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iPhone X Durability Test – Scratch BURN and Bend TESTED!

iPhone X Durability Test – Scratch BURN and Bend TESTED!

The iPhone 10 is here. Sometimes called the iPhone X – you can call
it whatever you want, I’m not sure anyone knows what its real name is anymore, poor
guy. Inside the box Apple was nice enough to include
some headphones and an external headphone jack to replace the one they removed from
the phone earlier. These cost $10 a piece if you lose it. It’s time to durability test this newest edition
to the Apple family and see what we can expect from the top of the line Apple flagship. I am worried about these antenna lines. It will be interesting to see if they give
up the ghost like we saw in the Pixel 2, or if Apple’s stainless steel frame is strong
enough to hold this fruit together. Let’s get started. [Intro] Starting with the scratch test, this brand
new super retina, top of the line, one of a kind, HD LED display is the same one that
some Android phones have been using for the past 7 years. Right now we’re interested in the glass above
the display. I’m scoring the surface with a set of Mohs
hardness picks to see how scratch resistant the glass is. Plastic scratches at a level 3, and pure sapphire
would scratch at a level 8 or 9. Most flagships these days, like the LG V30
or Pixel 2, scratch at a level 6, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing here with this iPhone
X…I mean 10. It has a normal scratch at a level 6 and a
deeper groove at a level 7. It was interesting to see that both Google
and Apple are using beach pictures for their stock background. I kept half expecting Apple’s to move as well,
but they’ll probably invent that next year. The good news is is that the screen is not
going to be scratched by your normal keys or coins. These metals are softer than the level 6 glass
hardness. Not even my razor blade can do any damage. It was a little strange to not find a home
button at the bottom of the phone. There is no fingerprint scanner to test since
the phone is unlocked with your face this time around…and I’m not going to scratch
test a face to see if it still works or not. The phone can be woken up with just a tap
to the screen, so I don’t think that the home button being gone is too big of a deal. Apple is running out of things to remove though,
so it’ll be interesting to see what happens next year. Up here at the top of the phone, inside the
iconic black notch, is the metal earpiece grill, slightly recessed under the glass,
the metal grill holds it’s shape and won’t be falling out. Plus the holes are small enough to keep dirt
and metal shavings from getting inside the magnetic speaker. Thumbs up for that design. The 7 megapixel front facing camera is under
the same glass as the screen – so no scratches happening here. The back of the phone is also covered in glass,
and this is where things start to get bad for us as consumers. The scratch resistance is normal, with no
damage being done by my razor blade. The iPhone logo is underneath the glass so
it won’t be rubbing off or get damaged. It looks like this was the same tempered glass
that was used on the front of the phone – scratching at a level 6 on Mohs scale. So keys and coins won’t do damage, but pocket
sand and anything else over a level 6, like granite counter tops or tile, will scratch
the glass. So if you are the type of person who wants
to keep your phone pristine, scratch and fingerprint free, one solution is a skin. Thanks to dbrand for supporting my durability
test. This back panel skin is easy to install and
hides fingerprints and protects against scratches when you set your phone down. There’s also a full body skin that protects
the frame from damage as well. Additionally, skins are also great for hiding
accidental cracks in the back glass, which I’ll get to in a second. If you’re looking for something a bit more
colorful than the matte black that you see here, dbrand has a ton of color options available. Whether you want to keep that Apple logo intact,
or my personal favorite, dbrand your phone entirely, I’ll link the customizer in the
description if you want to play around a design your own iPhone. Let’s talk about cracks. This might come as a surprise, but glass is
glass, and very susceptible to damage. The biggest flaw in this phone is that the
back glass is near impossible to replace. Even Apple themselves charge $549 to replace
the back glass. Even if you get the insurance and pay the
$99 deductible, you’re still out $300 for a back panel replacement. The most fragile and most often broken component
on this phone is the most expensive to replace. It does have a little plastic buffer between
the glass and the metal, which is smart, but as we saw from my iPhone 8 drop test, the
glass can crack from a drop as small as 3 feet. I would like to see, by a raise of hands,
