I Took Literal Trash and Turned it into the Finest Art… – Art Haus Gameplay

I Took Literal Trash and Turned it into the Finest Art... - Art Haus Gameplay

I'm Batman bringing you another episode of our house the game that lets you create super fine art and display it for the world to see now I did an episode of this a few weeks ago and I challenged some of you guys to go ahead and download the game and give it a try and post your art in the discord so we're gonna be taking a look at some of that later but first let's explore some of the other areas that we haven't been in now this is a game jam game meaning it was made in a very short amount of time so it currently doesn't actually save the things after you exit the game so our amazing dinosaur that we constructed here is no longer here but not to worry it has been immortalized in the last video on YouTube so there are four places that we did in four places that we did not explore so we are going to explore the other four places this time so let's start with the ones that are closest to the entrance and I think did we do either of these we didn't do either of these ones I don't think what is it then music alright springtime in the forest let's go for this one I don't think we did this one okay create our masterpiece we didn't do this one right no we didn't oh can we use are these flaming what these are like torch Scrolls alright let's explore what we have oh can we pick up like a bush we can pick up a bush okay what about this wow what about the hope we can pick up everything we got eyeballs we got trees we got a little deer look at this little tiny deer oh oh oh what's happening there we go I got the little tiny deer I think we just coming through at the other side if we do this yeah yeah alright what about this oh no we cannot pick up the pile of grass oh we got another couch here a bunch of scrolls alright I'm just getting a lay of the land here seeing what we have at our disposal we got a bunch of trees scrolls rocks deer flowers apparently whoa does that does that not look creepy with the silhouette like that like I feel like I'm gonna walk up to these deer and their faces are just gonna change into something as the light is on them but no no they're just deer with no no foreground lighting look at this guy right here oh I got an idea I know what I'm doing we're gonna do deer acrobatics so we're gonna go ahead and try to figure out how to turn this guy upside down how do we turn this guy can we do there we go perfect nailed it look at that alright now we need another deer of a similar size what I'm gonna try to do is match their hooves with each other oh look at that what what happened Oh some of these scrolls are messing me up oh these maps of the earth you can actually see like the globe on them okay cool all right look at that that's looking good so far all right we need like tiny deer acrobatics we need we need a deer doing a handstand I mean are they aren't they kind of always doing a handstand since they don't really have or maybe they don't have hand just cuz they just have all feet all right you know what never mind let's just let's just do the handstand all right there we go whoops there we go look at that oh he's a little bit a little bit off-center there we go and then where's our tiny all here we go tiny little deer all right I know where you're going I right there look at that is that are you like are you touching or you are on there good enough all right cool this is looking good this is looking good I'm gonna use more of these deer what are we gonna do oh oh we need a deer oh we need to use the flaming the flaming torch one of them is gonna be like a fire dancing deer we're just gonna put that right there hey that actually looks not too bad it looks like he's actually holding it alright we're gonna have this guy standing normally and then we're gonna do like a pyramid oh wait can we do a pyramid hmm all right now I need like a medium deer alright so we're gonna have we got a too high right there but we're gonna add another small deer and another tiny deer oh here we go look at this do we have a do we have anything in between those two or other just three sizes I don't know alright then we're gonna have him do a three hi alright so check that out we got some AcroYoga deer doing like a hoof to hoof we got a hand standing deer balancing another deer on his head we got a fire dancing deer and then we got some deer acrobats doing a three hi how many more deer we got left you know we need to add some decoration to this thing alright and I think we can have one final acrobatic deer doing another handstand but this time on top of a rock alright there we go I'm gonna press E to finish and we should have our amazing display of art look at this thing is this not the most beautiful art you've ever seen I love it we got a whole deer circus show going on here I dare say it's probably my greatest work of art yet alright let's get on to some of the other ones that we missed out on last time portrait of a lady I don't think that we've done this 100 hello dear whoa what did you where did that deer comfort that was another deer where did that come from whoa what's going on here when I walk over here wait what where did they come