yes, we did that TOGETHER! oh Padraig means business, baby All right, I’m gonna get you some nice fish for that. That was a good one, good job. as a person who is obsessed with sound design and someone who studied it the sounds in these games are– don’t get enough credit Like sure like smacking things and eating things don’t sound the coolest like that ech ech ech, sound when you’re munching on something- oh god. i never realized I was living right next to the Mariana Trench But like this sound (rain) is really good is that a baby zombie and a chicken? what are you frickin’ doin’? you’re not allowed to be up there, where’s your parents? Thor is not pleased with this. go mighty chicken! go! you’re free now! fly away home What’s up dance squad? my god, the bad guys are out in droves today They’re all over the place, they’re storming the beaches! fight back! Fancy gold armor didn’t really protect you, now did it? Nice, we’re up to level 24 now I like this, I like the combat in this game It’s actually not that bad There’s enough- there’s enough mechanics to it to actually keep it interesting and fulfilling. Whoa Can I have that bow? That looks enchanted! That is enchanted. Aw man, you couldn’t have just given me your bow? Aw this guys all shiny too! Why do you guys get the shine? NO, I thought he was gonna explode Not today Okay I’ll use the axe on him, should have used the axe on him from the beginning because it’s three smacks with the axe and smacking creepers is definitely an in-and-out type of maneuver Whoa, you were a strong one. What was that all about? I’m running low on spuds. I got one left I got one fight left in me Let’s head back. There’s someone outside my doors. There’s a skelly man! Underwater dodge, ow I dodged it with my face Nice. I’m coming Cait don’t even worry about it. Oh god, oh god, how’s it going buddies It’s a tough one out there lads Get in under the covers. I probably should’ve dried myself off Padraig I promised you a meal I promised you a meal after that hard fought battle that you just went through a difficult time, but you fought well No, you don’t want it? Cooked cod? Here you go Excellent worked like a charm. There you go Padraig There’s some salmon for you Treat it well and be nice I hear spiders. I And I think I hear water as well Also hear more lava, are they above me? Oh god Ah, there’s water oh That was lucky See, that’s what I mean. I was just digging in this area and I was like, you know what? I heard a zombie Let’s go this direction and all of a sudden you just find diamond Man that’s satisfying. Okay. Oh, yeah. It’s a big nugget of it. Yeah, baby Hey, how’s it goin’? You want my diamonds? Well, you can Minecraft yourself Die in the fire go kick yourself Okay, okay let’s ah Bloop. There, just in case. Oh Alrighty, yeah, I love when you find these giant veins of it I I think we’re good Just to be sure Yeah. Oh wait is there any more – OHHH OHH BABY Wait, I need to start digging some of it cuz I’m gonna run out of pickaxes. Oh, no, I have another one Yes, oh yes and it’s giving me the levels I want and need Oh That’s a good one, how many did I get EIGHT DIAMONDS!? oh wait is that an eight or six? that’s an eight eight diamonds in one go Oh Imagine if I had like Fortune or looting three or something, whatever you get for this one. Oh, man Thank you, blessed lava. Oh, oh That’s good. That’s the good stuff! That’s what we live for! That’s why we Minecraft, baby Now you might be asking yourself Jack what are you gonna make with all of your diamond that you just got? Oh Nothing I have six, I have 14 diamonds now, muah Bless the gamer gods. Hey! This is Ireland You need a special badge or an accent to get in here, you can’t just wander in I’m making it sound really bad, aren’t I? that like, you can’t just come to Ireland you need special privileges In real life you can just come straight to Ireland. I don’t care. We’re very welcoming We’re lovely people, but in this game! Also I made this whole rail system down here and never ever used it Cuz to make it actually work properly. I needed to make it powered going back Oh Are you guys like above me here? Oh! Sneaky little hobbitses. Okay. Can I- should I- can I Ha-hi oh ho I feel like I just interrupted something. Is this the annual skeleton meeting? Thank you No, ow! gosh dude! gosh ding dang! I’m just here for a good time why you gotta be smacking me like that? god, there’s lava everywhere in here Yikearoo. Oh, did I just find a mine? whoa There was a mine above the spawner all this time, I wonder where all the noise was coming from Minecraft du- ok, I need to go. I need to go gear up gamers! I don’t even have any food with me down here If I die to some freakin spiders, I’ll never be allowed to play Minecraft again, people will just laugh at me forever I don’t like when people laugh at me. I don’t like it. I’m not gonna accept it. I’m not gonna do it Alright gamers down we go. I’m bringing my enchanted iron sword with me. With sweeping edge! They’re not even going to know what hit him. It’s gonna hit them so fast they’re going to be like, whoa! Why’s my face over there? Why am I still alive? Things like that. It’s gonna be epic. Oh hi hi Excuse me!! I’m- I’m just passing through I don’t even- I don’t even go here. I’ve just- can I get up? Okay, now we do blap Let me just do a little blap so I can see where I’m going This is a nice little area you guys have got going for you a Great little area Wow All of this was here all along and I didn’t even notice; below my base too