100 thoughts on “John Boyega’s Parents Gave Him a Paper Shredder for His Birthday

  1. I think John is the next gen version of Mark. Both are really enthusiastic, love telling stories, and are so down to earth with fans

  2. He’s hilarious. Watching Netflix’s Imperial Dreams brought me here. He does a great hood accent lol. Had no idea he was African English and not African American 😊

  3. That’s what I call ‘NOT taking your parents for granted’ this man REALLY appreciates his parents. Just shows how humble he is. He got a small tech gift and he gave a bigger gift to his parents. Class Act My brother 👍🏼👌🏻

  4. I LOVE how grounded and down-to-earth and family-orientated John is. What an awesome role-model for people, especially children, to look up to.

  5. So I’m the only one that sees he looks just like Denzel Washington… go watch his acting on Netflix this movie called !! imperial green !! All his facial features the looks when he was disappointed but humble it looks like Denzel 😂

  6. John Boyega is my Nigerian native brother and his acting is ASTOUNDING, I'd LOVE to be in a production with him in the future @ 💚💚

  7. This is what happens when u raise them right. Teach them when they r old dey no go 4get u. Dis 1 better pickin well don my dear

  8. “I don’t give what you want I give you what you need” I’m using that when my kids become adults and I don’t have enough money to buy them a nice gift 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Honestly I hope Boyega never gets work again. Completely unprofessional of him to "forget" his script. Especially since he was upset about his screentime/dialogue lines in Rise of Soywalker.

  10. John Boyega: tells awesome heartfelt story about how he gifted his parents a house

    Also John Boyega: Just casually throws in that he also bought his parents a JAGUAR!

  11. I am proud to be mum to my Nigerian twins…the amount of bad name some have given Nigeria..Boyega people like you correct that image and I hope to God that my twins will go into the world and show them that Nigeria is not all about the fraud and the ugly…bless you

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