9 thoughts on “Japan’s Best Latte Art is in a Nissan Showroom?

  1. Hey all, sorry about the quiet sound on this video! We messed up the sound balancing during editing. This won't happen again 🙂 Future videos sound much better.

  2. hey man great videos! I went to tokyo over christmas break last year and one thing I wasn't able to do that I thought would be entertaining was the Kawaii monster cafe. Also you definitely should go to the skytree and get out in the countryside for some good views of Fuji! I want to go back so bad

  3. First time here and making my way through your vids – followed one of your comments on Dave Trippin. Great channel – Nami is a hoot. Video request: Nami singing the Sponge Bob theme song – preferably after a few drinks.

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