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I Got Lost in Kyoto with only a Paper Map

I Got Lost in Kyoto with only a Paper Map

(Use only a paper map, no Google Maps allowed) (At this rate, when the night sky comes out, we can least navigate by the fucking stars) Morning guys, welcome back to Journey Across Japan incomprehensibly long cycle of despair This morning we start our day on the majestic glistening shores of Lake Biwa (琵琶湖), Japan’s largest freshwater lake It’s so beautiful, at this time in the morning, the fresh lake air, the mountains, a really nice place to kick things off Uhm, I’m feeling emotional at the moment, I mean I’m not really, I just thought I’d say I was, but I’m feeling emotion at the moment because we’ve just finished as of today Leg 2 of our journey from Niigata City (新潟市) all the way to Kyoto (京都) all the way down the Sea of Japan If you have been watching the last few days, you’ll know that we’ve traveled through some pretty rural areas And as of today, as of this week that completely changes, as we start going through cities like Kyoto (京都市), Osaka (大阪市) & Kobe (神戸市) One of the most built-up urban areas on the entire planet, let alone Japan I think it’d be ashamed to tackle those three amazing cities alone and for that reason We’ve got a new guest joining us today Uhh, somebody who doesn’t even live in Japan, so I’m looking forward to living vicariously through his experiences for the rest of the week Well look at that, ladies and gentlemen Our other guests that we’ve met the last few days have been sitting in benches and swivel chairs And then there’s this guy, splashing around in a lake Look who it is! It’s Pete Donaldson The fish stole my hat! Thanks for letting me get involved in your big trip Chris. C: Looks like You’ve only arrived in Japan a few hours ago, your already splashing around the sea having a whale of a time For those of you wondering who this rather… Eccentric… Bizarre chap is, wiping sand off his legs Pete Donaldson is my co-host on the Abroad in Japan podcast He is a top London radio DJ on Absolute Radio You might have heard him on The Football Ramble, one of the biggest podcasts in the world And again, he’s still wiping sand off his feet I’ve been in Japan for about a day, and I thought the first thing I need to do is, check out what Chris is doing Contrary to popular belief, you’re not dead. C: I’m not dead Feel a little bit death, I must admit this lake is a nice place to rest up and feel a bit rejuvenated though P: Yeah. C: I kinda don’t even want to cycle today I just want to sit by this bloody lake and do what you were doing What you were doing two minutes ago is exactly what I want to do, but don’t have enough time to do ‘Cause I’ve got a cycle 2,000km, anyway, let’s get Pete Donaldson kitted up, suited up and let’s roll out I’ve not ridden a bike since I was 10! So Pete and I are about to film an introduction to the video And we’ve just discovered a guy quite literally sitting with a pile of cats I wouldn’t say a pile, it’s more of a collection, but it’s a collection of cats over there, for some reason I love all the meowing It’s not even sound effects that I put on, there’s genuinely… P: Put-Put more cat noises right now, just put more meows in now I’m furious at these cats. I am highly allergic to cats, this isn’t an ideal situation at all, to be honest. Oh, yeah This will be a great-This will be a great start of the video, you having an allergic reaction to some cats Just dying on the floor by the Lake Biwa (琵琶湖) Pete do you wanna do a bike ride for like, do you wanna ride al the way to Kyoto (京都市) even though, A, you’ve never been on a bike since like you’ve been 10 years old And also, can you hang out with a lot of cats before you start, to really get the asthma going, brilliant? Yeah, thanks, Chris What’s the first challenge then Pete? What’s your, I’ll let you do it. P: Yeah, let me manhandle Anpanman, thank you All right No Google Maps allowed, I’ve made all the way here, which is about 700km, by using only Google Maps Without Google Maps, I would be in a bush, or in a river or just-just in a pile of… Death, by now Well, I don’t know where we’re going really, cuz we can’t use Google Maps already what I do know is Kyoto (京都市) is that way down the lake and there’s a Lawson’s just around the corner, where we can hopefully buy a paper map, so And Pornography Pete, do you know the way? alright You found the maps? P: Hm? C: You found the maps yet? Uhm Yeah It think it might be in this section over here One of these about to have the information that we need, so, I think we should buy all of them and just have a good read through, see if we could find the We’re sticking to the maps Oh, okay Then where’s this in Japan? By the way, that’s right next to the map, if you were just a child buying a map Why would children buy a map? C: Like mummy what’s this? Alright, we got our map, you know, I forgot what paper maps are actually like, it’s, you have that Uhh, and you want that. When I was a kid I used to love maps People called me B-Road, cuz my name, my surname is Broad So kids used to call me B-Road, cuz I could tell you how to get from A to Z anywhere in the UK P: That’s pretty good, B-Road. C: You say to me: ‘Chris, how do I get to… Yorkshire from London?’ I’ll be like: ‘Go up the A1’ They’ll be like: ‘Wow, you’re amazing B-Road.’ That’s like the one big motorway we’ve got, that’s a really easy question I know that, I can’t drive Don’t steal my childhood away from me Pete, I was very proud of that okay, so we are somewhere around here Takashima (高島市) and we’re gonna go down the 161 To Shirahige Shrine (白鬚神社) a really famous shrine in Lake Biwa (琵琶湖) I don’t really know where it is on a map, I can’t see it So what we’ll do Pete We’ll just to keep cycling down the 161 down the coast Until you see a really nice-looking shrine and then just tell me to stop alright? C: It looks red. P: Okay On the one hand, Pete Donaldson is rather lucky ladies & gentlemen, he’s joining on one of the most beautiful days One of the most beautiful stretches of the entire trip around Lake Biwa (琵琶湖) And also Kyoto (京都市), Osaka (大阪市) & Kobe (神戸市) On the other hand, he hasn’t got any cycling pants that are padded, so, I don’t know if he’s able to cycle, by the end of the day After what that bike saddle is gonna do to his backside Nani kore? (what’s this?) What is this? C: It’s a windmill, Pete. P: Yeah, I know but why, what’s it doing? What business does it have here? We’re in the middle of nowhere We’ve stumbled across a windmill, randomly It feels like we’ve just suddenly transcended time and space and arrived in Holland This is a video game This is where we get a side quest from and it would involve collecting some Cog, to go in the windmill You have been playing too much Zelda, Pete. Just the upkeep of this place. It’s in the middle of nowhere I think it is a campsite, just got windmills in it But it’s like three or four people here. You got to paint that every (…) presumably It doesn’t even move C: It will do… P: What’s going on? C: It will do when it’s windy. P: Bring on the wind. C: Calm down Wow, I’ve actually never seen one of those shrines that are in the water. C: Torii gate in the sea. P: Torii gate in the sea Well you’ve done the first what, how many km is that? 15km you’ve done now. How do you feel? It’s the most I’ve cycled in my life, 15km. C: And there’s your reward It’s a beautiful day. C: It does, it feels like we’re on the edge of heaven You know what, I honestly think Lake Biwa (琵琶湖) might be my new favorite cycle spot, the scenery round a has been absolutely stunning Look at those lucky bastards on the canoe. I’d give anything to be on a canoe right now Within reason, today’s lunch consists of energy jelly and a cereal bar, winner! I didn’t bring any food. Why didn’t you bring me any food? I thought you brought your own food I didn’t bring anything Well, you could get something at a convenience store, you can have what’s left of the jelly Go and splash about, while I eat my cereal bar Well, the inevitable happened guys, we are a little bit lost, uhm We had to leave the side of the lake and go off on a bit of detour, and I don’t know where we are now, luckily The greatest map reader Ever to leave northern, the UK, is-is now reading the map for us P: So that’s South. C: Just like map reading with mr. Bean, fucking hell P: I think we need to go that, we need to go towards the sun. C: We need to go towards the Sun. P: Yeah Up them hills, over there C: Turn around, look at that scenery, look at that. P: It’s beautiful ain’t it Look at those graphics If you have any reservations about visiting Japan take a look at that scene Not Pete, the scenery though is absolutely stunning, this route we’ve done today around Lake Biwa (琵琶湖) Probably the most picturesque route, most picturesque day so far, to be honest I’ve absolutely loved it, the weather’s been perfect, the visibility… is so clear You can see all the mountains around the lake. I can hear our map being blown away P: Get the map! Save the map I still don’t know the bloody hell where we are We are Think you got the wrong side of the map Oh That might help, at this rate when the night sky comes out, we can at least navigate by the fucking stars We might have to crack that map out again soon, Pete, as beautiful as it is haven’t a clue where we are Well, ladies & gentlemen, day has turned to night, rolling rice fields have turned into buildings and sun has turned into rain And we’re somewhere on the outskirts of Kyoto (京都市), little bit lost, not gonna lie Pete Donaldson is leading the charge in front and I suspect he has less of an idea where he is, than I do So I don’t know why, I’ve let him go in front, really Because he’s got control of the paper map, seems he’s got mad with power How do you feel mr. Donaldson? My bum still hurts But I think we’re getting closer and that’s the main thing You sound so out of breath We are very soggy, Chris, aren’t we? C: We’re very