from is this a deer goblet do they come out of this goblet they they appeared out of nowhere right am I going crazy wait does this well oh oh this isn't a table this is like a lounge thing what dear are appearing over here now very very creepily I'm uncomfortable what what's happening over here are they getting closer or farther I do not know what to think of this oh there goes another one there all right there's one two three four deer over here so we can see if they're getting closer I know that they're multiplying right there but okay wait there are two things what is this stasis zone and press e what all right so this is the actual art thing but what does stasis zone here let's go ahead and take this over the stasis zone huh oh oh I think the stasis zone is a duplicator I don't think we need a dupe there get look at this there they're gonna circle us completely I'm uncomfortable with this all right we need to make art we've got where's the stuff here before I don't remember seeing this we got a gargoyle we got like pots and goblets and deer and this thing and a table what is this we got some type of weird helmet can I put that on one of those things and I put a helmet on you there we go that's not too bad all right well how is it you're doing all right so the deer started oh oh I know those are it was a this new deer the deer have gone last time I checked they were right here now they've multiplied all the way over to here is this gonna be a full circle or just to be a spiral we have a single eyeball just a single eyeball all right we'll go play the eyeball right behind the mask right there oh yeah that's not weird and creepy at all why don't we rebuild this person so we're gonna give this person a goblet arm it's called my Fairley why are there deer spawning out of everything all right so this thing is called my fair lady's so I guess we're gonna take this lady and we're gonna rebuild this lady from scratch um but it's really only giving us deer oh I can multiply the Goblet oh let's do goblet arm lady all right stasis out there we go look at that now we got all the goblets to build my fair lady Adam there you go heaven have a shoulder socket my fair lady there we go okay kind of looks like she's in the middle of like the Carlton dance like what the arms going back and forth that's really funny you know what let's give her like a shield just like on her back I don't know turtle Mifare turtle lady there we go look at that perfect there's the case she gets tired of dancing we'll give her a chair oh you know what these chairs look more comfy we'll give her a nice chair to sit on all right let's check on our spot it looks like the spiral stopped over there I haven't seen it go much more for duplication so we just like duplicated all the way around being stared at by these deer watching us build my fair lady and I don't know if there's anything else I want to add in here I've it's given me lots of deer but I don't want the deer alright let's go ahead and complete my fair lady and see how she looks in context look at that okay oh those those those goblets don't seem to have survived very well in the transposition process from alternate-dimension to art gallery Oh portrait of a lady not my fair lady that's a portrait of a lady if I ever saw one let's get on to the next piece of art I love this thing oh yeah this one over here this is like geometry six what is this all about Wyatt what is happening what is happening ah there's so many boxes that it's changing colors okay hold on we got his own here what is this called I can't read the sign I can't read the sign press e to destroy all right if I put something here and I press E nope nope that didn't work I can't read this is like a dream I'm so confused oh there we go oh I got a press T while pointing at the sign I late I guess alright are these oh oh they changed colors when you move them through these colored spheres interesting oh whoa there's low gravity here check this out this is so weird whoa look at that I can throw them oh that is awesome I want to have fun just like throwing stuff around in here I don't even want to make art whoa oh man this is trippy all right I think I know what I'm building here I'm this might actually be kind of hard I had to find all these little boxes and stuff I wonder if they keep like generating and spawning in here but I'm gonna try to build an upside-down pyramid that's just one of the first things that came to mind so I'm gonna try to make it happen all right but and I don't even care what the colors are I'm just gonna grab any random colored block and we're just gonna make it happen and you know what since this is a floaty area I'm gonna have the pyramid part should not even be connected completely to each other they're not even gonna be touching here you get out of there I need like this size right here I hope it keeps spawning me that similar size oh maybe if I delete one if I destroy one in this zone they might actually respawn a new random one maybe that's why that's there all right and then you are gonna go right there and I'm just gonna put you in there and then destroy no yeah that's not what I wanted here go back oh no go back no it created my art piece all right well this is our third art