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Incredibile Young Singer vocal coach

Incredibile  Young Singer vocal coach

Come on, Baby! Keep it up! Last one! Let’s go back! I need you to do it faster! But don’t move your jaw! Aaaahh!!! No Giuly! Fantastic! Don’t change register so soon!
We need to really hear the register break Usually the goal is to merge the registers
but in this passage we want to hear… we want to hear the break! It’s on the upbeat!!!
The upbeat! One more time! Kill it Baby!!! Not so much vibrato! Not so much vibrato! Beautiful!
Great job Giuly! Fantastic!

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100 thoughts on “Incredibile Young Singer vocal coach

  1. I would love to see her work with a person like me. Not tone death but a horrible singer. And then follow the progress. That would be amazing.

  2. I wanna see her coach unexplored talents… persons who really need to find their voice..who want to learn how sing powerfully..or high.. Her students ar already well trained :))

  3. Somethings you just can't teach they don't have the soul to feel the music that way this is why the runs don't have the same feeling coming from them

  4. I love my singing voice since I was little I love to sing but I was shy. I'm not shy anymore but still I don't want to be in a chorus I just sing for fun, but I think i'm loosing my voice so today I started vocal lessons on youtube.

  5. How do I get lessons from herrrrrr????? I feel like I can already sing but I can't belt yet😂 I'm trying I promise!!

  6. I would give my whole future to have vocal lessons from you! I don’t live anywhere near you though and I’m sure you would never accept a talentless student.

  7. Coach I'm good at singing in a normal note but when it comes to higher note i think my voice is strained. What can I do to develop my singing voice in a higher note? Anyone also in this comment section who can help me 😭😭 I love to sing but it frustrate me everytime I sing in a higher note yet I can't reach it so sad.

  8. Gostaria que tivesse a tradução ! Gosto muito dela, mas nem todos consigo entender o que ela fala! Alguns tem tradução e outros não!

  9. I wonder if anyone could achieve this vocal skill if they received vocal training like this? If yes, I have hope😂

  10. Mi piacerebbe molto provare a lavorare con te Cheryl!!! Io adoro cantare, tutti sostengono che sono brava, ma io non mi piaccio mai abbastanza…con te sarei proprio curiosa di vedere cosa riusciresti a farmi fare 😌🙂🙂

  11. Wonderful coach and talented student. Oh, so help me, how I want to be Cheryl's student❤
    I listen to carefully each her word in each her video. Thank you so much for an opportunity to study with your videos!

  12. I can sing I just need lessons I can sing a lot beautiful little then I think I can so can you please contact me I need lessons

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