soggy Soggy Boys! I think we’re gonna need to look at the map, mate. I haven’t a damn clue where we are Do you want to look at it now? I want to look at now, but we’ll wait till there’s some shelter cuz it’s raining Okay How did people do this without Google Maps in the 1990s? I didn’t go anywhere, I never really left my town and now I’m in the middle of nowhere in Japan That didn’t last long, did it? One day it’s already ripped I must admit, ladies & gentleman, seeing Pete Donaldson fuck about this paper map Damp, wet, now ripped apart after just about 6 or 7 hours It makes me wonder how people used to function without Google Maps to be honest. How do people do it? How did you do it? if you lived before a time where there wasn’t any Internet or Google Maps? How did you do it? Because this is ridiculous you can’t even see the map, because it’s dark I feel like a wingy bitch But, I don’t know, after growing up for like 2 decades with the Internet and maps and things You just get really accustomed to how simple life is, you know What is that? P: We need one of them cars. C: All right, where are we? Where are we Pete? P: I think You know that place is famous in Kyoto (京都市) with all the gates, I think that’s this C: That’s definitely not. P: Is it not, oh Pete, Kyoto (京都市) isn’t even on the map What am I looking at than? You’re looking at, we, we’ve cycled down here earlier, we’re like down here now. Oh This is an utter shit show, okay, we are Somewhere in this area, so we’ve cycled, we started off up here by the lake, we cycled down the lake And we are, we followed the main road down this one around here, I think, so we’re about here P: Yeah. C: So now we work out how to get somewhere Get somewhere?! Give me like, give me some idea where you wanna go So we’re looking to end the trip at Yasaka Shrine (八坂神社). P: Oh, this one, you mean this one right here I don’t know where it is, it’s all in Japanese, Chris speaks Japanese, Chris reads Japanese. I haven’t got a bloody clue, mate Why have you got the map then? This is, your ridiculous. I’m leaving you P: Then give me the camera, give me the camera, right now. C: Don’t, stop this. P: Give me that camera It’s Pete’s film now, Pete in Japan, we’re going for a drink, bye Let’s face it, we’re not ever gonna use this map again after today, so, with that in mind. P: No Bite-sized bits You’ve just thrown away a big chunk of Japan. Okay, so starting round It’s like the start of Game of… It’s like the start of Game of Thrones Except on Game of Thrones, you can actually see the map, because it’s not dark I must say, though I absolutely despise cycling in the rain, my least favorite thing Cycling at night in Kyoto (京都市) through the rain, that’s absolutely stunning. The rain just bounces off the The lights illuminates in the rain and the pools of water, It’s a beautiful sight to behold and it’s absolutely fucking terrifying This is a pretty immersive 4D experience There they are, Pete, we’ve done it, there it is Oh, shit, hey! It’s our camera crew I caught my finger in my bell Yeah, we made it! Yasaka Shrine (八坂神社) on the edge of Kyoto C: Well done, you did it. P: Thanks C: You survived, did the map survived? P: No, no the map did not survive C: It’s just falling apart. P: The map is in 2 pieces, the map is soaking wet. C: It’s horrible I must say, though on the surface there seems to be something romantic about using a paper map, in reality It’s not, it’s just a fucking nightmare It’s nice to see lights It’s nice to see people and it’s nice to see warm, warm buildings I want a cup of tea I want… a cup of tea You look so underprepared P: Yeah. C: And you’re wearing, why are you wearing this? I’m wearing slippers, the map is soggy, the map could never be used again I’d like to apologize to the cartographer crafted this map all those many years ago C: It looks like a used tissue, it’s disgusting P: It looks actually like a used tissue, it’s disgusting This is it, that’s the end of leg 2 the journey from Niigata (新潟市) to Kyoto (京都市) So I’m feeling quite emotional, Pete. This is a big event and there’s water literally on my face and helmet C: Oh my god. P: It’s quite ironic, because we just finished leg 2 and 2 of my legs are finished. C: Brilliant Well, we’ll be back tomorrow guys. Tomorrow we’re gonna be exploring Kyoto (京都市) and for the next few days We’re gonna be checking out Kyoto (京都市), Osaka (大阪市) and Kobe (神戸市) that’s not much cycling here It is just gonna be checking out Kansai region (関西地方) Because I need a bit of rest, I need to prepare and gear up for the big cycle That takes us from Kansai (関西地方) all the way to Kagoshima (鹿児島市) and the rain is still going in my face Thanks for watching, we’ll see you hopefully right back here tomorrow. Let’s go and get dry. My feet are absolutely soaking. I Bye! I want to go to the (Iwatayama) Monkey Park Pete, we’re not going to a monkey park I thought they were supposed to be my day off, you know exactly who this is Chris Your mum Chris, you’re the real monster

