Is Your Discipline Stifling Your Creativity? – Jocko Willink and Echo Charles

virtuosity requires your favorite
subject discipline creativity is important as well there’s a single focus
on discipline inhibit creativity no Jimmy Page next question seriously
Jimmy Page okay huge Led Zeppelin guitar virtuoso practiced with discipline
I just answered this on the kids podcast okay
because Jimmy Page played guitar so much when he was in school that they had to
take his guitar from him during like study halls during lunch like no you
can’t just sit there and play guitar you need to do other things
that’s how much he practiced yeah he practiced so much he became such a such
a skilled player through that much discipline that he was able to get more
creative than almost anyone else on the guitar so there you go
doesn’t give you freedom it it expands your creativity
yeah and Jimmy Page is one example of a multitude so let me see this I guess we
kind of talked about but not never really actually asked you that I can
remember so if you and let’s assume that Jimmy Page he didn’t do it because he
felt like this is you know that what I should be doing right now whatever he
did just cuz I’m addicted take guitar I love it and there’s nothing I’d rather
be doing and all this stuff so if you the question is if you just love doing
it and that’s why you’re doing it so much I love guitar I don’t want to eat
dinner right now I’m busy on my guitar just you know enjoying myself and
learning and just loving it every single moment of it I don’t want to go surf on
moment guitar boom every single day is that discipline yes okay because let’s say okay actually
I don’t know I guess not technically yeah go it is it is it is but the I yeah
I’d be a hard-pressed to find somebody that loves doing something so much that
they do it all the time with no discipline whatsoever
yeah then in I think I agree with you there but technically is that discipline
though cuz you know take Michael Jordan night for example that’s not a good
example well I think the guitar example is good because if you really love doing
it and that’s what you’re doing I’ll tell you what takes discipline even if
you enjoy it yeah I’m gonna stick with that answer for now so literally might
you know into any even more important answers I don’t think it matters I don’t
think it matters either so ultimately because it’s like it’s because it kind
of Ulta at the end of the game it did you put in enough hours of practice and
did you get good at it okay did you get good at it that’s what it what the
questions were did you get good at this thing usually I’ll take all the time
pretty much with very few exceptions the way you get good at something is
practice and then you know usually since you can’t do one thing all day every
single day for you know 30 40 50 years it’s gonna take discipline meaning
you’re gonna have to do it even though you don’t want to do it kind of thing
which is part of what discipline is but what if that part of it doesn’t isn’t
there cuz even like Michael Jordan he’s so good and he’s probably loved
basketball whatever but there’s of course days where he’s like okay I’d
rather maybe now so I’m gonna take this place example but that is a real person
because to forget a person that loves something so much that it took them zero
discipline I don’t think that’s a realistic person I think that anyone
that does anything it gets to a point where the only thing that drives them to
do that extra percentage is disciplined so I guess I will stick with it yes I
guess the question if you want to kind of relate it to
like a real person so you know a person who again just like loves it it just
loves what they do of course they’re gonna have some discipline they’re gonna
have some days that they don’t love it or whatever like are they would you
consider them a disciplined person in their in their field yeah but we’ve also
talked about this before just people that are very disciplined in one field
and completely undisciplined in other fields yes so so it’s kind of an
indicator that might not really be technically discipline technically they
got the practice again they get some hours give you work if you like it
that’s great if you don’t like it here’s appears an indicator if you if
you don’t like doing it what are you doing it for mmm you don’t even enjoy it
I mean the end right dance to the to the to the end or whatever means to an end
but if you’re gonna dedicate level 12 to something that you don’t even enjoy I
think I do that’s kind of problematic I think you’re right

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