I Went To The CHEAPEST vs MOST EXPENSIVE Makeup Artist In My City For A Makeover | Mar

I Went To The CHEAPEST vs MOST EXPENSIVE Makeup Artist In My City For A Makeover | Mar

hi guys I'm are so today I'm so excited because we are gonna comparing the most expensive makeup artist I could find and then the cheapest makeup artist I could find I thought it would just be fun because I went to the best serene that makeup artist I went to worst rated makeup artist and oh actually what's your straining spice and I felt like things you guys were saying on the comments because you guys know I'm always reading a comment it really changed based on price and I think that at least for me my expectations are always so much a different based on how much I'm paying so I just want to see what type of service I got how the makeup and then up B I mean maybe it's better when it's cheaper maybe it's better when points don't them I don't know how it's gonna turn out but that's just what I wanted to do it let me know you guys what's your personal experience have you ever gone to like a really bad really expensive makeup artist or maybe obviously a really good cheap makeup artist or just feel really bad cheap one you're like okay whatever it was – lets go I don't know let me go in the comments you guys but yeah I was so excited so let's get started okay here so I'm about to head on over to the expensive makeup artist and she has all five star reviews I want to read them really quickly for you guys this makeup is hella expensive though I already paid for it it was 250 I'm like she better like transport my face I'm wearing a bit of BB cream right now I'm gonna take that off because I know I know you guys told me when I compared this before I make oh this is the map making up and then you guys haven't seen that video I'll leave the link for you guys but I made the huge mistake showing up with a little bit mini cream as well on my face we're like stop okay so this review says wow wow wow you are miracle workers I heart blank to help me create easy to apply date night and sexy night looks as well as looked through my makeup and cosmetics to take out what won't work and at in what will she is phenomenal her level of calm professionalism and artistry blew me away so that's amazing then this other person is saying that the team were a dream to work with that they were highly recommended by her wedding planner so they do a lot of wedding work from what I understand another reviews that they are told rock stars that they were a lot of makeup on a day-to-day basis and that she went to look like herself and she that she looks even prettier till it's amazing this other one says that this person is amazing she is so sweet she would not have gone to anybody else that is so amazing so I'm going in with high expectations like extremely high you guys she gave me instructions it's at her home studio and like I said they asked me to pay for this up front I not sure if I shouldn't have done that thank you bag because of the experience I had with the worst ringgit makeup artists but since this person have so many great reviews I felt fine doing that so I don't think will be a problem but I'm there show her a picture of this makeup Karen she's always like makeup goddess so I'm gonna show her this and ask her to recreate this look I think it's a pretty simple look I think you know a neat skill to make up artist can do this pretty easily I would think I mean it's not overly complicated I don't know also Karen makes anything looks like so easy and fabulous but it could actually be really hard so I I don't know I'm not any parties but it looks like something that I feel often like I could do and again I'm on makeup artists I just love makeup so okay let me take this off put on some moisturizer and we gonna go okay you guys so I'm on my way there I took off anything I had all my face it's completely bare so we're gonna go with my little picture I will try to film the process for you guys but I don't wanna be invasive it's her house so we'll see because when I did the best rated maker part is it was on her house as well as she said oh you can film which was fine but I don't know if this other person's good just volunteer the information of ugh oh you could totally poking her you want so let's see all right so we're pulling up to Pullman's area when she said it's a residential neighborhood she let me know that from the beginning I just think it's good to know kind of where you're going because if you imagine like you're gonna find the studio then you'd find a person's house it's like that confusing okay I think I found the house she said she doesn't leave her driveway open but it wasn't opened I think that's yeah that's for sure I was gonna use my hidden camera it just feels like she's not prepared for me cuz it's not open like she said I was gonna be let's just go you guys I'm not trying to be negative or anything like that I'm just cuz my expectations are so high because the price is so expensive but oh it's good like that's how it works you know I just felt in a little bit right here a little higher than your natural hair goes take it a little bit more because your friends all right you guys so I just left my appointment this is what the makeup looks like I think it looks really good I'm gonna go home and showed you guys but overall I'm really happy it was a really soothing experience she had very like calm energy which I found to be really nice I feel so perfect after she did my makeup sometimes you know I feel kind of exhausted or somebody does my makeup cuz are very slick high-energy and I feel like they take all my energy but she was very calming which I love too but yeah okay I'm gonna go home and show you guys okay guys so I'm back is so fun you but I felt like I liked it a lot when I was at her place and I got here I'm not so sure how I feel about it Gordo said he doesn't like it he said he likes it more when I do my own makeup I don't know let me give you guys closer so you can see like everything in detail okay BAM here we are so close so this is um I don't know I have this weird thing on my back where it's like it's like I have some foundation on it but I don't I'm not sure if that was I don't know what's on there and then I'm oddly shiny but it doesn't feel too dewy just feels like I'm shiny and then up here it kind of feels unfinished to me like the brow and I asked her for very full coverage and then she showed me like this she was like oh we can still see some of your freckles would you like me to cover that I said yes my for sure don't want to see my freckles at home and then I get a hundred percent see my freckles all right so guys I would love if you could leave a comment and let me know what you think about this I just don't know my opinions are really mixed right now because it just from what I thought it looks like I'm gonna insert some pictures for you guys to see you right here when I was in the car which is just like natural lighting and then some pictures for you guys to see in here just in case I don't know that other camera picks it up it differently but yeah let me know in the comments you guys know I'm always reading those and also if you guys hadn't done so already give this video a thumbs up and also subscribe to my channel down there don't forget to also tap that limitation military Club line I place two videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday but I was until you guys a little bit about the experience and like I said it was really soothing and she took me to like her guest house so I didn't feel like I was in her home at all it was a pretty private space and that was a really really nice one thing that I felt was kind of lacking other than lighting was that I felt up for $250 and I insult anybody if your makeup artists and Utah Jazz $1,000 for your makeup and you feel that's what it's worth and people are paying that great that's amazing you do you but for the prices that I was kind of asking around them from what I've heard for like a normal makeup artists I know celebrity makeup artists and you know people that are well-known have different prices but 250 that seem to be a little bit on the high end especially if I'm traveling to that person so something I thought would have been like really nice is if she would have offered me some water or a drink or something especially cuz she had a fridge right there I don't know she could just go to Costco and get some of those water bottles and they would just make the experience a little bit nicer because at least I get so thirsty and I was so happy I had my little water bottle with me