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100 thoughts on “I Got Lost in Kyoto with only a Paper Map

  1. Well guys, I hope you enjoy watching Pete and I get soaked through for your entertainment. We finally made it to Kansai though! Over the next few videos we'll plunge into Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe – four videos I've been editing all through the last week, so I can release them all over the course of the next 10 days together.
    For those of you who don't know the story of how I met Pete, we actually met last year whilst Natsuki and I were filming "Natsuki: The Movie" in London.
    As a viewer of the channel, Pete had been following our journey around the UK and spontaneously invited us both in for an interview on Absolute Radio. A few months later he visited Japan and I showed him around Tohoku, and since then we've become good friends, ultimately leading us to start the Abroad in Japan Podcast in February this year. AND EVERY SINGLE Thursday since, we haven't missed a single episode!
    In this week's episode, I discuss why I'm getting a tattoo next year and what it is! You can listen to the Podcast on iTunes, Spotify and pretty much everything, but here's a quick link to the Abroad in Japan Podcast:
    Thanks guys, I hope you enjoy the video!

  2. I asked people on the street or stores where I need to go…since I didn't have a cell phone with a map on it. I have bad sense of direction…I think it's a little bit easier in Japan though…

  3. "how did you do it without google maps?"
    Well, you ask around, hopefully get someone to help scribble the route on the map
    More recently people have been investing in these tiny gadgets called GPS, they're just as good if not better than google maps tbh

  4. Paper maps in Japanese are fine, so long as you can recognize Japanese text and match the map landmarks with the real ones. (Knowing the direction of north is also helpful.)

  5. Been there, done that. You young people and your over-reliance on technology. How will you survive the coming zombie apocalypse? There was no Google Maps when I first went to Japan. I got all around Kyoto with nothing more than a bus schedule and a paper map that I picked up at the train station.

  6. How we did it? We used maps, maybe a compus, and we asked for directions from real people. Then we committed it to memory.

  7. Before discovering your channel some days ago I absolutely wanted to visit Japan. Now, thanks to all your information about shops, food places and all the amazing stuff you can do, I will seriously have to reevaluate my plans in order not to get stuck there for eternity. So thank you, I guess!

  8. 6:33 don't you know at some point in history, ships sailing under the Dutch flag were the only foreigners that were allowed in Japan?
    that was pretty much only for trading, but apparently there have been some German medical scientists on as well, but that's besides the point.

    being Dutch, I can tell you the main thing windmills did was drain seas and lakes… seeing this windmill not next to water, it's probably built grind grain

  9. 👍 for any bicyclist….or any mono-bicyclist or tri-bicyclist…but no quad-bicyclist because they are weird….