It’s very loud in here. Oh, there’s a spawner down here. Yeah! Nope. Oh wait, I don’t have a sword equipped. ah, bloop! oh, my- my super sword Okay that didn’t feel any more Super than normal, aw yes GOLDEN horse armor?! MUSIC disc! I don’t know, none of this is really that important to me, I don’t really want you. who wants rotting flesh? Except the zombies that it comes from Okay, Golden Apple Okay!! It still didn’t kick into my head to block Okay, nice All right. I need to make sure I know where this is. So I’ll put a bunch of torches here That’s another monster spawner right there. Ooh Nice okay let’s just get up to it. Oh my god, there’s so many of them! There’s a villager man right there! Okay, so many spwaners, this is great ow, ow, that was not! Gosh ding dang! Uh oh Uh oh don’t die don’t die don’t die please don’t die please don’t die please don’t die stay alive! fight it! fight off the virus Okay, oh my god, there’s two spawners right next to each other! all right guys, I’ll get you out! even if it means killing you Take it easy take it easy take it easy. There’s a spider here somewhere There he is Can I hit you? I really wanna hit you AHH God, no, he hit me He got me Man down God again. Oh God oh god. Oh god No, no, no you sons of bitches. Oh There’s too many of them — I lost my way out Should’ve just- I should have just left!! If I had the potion of healing with me I would have been fine But it fe- it feels like a waste Since I haven’t started making potions yet, it feels like a waste To actually use one in a situation like this gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme? Oh, now I’m level seven! So dumb! dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. Finally got to level 30 again, gah what is wrong with me? Okay, okay, okay. Okay. How about how about you just stay there? Okay that worked perfectly man I have been here before I dug out all of this How did I get to this location before? And why did I not find the chest that was like super close by? I’ve so many questions. What do you mean here again? Why did I lose all my levels?! Oh for the love of God. Where did you come from? Oh god. Oh god. Oh god Just to be sure you stop. Okay, how do I get out of here? Okay one spawner there, one spawner there, down the stairs and to the left you go down much further There’s another spawner down there Uhh kind of in this area and then we have another one right here. Four spawners all around each other and they were all found Coming up from a hall where I had a spawner Are you kidding me? So crazy man, I feel so stupid for dying in there, I shouldn’t have died. Uh Whatever it happens, I’ve died so many times and lost so many levels It would be nice if it was like, okay, you’re never thirty you lose ten percent Or something or I go back to like level twenty or something Lose a third of your level something like that not I’ve gotten so close to being like level 28 and then go back to seven and then level twenty two, go back to seven and Then level thirty, go back to seven Foolish! Silly boy. What music did I get? I got a- I got a disc C418 thirteen It’s playing two musics at once Cait I don’t know what to do Sam Let’s go to sleep Lalalalala septicbooper was slain by a cave spider, well, no one saw that! it didn’t happen This is the creepiest music stop that you know, it’s fine. Look we’ll build an iron sword We get some lapis and we’ll go up and we’ll enchant this to whatever we can I needed the enchantment table To change anyway, wait, what would it have been for? pickaxes right now efficiency four, fortune one, unbreaking Okay, cool. What is it for bows? Power, power, punch? No. All right. Let’s just- let’s just do this one. What do we get? Unbreaking two Cool we have this now. we went down a couple of levels but that’s fine. What do we get for a bow now? Power, power, POWER Do you guys want power? Do you want power, or DO YOU WANT POWER? Efficiency, efficiency, unbreaking, efficiency, efficiency, unbreaking Oh, wait are all of these always the same? Let’s enchant my arrows man, I want SUPER good enchantments I feel so cheated by the time I died and lost the really good pickaxe. I’m still burned by it. I’m never gonna let it go There it is! infinity! Oooh Yes, if I just get to level 30 I can get an infinity bow! yeah, exactly Cait! it’s only seventeen levels Oh but that’s excellent Nice. Okay, so don’t enchant anything else on the table again Got it. All right, how do we get up levels really quickly besides just farming those spawners That’s the best way, isn’t it? And like, smelting and then making babies. Awh I didn’t realize that my iron sword had a bunch more stuff! sharpness two, unbreaking two, and knock-back one. Ooh! I actually enchanted a pretty good one That’s pretty neat I was walking along and the- the skeleton died in like three hits, this is the stuff This is Minecrafting This is how you do it This is farming die everybody Can everybody die? Can you guys spawn faster? This one doesn’t spawn very quickly I have two spawners going at once. And I want to be able to kill more things. Oh, yes. Come on down Ow! How dare you get me- oh hey! you guys, somebody decided to wake up? Come on over fellas, come on over. you guys don’t give me a whole lot But you know what it’s enough to get me by I’m at level 19 I’ve been at this for 20 minutes Can things go a little quicker? Oh my god There’s so many enemies behind this I’m getting away with it all! Don’t explode, don’t ruin the fun Don’t do it. Just give me all the exp! ALL OF