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I Made PRISON RIGGED Art Supplies…

I Made PRISON RIGGED Art Supplies…

*Toy squeaking* Really, Bowie? You’re gonna start that right now? Like, out of all the time in the world today that you had to do that, you’re gonna do that now? Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Rae here and welcome back – Really? Again? Really, Bowie? Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Rae here and welcome back to my YouTube channel. Now this week, I’m going to be making prison rigged art supplies using only items found on a real prison commissary list. And for those of you who don’t know, art in prison is actually a very common activity, it’s a really cheap and great way to not only pass the time but also to express yourself and it’s also a great way for people who are incarcerated to make some money on the outside. For example, right now, if you were to open up eBay and search in “Prison Art,” you would see like tons and tons of actual real pieces of art made from people who are currently incarcerated. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying like, *High-pitched voice* Hey kids! Go to prison! Prison is fun! But as somebody who is very interested in all subjects and art as well as like, DIY supplies, I think it’s really interesting that people in prison have to like, make their own art supplies. And for all of like, my really, really, really old subscribers, you may have noticed that I have actually made this exact video literally almost three years ago and it’s one of my personal favorite videos. It’s just that the quality isn’t… the best? But instead of using makeup, he used rigged prison supplies! So today, I’m gonna try to A, make my own art supplies and B, try to draw with said art supplies. So yes, today we are going to be redoing the video, we are going to be taking it to the next level, I am not going to be cutting any corners. So there is one exclusion and that’s that I’m going to take a writing paper and exchange it for drawing paper. We are not going to be using any drawing paper like I did last time, I am using strictly only the commissary list. And as always, if you are new here, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button to *Deep voice* join the Raevolution! And if you’re old here, don’t forget to – *sputters* I cannot say that! If you’re old here, don’t forget to hit the notification bell, that way you can get subscribed to all my videos and never miss one. And yeah, with that being said guys, let’s go ahead and get started! Alright, so the prison that I have chosen today is Marion State Penitentiary in Illinois. Now, this prison was built in 1963 and fun fact, it was actually made as a replacement to Alcatraz and if you don’t know, Alcatraz was basically a prison island out by San Francisco that basically housed the absolute worst of the worst. But in 2006, the prison transformed into a medium-security prison. Which, as you’re about to see, is the reason why the prisoners are able to have so many of these items to create these art supplies. Starting off with item number one! *Music* Now, according to the commissary list, we have not one but TWO choices of paper, first one being a legal pad which looks very similar to this, just without the metal attached to it because I’m sure metal could like, stab someone in the eye! And the second option is printer paper, as shown here. But for the supplies that I’m gonna use today, neither of these things are gonna cut it, so alternatively I found cards. You can pick greeting cards in prison! Cardstock is so much thicker, it can take a beating. Besides that weird crease in the middle, I think it’s gonna work so much better for the art supplies that we’re gonna make today. And plus, look at the little bear! Ain’t that fun? (Plankton): GIVE ME THE SECRET FORMULA OR I’LL DESTROY THE KRUSTY KRAB!! *Music* Now, surprisingly, mechanical pencils are allowed in prison, which I was… OK, cool. I’m down with that. Makes my life easier. *Music continues* Now for this drawing and the art supplies that I’m going to use today, I I’m gonna do something that I haven’t done on my channel in a very long time and that’s draw something very cartoony, very illustration, and you know, just create something from scratch. I literally looked up so many different sources and ideas from Pinterest and to be honest, I settled on a – I’m such a boomer, but I settled on an Egirl. Like, I love the makeup, I love the style, big hair, big lashes, colorful everything, you know. I feel like I can’t pull it off, so I’m gonna live – live vicariously through my drawing and yeah, it’s something that I’m really excited for and as you can see, I’m erasing and adding and erasing and adding because I had to make so many decisions and ultimately I got a pretty good outline that I’m really happy with. *Piano music* Though sadly, paint isn’t allowed in prison, neither is watercolor or anything fun like that. So alternatively, we are going to have to make our own paint using only what is allowed in prison. And what is allowed in prison is lots and lots of food, specifically some drink mixes that I found very interesting and I feel like would work INCREDIBLE for paint. Now, the first drink that you can buy is Purple Passion fruit punch mix, which works as an incredible purple paint. Next we have the packet fruit punch, which works as a nice red, and it quickly dissolves in water, so that’s a bonus. Of course, we have the classic coffee, which I’m sure you’ve seen tons of YouTubers do this, where they paint with coffee, it works as an incredible watercolor. I’ve actually done a video on it myself a really long time ago. I should remake that one, too. Uh, candy. You are allowed candy in prison, specifically Skittles. Now, I bought the variety pack because some packs have certain colors that other ones don’t and I wanted to have like, the most for my color range so I bought all the Skittles. And within SECONDS, all the artificial colorings from the candies started melting off and bada-bing, bada-boom! It turned into paint! And I know what you’re thinking, “Okay, cool, you made paint but obviously you’re not allowed paintbrushes in prisons, so… What are you gonna do?” And I promise I have a solution. It’s probably not the most glamorous! *Fart noise* Now, all prisons have a place where you can go get your hair cut and there you can gather hair. Alternatively, you could cut your own like I did last video, regrettably. *Rae groans in video* That’s like, two months of growth for me! But now, I have a dog who sheds year round, all the time, all day every day. And all you have to do is pet her – “ruff-ly?” *Laughs* And as you can see, it’s a great way to collect hair without having to cut my own hair again. Now tape, glue, pretty much anything that is an adhesive is not allowed in prison but Band-Aids ARE allowed in prison. This might be the most extra thing that I’ve ever done, but I am going to tape it onto the Band-Aid, condense it, and then tape THAT to the back of a mechanical pencil to basically make a super makeshift paintbrush. *”Ta-da!” music* *Music* Now, the paintbrush was definitely pros and cons. The pro was that I was very proud of myself for being able to make a paintbrush almost out of nothing, you know? But the con was that it was pretty difficult to use, you know what I’m saying? It was very tough to get into very precise tiny places, it was really hard to blend like you would with normal watercolor, and you know, we’re not working with watercolors so obviously it’s not going to be the most pigmented thing around, especially the blue. I thought it would be a little bit darker than that, you know? And so, I really had to keep adding in colors to like, make it darker and darker and darker. *Music continues* Now, basic ballpoint pens are allowed in prison and to be quite honest, ehh, they’re not my first choice, you know, they’re a little bit chunkier than regular fine liners. They’re a little bit harder to work with but you know, we’re in prison. We don’t really have a lot of options here so we’re gonna make do with what we have. *Continues* Now, I’m just gonna be honest here, this paint was so hard to work with! *Fart noise* But after a little bit of cleanup, adding a little bit more color, amping up everything, blending it out, I’m really happy with how it came out. I think it came out pretty good, considering this is all 100% DIY supplies. Okay, hi. It’s currently the next day. This is the example paint from the thumbnail. Check this out. It’s so slimy and darkly! Oh-ho-ho! Oh my god! But anyway guys, thank you so much again for watching. If you go to prison, Rae Dizzle’s got you. Don’t forget to subscribe, check out my other DIY art supply videos. If you want to see my old 2017 version of this, I will gladly link it down below. And yeah, with that being said, I will see you guys next video. Bye! *End music*