  10. It's amazing he manage this trip with out basic bicycle repair and map knowledge.Definition of bravery with a hint of stupidity.

  11. How did we do it? we would plan the trip ahead, our maps used to be filled with pencil marks to that we knew (Sort of) where we were

  12. LOL maps, Im 23 and in the army, I travel via land navigation w/ compass , protractor, pencil. Haha XD Nice fancy map 😀

  13. I think this is my favourite episode – apart from the one where Chris realises he has a crush on the canadian woman

  14. A compass with a built in magnifier and writing arrows and road names on the back of your hand. Then mapquest became a thing so we just printed that shit out.

  15. Is my dream to live in Japan 🇯🇵 honestly man your living out a dream bless hopefully I can make it there one day for my self and have suck a experience

  16. "How did you do it before google maps?"

    Step 1: find your latitude- the easiest way is to measure the angle of elevation of polaris but you can use the sun if you know the math.

    step 2: find your longitude- back in the 1800's you keep a chronometer with Greenwich time and use fancy sun math to find noon time at your location. every 4 minutes ahead of Greenwich is a degree west of Greenwich and every 4 minutes before Greenwich is a degree east of Greenwich.

    Step 3: use map- use the coordinates to find your location on the map.


    step 1: ask a local for directions!

  17. visited Japan in about 2002 without google maps/ subway apps… damn the internet barley existed back then! Had the time of my life getting lost around Japan though.
    In a way I'm glad though, I think seeing HD videos etc before you go can take away from the magic of 'not knowing' what it's like.
    I'm glad I went when I did.

  18. To find out where are you exactly you need to go to a corner where 2 bigger road connects if your map is not very detailed down to all streets…. that way you know where you are and from then you just follow the map and time to time you repeat the positioning process. Really not that complicated and can get used to it quickly.

  19. How did you you back then… how can you miss something that doesn`t exist yet…anyway there is another amazing resource that you could use apart from a paper map ( or a digital one…) and that is : fucking ask the locals for directions!

  20. You fold it. With the areas front and back you wish to travel. Put it into a waterprrof clear mapcase as well.
    Btw you need two maps. A detailed map of cities in the area plus the one you got.

  21. How did you get along without Google maps? You planned your trips out in advance. That meant knowing your route in advance as well.

  22. Well, I'm only 32 but I did my Duke of Edinburgh and a load of hiking/finding my way in foreign cities. You take a compass or at least an analogue watch, know your direction, landmarks and scale, and if you're on the road you count turnings and landmarks. If you want to be really precise, you draw on the map every time you change direction or triangulate your location. Honestly though last time I was in Japan with my shitty HTC phone with its cracked camera full of dust, I wish I'd had a paper map. It lost location services AND orientation every time I put it back in my pocket so I had to do the calibration dance, running in figure-eights on the street like a tit every. fucking. time., just so it could remember where it was and which way way forward.

    I don't miss that phone.

  23. The way we navigated before GPS was on things less expensive than Jet fighters was by having a map and a compass, if you can easily establish north, the top of the map points that way, then just check your current location often and you will be able to update your location from a known point. tomorrows lesson will cover bearings, back bearings and resections (navigational, not surgical)…

  24. Pete is the perfect companion for this part and challenge. Together,
    the two of you took it 'by storm'! Enjoyed the dysfunction and the camaraderie.
    May your relationship be only stronger because of this experience! Bonnie

  25. What is the problem? Can't you read maps? English conquered a half of the World using (and making!) maps. What's wrong with you guys?

  26. Story about a time before google maps.

    2004 just after hurricane Charlie hit. I was moving down to Sarasota Florida to go to college. Now, you don't really NEED a map to get to Florida from Maryland. You take a few highways and you're there. It's stupid easy. It just takes 18 hours. We were stuck in traffic on i4/75. Charlie missed Tampa/Sarasota and hit a bit south. So, everyone and their dog was returning back to Tampa after being evacuated a few days before. Traffic was horrible. We hadn't moved much at all for the past hour. We'd been driving since 10pm that night. It was 2pm in the afternoon the next day. Tired, wanting a bed, shower, and real food. We pulled out ye'old map book. Paging through it my brother and I found a scenic route to Sarasota- a bit eastward in central FL. But it should get us there and we'd avoid all the traffic. It's not like, you know the Hurricane decimated the center part of the state at all.
    😀 We drove through a war zone. The roads were blocked off. Live Power lines were down ON THE ROAD. Sarasota was at best an hour way. My father's huge ass red truck stuck out with our Maryland tags. We didn't belong there. We got nasty looks. It wasn't a good time, at all. We took a bathroom break and tried to get something to drink/snack. The gas-station had no power. We couldn't get gas. We had no idea where we were.