IT! Yes! oh, this is so good, so satisfying Die everybody! Its- Minecraft is a peaceful game, I swear There’s all these little like nooks and crannies where enemies are all hiding. These aren’t even the spawners. These are just oh Oh god, oh god. Oh god, this is bad. This is bad that- that’s- that’s an oops That’s a get out of here now card, that’s a- that’s a- oowee oowee doopy goopy. Oh I’m out of- I’m out of potatoes. Okay, block you up for another little bit, I just have all these holes in the walls everywhere for enemies to pour through Well, I can hit the ankles of most enemies but the spiders get through Where did you get iron?! Do you have any idea how weird it is to record a let’s play where, for 30 minutes You don’t speak and then suddenly it’s like hey, by the way, this is happening It’s so bizarre, I’ve been recording for two and a half hours, all I want is level 30 so I can get my infinity bow Take ’em down Legolas! Those spiders I really should just leave and get- oh god, no, don’t offer them bread. Don’t let them know that you- that you have food Probably should just go and get well, I mean I could get milk to cure the ailment but as soon as I put the milk on me, there’s more spiders If only I had a cow down here. I could hear you I don’t wanna get snook attacked- what the?! what the?! How spider here, though? How spider?! That’s what I want to know is how spider Block that up. It’s too much going on and I only have five soft potatoes left munch, munch, munch I got sick of the spawners Now I’m just mining quartz in the Nether To get my levels up. I’m always nervous about doing this because of what happened Many, many moons ago. No Forget- forget it happened. You guys don’t remember a thing Alright that never happened. Let’s scrub it from the history books This really is the most efficient way of getting levels I mean, you are in the nether, and the nether is scary, but I entered at level 25 and I’m already at level 27 like two minutes in. Oh, are you a death hole? Oh, no, you’re just a regular hole There’s so many times you walk past something here. It’s like that hole goes down into Satan’s armpit No, not Florida. If y’all ever need nether quartz for something Hit me up! I got it for days. All I have is nether quartz. You’re building a house out of nether quartz? Jack’s gotcha What do you use nether quartz for in this game? It’d be really handy what if I get like- build like the most amazing thing out of it later on in the game and all this farming is gonna Be completely worth it I mean it’s already worth it Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Get ready for the dinga Ling Ling Ling Ling Ling LING LING LING LING LING LING Cha chow! Wow, level 30. Okay. Let’s go spend these bad boys! Honey! I’m home Now alright. Hi guys, how are you doing? Do I have a bow that’s full? (jack it’s right there) No, this is about the best that I can do right now (imagine if he had eyes) Um, can I make a brand new bow? What do you need to make a bow? I I think I have some string. And let’s not do what we did last time and enchant the wrong bloody sword *sings along to Minecraft music* What?! Oh wait, oh wait, yeah, it’s that ohhh, It’s the book, boom, and then *kermit yelling?* Turns out you could get infinity here now anyway, ooh! I could enchant it to get… Oh, no, if only I had level 30 again, damn you Minecraft and your delicious delicious game All right. Let’s put you in here for a second. Just to keep you safe. Pat pat pat pat pat I’m ready Promotion, I’m ready promotion You’re probably wondering why I have some uh some gold things in my uh inventory I may or may not have killed a few pigmen to get the last few levels cuz my pickaxe broke They were not very happy about it, but you know what? The nether wasn’t very happy, I wasn’t very happy with it So what are you gonna do? put you in here, I get power three *more kermit yelling* Nice nice nice the best thing about having it in a book is that I have it always Put you in there put that in there Yes I’ll call you Infinibow, INFINIBOW! Boom baby That’s what daddy like to see! Infinibow! Let’s get rid of everything except one arrow So I have one arrow now in my thing That’s good. Let’s put you down here so that people can see, is everybody looking? is everybody looking at Infinibow right now? Are your eyes all glued to the screen? I need to find something to kill. I’m sorry cow. You are a testbed for something greater than yourself Watch this, Infinibow! Yes, it works! oh my god, it’s so strong Thank ya. Thank you. Thank you. Don’t be upset about it. You’re part of a greater plan. You’re It’s almost nighttime and I could have just waited for something to spawn but Infinibow! Away! Oh, man, that’s awesome. Okay now I have a really good weapon Infinibow is exactly what I need to defeat some of the harder enemies in the game, whenever I actually have to Do anything like that, which I don’t know when I will But any of the bigger bosses- a bow with infinite ammo and Power, what was it, power 3? Yeah, that’s awesome I’m so happy with that That’s the best enchantment- well, no, actually the first diamond pickaxe that I enchanted was pretty dang good as well But this is the second best thing that I have enchanted that is now actually mine and will stay with me Okay, you sit in there, Infinibow, don’t ever leave me If you’re in there, I can’t lose you. Okay, good! Progress! Yes, that’s exactly what I wanted to accomplish at the end of this episode and there we have it people I’m so happy, INFINIBOW!!