and that would just make it like a little bit more luxurious you know but I can't judge her based on that every product she used was high-end like everything was like Mack Norris Laura Mercier on the stock SIA the only thing that wasn't high-end the Lincoln on the structure was the mascara and she used a NYX mascara everything was clean every single brush you used on me was clean like brand new like clean not like it's been slightly used before she had like sprayed a clean no it was like like it was like white very very clean which I thought was amazing but she told me she only does two clients a day as she likes to take her time with them so it's usually about two hours slots for each client and this makeup took about an hour and a half at first she told me it was gonna be an hour but then she said when she saw the makeup she was like oh that's probably gonna take longer about an hour and a half and I thought it was great that she told me that up front not that she just said like oh yeah it's good be an hour and she's just took longer I like that she told me was gonna be an hour and a half but I don't know you guys overall what do you think about the makeup let me know I'm gonna leave it up to you cuz though I love like loving it and I out here and I was like no idea so yeah let me know and now we're gonna go off and see the cheap makeup artist to see what they do over there hey guys so I'm currently well we are currently on our way to the cheap make of appointment and it's been a little bit hectic because this morning has just been like all over the place for a brief second there I had to cancel the appointment change it for tomorrow cuz I thought it was gonna go meet Jayla I know my life is so sad and then JLo was like you thought girl you're gonna make me fat now so this is not at a makeup artist house or anything it's an actual place it's like a little beauty salon I guess and they were super cool with me calling all apologetic and saying I had to come tomorrow I'm just gonna confuse what they think is happening with me because you know before makeup it's all something you're like oh I'll just come tomorrow cuz usually it's for a special event right but I just called back and said I actually I can't make it today so I'm gonna go and see you what happens with the makeup right guys we're here let's go right now I'm looking for those players cordosa he just saw my kid do I go to prepare I have an appointment Oh makeup appointment okay makeup yeah for once again what's your name sorry um they should be other Maria you don't have anything you were doing because I haven't uploaded your hair for you or hair yeah I guess it was a reschedule it but it looks like it's for here it's not the makeup it's not for makeup it's so strange oh okay was it never for makeup look well I'm not sure because I I came in done and what I but it looks like from that it was rescheduled from here to here from here so it was always hair yeah oh yeah it was always makeup okay how can I fix that for you can we make it to make it tomorrow I'm so sorry about ah no it's all right yeah well I guess I'll see you tomorrow okay all right about thank you I've I think all right so that was a complete waste of time I got it was so cute it was a really cute place I'm still confused because it's honestly very cheap it's $35 buy it I have no idea she was like oh they just had a hair appointment and I'm like no I for sure had a big double appointment so I don't know but I mean she was very nice and she was like there's stuff I mean there was nothing she could do for me cuz it was no makeup artists coming I was having strong flashbacks to the time when we went to the worst rate at makeup artists I look like there still would coming but she said tomorrow for sure somewhat will come to tired PS guys I just wanna point out for sure it was a makeup appointment cuz I don't even know how much a hair appointment is there and I know how much it is for the makeup spell how would I even know that if I look what's making an appointment you know I know they got confused and it wasn't because we switched the appointments around because she was like oh you you went from a hair appointment to another hair appointment cuz I was like oh maybe they just got confused cuz I changed my appointment and they changed it from makeup to hair but now off again to this cheap making song of like me I should have called first probably well pushes luck you guys I don't know I'm not getting like came in an aspirin the other point then we'll be free when I go back would you like something to drink yeah all right you guys so I have to go to a hair appointment because I was supposed to do this yesterday Robert so I want to show you guys the makeup here in the car but I'm gonna show it to you guys later with the other camera that's a lot better but I did what you guys just see it right now cuz I'm probably gonna wipe this lift off honestly I mean my foundation match is very oh it's completely off by it I don't know I have some thoughts but I'll share those with you later let me go get this hair fixed yeah I'll check back in a little bit all right okay so I'm back oh sorry I did take my lip off cuz I ate and I also got my hair well I got a Brazilian on my hair oh my hair okay so here is my makeup I want you guys to be able to see cuz the only thing I feel is kind of off is the shape match if you compare my face to my neck but I've never you guys a little bit closer so you can see everything in full detail alright so here it is honestly for the eye I think it's not similar to the eye look I show her at all I think it's really pretty I look a but if you're asking me if I think it's what I shall her in the picture I I don't feel like it is so the skin to be honest I'm pretty happy with the coverage she didn't ask me if I wanted full coverage or what I wanted but it looks it looks pretty Chloe she was using the Smashbox Studios skin foundation which I like and the products she was using were products that belong to the salon I did ask her just as they were all like in a drawer like I'm not weird but they weren't like in her kids but she did tell me they belong to the salon and there were a bunch of different brands there was nothing really drugstore buy there was a lot of more feellike more few pallets and that's what she used mostly on my eyes so yeah here it is you guys so this was some $35 she did give me the option to pay an extra $15 for the lashes I was like 15 hours for lashes seemed like a bit much and also I didn't want to pay the actual price of the actual 35 and to be a hundred percent on this if I'm comparing this to that makeup I got done at Walmart which was the worst rated makeup and it was for $35 this for sure is so much better I knew this was a actual you know professional I think she did a really really good job now comparing it to the weekend that was $250 I would like for you guys to tell me what your thoughts are what I mean what what do you think probably if it was just me I will rather pay 35 and have this then paid 250 for the other one just because I'm cheap and I would have been like that's fine let me just go with my $35 because I feel like it looks good to be honest I think it's not a honey percent like the picture but it was thirty five dollars I did tip her 20 so I guess it was 55 but that's up to you I mean you don't have to you kind of you have to tip what you decide what you wanted to and for the person that was 250 I on the feet didn't tip her anything additional because it was already so expensive and it was at her home she said the price the other girl was at a salon so I felt like I wasn't sure if the 35 was going straight to her I assumed it wasn't just because she was using products from the salon so I wanted to tip her for her work but I don't know that's just how I felt I just want make a little editor's note you guys just to be clear I think they were both good I just probably would do the 250 just recover very very like very special occasion I think the 35 ones really good too so I don't think you have to get a really expensive makeup artist to get a good makeup artist but anyway you guys I hope you enjoyed this video let me know how you feel about it what your thoughts are on this makeup at the other makeup and everything else also give this video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it and also don't forget to subscribe to my channel we can don't there talk about litigation belts you're in club Mart I post new videos every Monday was everybody so definitely subscribe to not miss out on you video awesome this I love you guys so much I'll see you next one