    We made it to our destination at 8pm that night. Crying. Defeated. It was there dad bought a GPS.

  27. Aren't you supposed to fold the map and put your thumb on your last location? That way you'll know where you are. That's what I did at school anyways

  28. The map thing reminds me of when I did a 400km or so bike trip about 10 years ago. We did actually mostly use a paper map, but we did get one for biking, and we also brought a compass.

  29. Actually, I live in Malaysia and me and a few friends would cycle every week through the country using only paper maps. We've gotten quite used to it. And mind you, in this range of friends, we're only 15 – 18 y/o. It's not really all that hard, if you do it regularly, you'd get used to it.

    Also, a tip for people who wants to use paper maps, plan your start and destination, and pull out the map every 3, 4 or 5 km/miles on your journey, it'll lower the chances of getting lost and it keeps you on track

  30. at 2013 i navigated from kyoto station with only a paper man´p in japanese which i clearly didnt understand and i only ahd the meters shrines and temples where from the hotel, i forgot to print first side of booking so i only had the booking number and the distances, so what i did is i draw circle around each templ/shrines when i magically located them without internet and all the rings made made me found my hotel, that was fuggin godlike im the best map reader EU!

  31. welp you were just using paper maps xd and were lost quite often if you decided to go to diferent city or such 😂

    …but I disappointed- I kinda hoped you two will get lost in the countryside 😂

  32. If you fall with the helmet like that (on the back of you head, you will hit you forehead and never bike again.

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    ‘Peerper’ (Paper)😮
    Is he just joking?
    More-er-wier (motorway)
    A London DJ? I suppose it’s what the cockneys deserve 😂😂😂

  34. To much swearing , what are you doing there in Japan ! Very disrespectful of the people and culture! You break not only the harmony of the landscape but also the culture! Your blog should be sacked!

  35. I’m in highschool and in two years have a great opportunity to go to Japan, (i think) Tokyo. I’m taking a Japanese class and by that time will hopefully be in Japanese two

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    Also why is pete the only one with a serious tagline, did he douche out and order hes different for his ego, or just your favourite. And, where did joey's stuff go? Pete seems like a guy that needs to be treated preciously for his ego

  37. It is so beautiful.
    Hey, I was wondering, is there a side of japan that does not get tsunami? Are there areas without earthquakes? What about areas of japan that hardly gets snow? I tried looking this up but can not really find an answer lol.
    We already have 5 inches of snow here where I live and I am so sick of it 😒

  38. How did we do it? We did it in stages, from one landmark to the next. For example, one would look at the map and first determine where one was now (point A) and then look at one's destination (point Z) and then trace a path from A to Z, noting landmarks on the way (points B to Y). Then one would write out a list (before keyboards, we used to have writing implements such as hollow tubes filled with blue or black liquid which could scratch letters onto blocks of compressed tree pulp, ridiculous as that may sound), numbering each landmark in the order they should appear on the journey. One could further supplement these directions with notes on distances between points (possibly with estimated time of journey) route numbers (ie, the A44 or B345), locations of roundabouts and junctions (including which exit to take) and lists of any (often amusingly or weirdly named) small hamlets that would appear between landmarks, which could be ticked off as each was passed, further confirming one was on the right road. This method only failed me on a trek to Everest Base Camp, where all B to Y points were labelled as Turn Left at mountain, Turn right at mountain, Route blocked by mountain, Go over mountain, etc. Love your videos…BABYMETAL brought me to your site!

  39. I use a paper (well, it's this laminated stuff) map now and again while in Manhattan, but that's mostly because that area's a big grid. I can't imagine the hell of using one to get around something like the countryside or in a foreign language.

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