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100 thoughts on “I Made PRISON RIGGED Art Supplies…

  1. hey Rae, i have an idea for you. it would be cool if you do a review of the bruynzeel color line! i did brought these by myself and i really love them, but i wanna know from you(who is good in reviews) what you think of them. i hope you see this comment and i am sorry for my bad english <3

  2. I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t be allowed to use Pinterest in prison because you would have a cellphonw

  3. OMG Rae you Chloe and I all are left handers I really am inspired by both of you and I am 12..and I really want to be as amazing as you guys are in future.. Love from India
    Ps- plz follow me on Instagram Kryptonic_koel I am a very young artist who needs support

  4. Ballpoint pens: they're a little bit hard to work with buT YA KNOW WHAT, WE'RE IN PRISON SO WE'RE GONNA HAFTA MAKE DO

  5. i watched to first prison art supply video all the way back then, and I was so confused when this video popped up… I thought I was going insane, and it was actually made this recent lmao

  6. The dislikes are from the people who purposely went to prison and didn't get the right stuff to do it and had to wait/break out of it

  7. Oh my gosh, I love this character!
    Kind of want to see her again, but with normal art supplies maybe in a comparison-type video..? >.>

  8. I swear to God I read the thumbnail like pryson art supplies and thought it was some kind of brand of art supplies. My brain broke

  9. There is a seperate monthly canteen list that sells art supplies in prison. Prismacolor pencils, Bristol pads, drawing pencils, paint brushes, etc even scissors!!
    But, money is rare so I think every artist in prison has experimented with alternative ways of creating art…. I used instant coffee sometimes

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