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I Graduated with an Art History Degree

I Graduated with an Art History Degree

You know, I grew up with a single father who raised me my brother by himself. My dad is a carpenter, paints houses for a living. I graduated from college with an art history degree which is… I don’t know if you can get much further than this field. I just kind of fell into this right out of college. Actually, it was literally the first job interview that I ever went on right out of college. I posted my resume online, company contacted me two months later and I’ve been here for almost 12 years, ever since. I started off as an agent, got quickly promoted into management, and again, I knew off the bat that that’s where I wanted to go to as a business entrepreneur type person. I wanted to rise through the ranks and do it as quickly as possible. But I’d kind of gotten comfortable in a certain position. I was in an RGA position in New Jersey for about six, seven years. Had a lot of success. It was making good money. It retired my wife before we even had our son, because I was going financially well enough. But then, just decided that I wanted more. And I never really wanted the regret of not doing it. So, finally look the leap of becoming an SGA. Moved down to Florida. Can’t beat Florida. South Florida’s the best. Palm trees, sun every single day. I don’t know if anybody 13 years ago thought that this is where I would be, doing this, and in this kind of position. Shooting a video like this. But I think they probably just knew that I’ve grown and matured a lot, and I’ve been done this for 12 years, and … This is it for us, and my life.

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