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100 thoughts on “I Got A Bow With INFINITE Ammo In Minecraft – Part 17

  1. Sean, I'm sorry but I had to come back and tell you that I just got my own Infinibow except mine is better because I also got Power IV

  2. I have a cool story with lighting in Minecraft.

    So basically i was playing on Xbox 360 Minecraft with my brother and a friend of mine and he went to get a drink, now me and my brother was left to build a house. it was raining and it was also night (note: I'm not the best at pvp or killing mobs in general) so while my brother was trying to make a wooden house that was like a tree house I was left to kill the mobs, one mob had spawned a few blocks behind my brother and he was low on health so he died by a skeleton so I went up to the house and I was fighting the skeleton and it started to thunder and lighting so I was at a half of heart and the lighting and the skeleton killed me at the exact same time!, and my brother and me were in shock then started to laugh

    Thank you for reading this and here's a cookie for making it this far 🍪

  3. JACK!!!
    You're mine shaft that you built will not work because it's not powered you need powered rails every once in a while if you use your mine shaft It won't go for long

  4. Is it sad that I have Jack's intro for Minecraft as my alarm tone? DING DING DING TOP OF MORNIN, TOP OF MORNING

  5. Jack, poison doesn’t kill you. So when you are poisoned, just get somewhere safe, wait for it to wear off and then eat.
    Oh btw the poison is what the small blue spiders give you which you probably knew.