who here wants to pay $549 for a back glass replacement? Hey Jerry? What? Nobody raised their hands. I guess $549 is a lot of money. But iPhones get dropped a lot, won’t it hurt
Apple’s image if there’s a bunch of unfixable broken iPhones walking around a year from
now? Yeah. That’s like getting a flat tire and needing
to buy a whole new car. I know. Do you think Apple will change their pricing
to help their customers in the future? Probably not. Well that’s unfortunate. If you do accidentally crack your glass and
don’t want to pay Apple’s exorbitant pricing, skins are a valid way of making the phone
look new again. The flawed back glass construction aside,
this camera on the phone is pretty awesome. Dual 12 megapixel sensors with a telephoto
lens is a fantastic combination. Cameras are something Apple does really well. Apple claims this lens is sapphire and does
a good job of resisting my razor blade, which is about a 5 or 5 and a half on Mohs scale. There are two circular cut outs on the lens:
one for the microphone and another for the quad LED flash. And this iPhone X/10 keeps the same stainless
steel theme around the edge. It does stick up kind of far, but with how
much power it’s packing, it’s understandable and forgivable. Judging by the marks that my level 6 Mohs
picks leaves on the lens though, Apple is still using their unique blend of sapphire
that doesn’t quite match up with the rest of the world’s. I’ve covered that in a few previous videos. The sides of this phone are made from stainless
steel – quite possibly one of my favorite build materials on a cell phone. Super solid, heavy, and just looks good. The side buttons are made from the same stainless
steel material. Thumbs up for consistency. Not quite the same ear bleeding sound we get
from aluminum. This is because aluminum is a bit softer than
steel and scratches easier. Down at the bottom of the phone where the
headphone jack used to be, may he rest in peace, I found something pretty cool. Apple’s attention to looks and detail is probably
one of the best. Inside the speaker and microphone holes, we
get the matching stainless steel grill that flows pretty well with the exterior design
of the phone. The little things, like this, is what sets
Apple apart from the competition. Well, that, along with the extraordinary dongle
selection in the Apple Store. This black plastic buffer around the edge
of the front glass in between the glass and the metal frame of the phone is a good thing
to help absorb some of the impact and stress from drops. It’s similar to the buffer we saw on the back
panel. Finally, we have the burn test. This is the first time Apple has used an OLED
display inside of their smartphones. Their previous IPS LCD displays are really
good, don’t get me wrong, but it’s hard to beat the colors on an LED panel. One unique thing about this phone is it’s
touch sensitivity at 120 Hertz. The refresh rate of the display is still 60
Hertz like on previous phones, but this display tracks your finger 120 times per second instead
of the usual 60 times per second like on the iPhone 8. The average person will probably never notice
this, but it’s interesting to know that it’s there. The screen lasted 25 seconds under the heat
from my lighter before going white and not recovering. You can tell from my fingerprint remaining
on the burn mark that the oleophobic coating has burned off, so there is permanent damage. Don’t try this trick at home. The heat did mess with the touch sensitivity
for a second, but after the phone cooled down, it all came back. And finally, the bend test. It’s time to see if those antenna lines are
a weak point in the phone’s design. Flexing the phone allows us to see how well
the phone is constructed and gives a general idea of any flaws that will present themselves
in the coming years that you own your phone. There is a very minor flex to the body as
I bend the frame, but there is no screen separation or body damage along those antenna lines. So the water resistance should remain intact. This is an incredibly solid phone. The Achilles heel of the iPhone X and iPhone
8 design is it’s irreplaceable glass back. It won’t bend, scratch, or burn, but one little
drop and it will be cracked forever. $549 is just an incredibly unrealistic and
unreasonable charge for something as fragile and prone to breaking as glass. Aftermarket Samsung back glass replacements
are $20. So it can be done – Apple just chooses not
to. To each their own though. This phone passes my durability test with
flying colors and will make a great addition to any Apple ecosystem. Just consider getting a case or a skin for
protection. I’ll have a link to dbrand in the description
right below this video so you can design your own iPhone. What do you think of this new iPhone 10/X? Let me know in the comments. Come hang out with me on Instagram and Twitter. And thanks ton for watching. I’ll see you around.

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