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23 thoughts on “I Went To The CHEAPEST vs MOST EXPENSIVE Makeup Artist In My City For A Makeover | Mar

  1. Amorcito give this video a big LIKE if you want me to do this comparison with something else! Let me know in the comments what! I LOVE YOU ALL 💕

  2. big difference between Mar and the girl in the picture Mar showed. For $250 you'd think it'd be closer to the picture

  3. Lets face it… Cheapest or the most expensive,NO ONE can do Makeup on yourself better than YOU Mar!❤❤❤ You still looked beautiful tho! , even though I expected the $250 to be extreme and closer to the picture you showed

  4. The first look, I'd say is worth 65 bucks. But her makeup was high end which prolly makes it more expensive and but her experience was relaxing. I don't like the red lip though.

  5. For $250 and she didn’t even offer you a coffee, mimosa or at the very least WATER?! And yet the woman at the $35 salon asked you if you wanted a drink immediately. For $250, you should have gotten a mimosa, some under eye gel pads, a nice ass pair of lashes, and a free lipstick or something!

    Side note: THANK YOU for tipping the woman who worked in the salon and most likely on commission. As a stylist, I know that my assistant days were rough when I did the color application, wash, scalp massage, and blow dry, just to watch the customer pay my boss and leave without tipping me a cent. Makes you feel unappreciated. So thank you for acknowledging that ❤️

  6. For the $250, she used the wrong shade of lipstick. I don't like that at all. I feel it should have been a matte, deeper red. This one is too bright. The makeup itself looks nice, but I don't like a shiny face. I like the brows… not sure on the eye makeup. Mixed feelings. On the $35, ehh… you do a better job yourself. Also, I like your freckles.

  7. For $250 that should’ve been so much better! Im going to school for makeup and honestly if I was charging that high my makeup better be Kim k Beyoncé style haha. Also the eyes definitely a lot lighter than the picture. It’s cute forsure 🙂 but pricing should’ve been less in my opinion. I’ve had a full face for 50$ with lashes so 💁🏻‍♀️

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