  6. R.I.P. Original Intro…
    I miss the..
    Well..I guess I could watch old content but its not the same…

  7. Why dont you make a ex farm with all those spawners? You build a little room around the spawner and then u block it all off except one or two blocjs so they cant get out but you can kill them

  8. Jack..why? Why do you run…If you kill the Cave Spider, it can't hit you anymore..also…Poison doesn't kill you, (Poison is that green skull effect you get from either Witch who throw the potion at you or Cave Spiders (The smaller spiders). Now…the Big Black Skeletons called "Wither Skeleton" give you the Wither effect which CAN KILL you…so…You do need to be weary of them when they hit you, but you need to stand your ground when you fight, because you have the BETTER armor, better attack damage, better sprint speed, but STAND YOUR GROUND!

  9. Nobody is gonna say anything about hiw jack literally brought up the definition of X-ray hacking with out knowing anything about it

  10. jack dye your hair white and then when that starts to fade dye it orange and then when the orange fades dye it green white and orange and have an Irish flag for a head

  11. yes there is something you can use to see ores with it is A. X-RAY HACKING witch is just downloading the X-RAY resource pack or actually hacking

  12. No facecam Jacksepticeye Minecraft made me feel like I was back in 2008 watching Youtubers for the first times of my life. Nostalgia bomb.

  13. So imagine, I went fishing in minecraft while watching this video and got an unbreaking III infinty now from a regular fishing rod

    Luck of the Irish

  14. "wanna use an axe so i dont accidentally hit my polar bear"
    i guess you can say you dont wanna
    axe-identally hit your polar bear

  15. Has anyone else realised that Jack got a cat for the purpose of keeping creepers away , but because he's kept the cat in the house the creepers don't know the cats there , therefore they are still coming onto his land .

  16. To answer your question (good enchantments) put on your sword mending,sharpness,sweeping edge,fire aspect, I know you know most of these smite as well only works on undead mobs too

  17. JAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!! I know you might not see this but you should use the golden looking arrows Idk what they do and I want you to use them plz


  19. Jack, I must say, your mining is very inefficient. You want to dig a long, straight tunnel, then dig tunnels out from the sides of that tunnel with two blocks between them. That way, it's impossible to miss anything you might want to mine in that area.

    Also, don't fight cave spiders if you don't feel that you can afford dying. They are the worst enemy in the game, farming them is not worth the risk, and I recommend destroying any cave spider spawner you find.

    You're being too nervous about the Nether – I get that you were traumatized that one time but it's really not that dangerous. In some ways it's safer than the overworld due to relatively less hostile mobs and no night cycle. The biggest threat by far is the gasts, otherwise you just need to watch your step and be mindful about how you dig.

    Regarding arrows, they are actually pretty easy to make in vast quantities since the components are very easy to farm:

    -Sticks. Made from trees. Simple.

    -Feathers are dropped by chickens. Note that you can generate chickens by throwing eggs on the ground so you don't even need to feed them in order to breed more of them. Once you get a chicken farm going you're going to have way more eggs than you know what to do with anyway.

    -Flint comes from gravel, each block of gravel having a chance to drop flint rather than itself, and the game doesn't care if it's a block of gravel you've already dug up. In other words, every block of gravel is potential flint. Just collect huge amount of the stuff when you find it, put it in a pit or on the ground or something, then keep digging it over and over until it all turns into flint.

  20. Watching Jack's childlike wonder as he experiences a thunderstorm for the first time is the wholesome I need to get through the day.

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