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Instant Artistry: Instant Porcelain Skin

Instant Artistry: Instant Porcelain Skin

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. I’m Mariam. We love porcelain skin. Let’s see how you can get it. So I’m taking my CC Cream in a
peach tone, using a flat brush and starting from the
center of the face. The great thing
about the CC color, that it comes in
different shades depending on your skin tone. So I’ve picked the peach color
as she’s a bit warm, where if you a bit lighter, you can
go for the lavender color that will illuminate your skin. Or even if you’re
more darker, you can go for a more deeper peach. It will even out your skin tone. So now, I’m taking the CC
Powder, which you can touch up your makeup during the day. And at the same time,
it’s color correcting. So here you go. You can have a quick instant
porcelain skin in a minute.

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11 thoughts on “Instant Artistry: Instant Porcelain Skin

  1. Throw the tanned skin trend away. It gets on my nerves every year. Not everyone likes it. Some people love being pale and thanks for the video 🙂 .

  2. Well, her skin was already almost perfect. So I did not see any difference. Next time, try on a skin with problems. Again I will repeat that all models have perfect young skin….. All the best from Holland

  3. yes lets try to give someone who has porcelain skin…porcelain skin. Stopped the video as soon as I saw the model.

  4. First~ she has flawless skin to begin with, so this video is useless to the 85% of us that don't. And second~ that is NOT porcelain! Lmao! She has tan/ beige skin. She's probably 4-5 shades too dark to be considered porcelain! Wtf?! And third~ MAC needs to stop testing their products on animals!

  5. i don't like this channel, the way it's filmed is not giving us accurate view of the products, plus it's too short, and the models are already "models" so "flawless" i find this channel stupid really

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