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Introducing Scratch

Introducing Scratch

Kia ora mai. The Learning Team at Te Papa want to give
you a taste of our favourite digital tools. He kai kei aku ringa, he koha mo te katoa.
(I have ‘food’ in my hands to share as a gift for all.) Scratch is a free website where you can use
simple blocks to write your own computer code. You will learn basic computational thinking
skills by using code to create interactive stories, animations and games. Use Scratch to design, test, debug
and problem solve with your code. Learn about inputs, outputs, events, sequences
and loops with basic storytelling like this example of Scratch the cat
meeting Matariki the star. With a huge community and
millions of shared projects to remix you can let your imagination go wild. Follow us on YouTube or Facebook for more
tasty morsels. Hei te wā!

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