piece it's um what do we call this I call it palm tree try to give it a random name that had nothing to do with anything yeah seems like you can't go back after you've created a piece of art so we have to go and find the other thing which i think is this the trash of one man let's get in here and see what we can build what masterpiece we can create okay okay Oh can I take this whole thing oh whoa whoa okay there's individual shelves there we go oh there's a bunch of stuff on that look at that we got some eyeballs whoa that was creepy what what's happening okay okay we got a flat-screen TV we got a couch we got some lamps what is it can we pick up no we can't pick up that debris cardboard boxes filled with cardboard boxes oh look at this giant box and then just be shelve units packed with other things what's up here lots of gold stuff what is this one man's trash is another man's treasure oh no it's like a totem I see it now you see its face all right we got a flaming a flaming barrel here I feel like the flaming barrel has to be like the centerpiece and it represents big pile flaming garbage I guess I also just noticed that these things are whoa different colored barrels okay I think I actually have an idea for this all right let's start creating and we'll see what we come up with okay I think we've created our work of art here now this one probably has more intent and meaning behind it and value than anything else I've made in this game which means it's probably gonna be the work most worthless one so you can see we got all this trash on the ground we even got I found a toilet in this area – you know we got toilet we got trash we got scrap we got cardboard and just nothing really of value but then we have this dumpster fire right here but this dumpster fire has fuel has a fire burning in it that is the fuel and fire of creativity and if you look within the fire of creativity you can see gold despite its origins in trash and with that creativity you can see it emanates more garbage but even further down or further up rather you can see that garbage eventually it turns into gold so this kind of represents how the fire of creativity could take even the most mundane garbage things and turn them into valuable gold so let's go ahead and create this piece of art and check it out in the gallery itself look at that there what where's the answer there we go there we go so now what do we go ahead and hop over to the discord and browse some of the submissions that you guys have made and if you want to make more submissions to the discord I will leave the channel open for the while longer like maybe a week or so just to see what else you guys come up with because there's a uneven though we've done all of the art galleries each one has any number of possibilities that you could make with what the material is you get in there so I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys make there will be links in the description for the game and the discord if you want to participate alright so a small handful of people were able to run the game and participate it is actually quite a graphically demanding game so if you don't have a decent graphics card you might have some issues with it but Saitama made a handful of really interesting ones that this is actually really interesting because it's the Snowman one but he actually built a snowman without using any of the snow parts so he just used the barrels and then some of the other parts as well so I thought that was pretty clever and you can see it says the Snowman now this one I I don't know what I hate you can see we got two statues we got a chairs it looks like a table I don't know what that is in the back and we got a deer with a helmet on its nose any heat titles this the true gladiator so to me it actually almost looks like a ballista if you just take a step back and look at the general shape of it it reminds me of a ballista so I think that's kind of cool and then here was his take on the dinosaur exhibit looks like we've got eyeball kneecaps and just of legs attached directly to the spine no no pelvis at all and then it looks like an arm as a neck and yeah it's it's quite quite the creation/evolution at its best right there and then we have godly looking meep of faith looks like he accidentally pressed e in the middle of this build so if we just have two legs just two legs standing next to each other and I just love how the sign says dinosaur reconstruction with these two and they're like human legs too which makes it even funnier I think that that's comedy gold right there and then looka here has basically in a an abomination of a snowman like this is a snowman that has received a heavy dose of radiation and then hewan has given us the magic of stick he calls it so let me know what your favorite work of art was and if you missed the previous episode where I build other crazy stuff in the other then go check out on the end screen right here and I hope to see some more submissions into the discord channel if you guys download the game yourself there will be links in the description I hope this video has earned your subscription anyway this has been scrapped man and I'll see you next time bye

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