Jonathan Pie’s Rant On Cultural Appropriation

Jonathan Pie’s Rant On Cultural Appropriation

Ah, fuck me, OK. Cultural appropriation. Another example of utter lefty
fuckin' lunacy, OK? Cultural appropriation
is this idea that, if you are inspired by or
borrow from another's culture, that is, in effect,
an act of stealing and is therefore an offensive act.
It's a difficult one to get your head around
cos it's so fucking demented. So I'll give you a few examples. I'll give you a couple
of examples, all right? Students Union of East Anglia
recently went around confiscating sombrero hats
that had been given out at a fresher's fair
by a local Mexican restaurant and they confiscated the hats
because they said the hats represented discriminatory
and stereotypical imagery. HE EXHALES SHARPLY It's…it's a promotion for tacos,
you daft *****. Grow up! Fucking grow up. A recent art exhibition in Canada
was cancelled because the artist, who was white, had been highly
influenced by indigenous paintings. OK, the whole thing was cancelled
and one art critic said that the paintings were
an act of cultural genocide. Cultural genocide! I'm sorry, if you don't know
the difference between the act of painting a picture and the act
of systematically murdering millions you have no right to be
discussing either subject. You need to go home,
lock the fucking door read a fucking book! Starting with 1984. But I guess this is the most
sort of pertinent example, for me, of the horror that
is cultural appropriation. Again on university campuses,
this time mainly in America but there are quite a few
examples of this. White students who have dreadlocks have been targeted
for "racist behaviour". OK, now, if you think
I'm talking bullshit here, go home tonight
and Google Little Mix. For most of you, it'll be the first
time you've ever fucking done it. But a week ago a member of
Little Mix was forced to apologise because she was wearing dreadlocks
and she was forced to apologise cos apparently her
wearing dreadlocks was offensive to black people. Here's my question –
which black people? Trevor McDonald, Idris Elba,
the black one out of S Club? You don't get to decide what
black people are offended by! How fucking patronising is that? "Oh, it's cultural appropriation. "Oh, it's stealing
from other cultures." So is eating sushi. So is dancing the Macarena. So is shopping at Ikea. So is putting your back out
attempting the Kama Sutra. It's all fucking
cultural appropriation. We all steal the best bits
from other cultures, and the Macarena. You know, surely… Surely life is about
opening yourself up to the world, not shutting it out. Take this to its natural conclusion,
it's the end of art. The end of fiction. No writer will
ever be able to write about anything but their own personal experiences. Every book'll have to be
a fucking autobiography. We know how tedious they are. Segregated restaurants –
Italian for Italians, Mexican for Mexicans. What are we left with,
fucking Greggs? "Cheese and onion pasty, please. "Cheese and onion pasty, please.
Chicken tikka slice, please." Fuck off, you racist! Is it cultural appropriation
if I listen to Donna Summer? Should I be discouraged
from listening to UB40? The answer to that is obviously yes,
but for a host of different reasons. Segregated concerts – Lionel Richie
and Jay Z for the blacks, fuckin…Adele and fucking
Coldplay for the whites. Although Adele will no longer be
able to perform because she's too highly influenced by MOBO, which of
course makes her a fucking racist. That sound you can hear is the sound
of Martin Luther King spinning in his grave as his dream
of a white and black kids playing together, being judged by
the content of their character, not the colour of their skin, is being pissed on by well-meaning
liberals. Fucking grow up! CHEERING Next up… Fuck that! Fuck that! APPLAUSE I barely got out alive with
mansplaining. Fuck that! No fucking way! Look, erm… I don't mean to
offend anyone, by the way, erm…

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36 thoughts on “Jonathan Pie’s Rant On Cultural Appropriation

  1. Do you like spaghetti? Are you Italian? No? Kill yourself! Oh, you ARE Italian? You stole it from the Chinese. Kill yourself.

  2. If you want to shut anyone up about Cultural Appropriation and they come from any background that could not be considered English, then tell them to shut up for stealing the English language. End of debate.

  3. Dread locks are first seen on the Venus Statuettes, 25,000 years old, in Northern Europe.kknngghggrrZz didn’t even exist then.

  4. POC can cultural appropriate too. Ya know Mexican Banda music comes from German polka? And no one called out Nicki Minaj and Rhinna when they dressed up as cholas. But whatever. Only gueros are greedy. 🙄

  5. I would be very happy if they would quit culturally appropriating the welfare system and the prison system.

  6. Can we list all the things that have been culturally appropriated from the west/whites. Let's see. toilets, toilet paper, bath tubs, sewers, running water and running hot water in homes, clean water, furnaces, gas stoves and electricity for everything, gas powered everything, modern sanitation. TV, radio, record players, computers, cell phones and telephones, movies, butter, pasturized milk, farms that grow food for everyone, tractors, trailers, planters, combines, colleges, high schools, elementary schools, free stuff, welfare, food stamps, medicaid, medicare, social security, Practically everything in our society that they take for granted today has been culturally appropriated from the west/whites.

  7. The blacks and browns have been culturally appropriating the west for the last 200 years. Everything that the whites have invented in the west has been appropriated by the blacks and browns. If they don't like cultural appropriation then they should go back to living in dirt floor huts with mud ovens and eating each other.

  8. Cultural appropriation is not stealing…. but if you go to mexican restaurant and theres not a single person speaking spanish, its most probably gonna suck. Specially in japan, they use mayonaisse instead of sour cream.

  9. I can’t believe they have educational material like this on the tube of you !! I’m woke be woke stay…woke !!! Great vid!

  10. Watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is an example of cultural appropriation, as a kid, inspired me to take up martial arts, and as a result, I started learning about Japanese and other Asian cultures from a young age.

  11. As a right winger I approve, however telling someone to "read a book" is as equally retarded as leftists are but I'll agree with some of the things he mentioned.

  12. I remember when the left used to be anti-war. Now they're too busy being triggered by inane bullshit to even notice.

  13. On the opposite tangent the left tell us we also must tolerate and accept islamic religious privileges to barbaricly bleed animals to death, and not be allowed to criticize their religion that promotes hate and death to non Muslims and gays. And accept rape of young girls because their prophet married a 6 year old child and had sex with her when she was 9? Some religions are better than others. But some haven't caught up with the modern day and are still based in the dark ages when women apparently had to cover up their bodies or be justified for rape. It wasn't the man's fault that he couldn't stop himself it was the woman's fault cause she was attractive so force them not to be seen. Problem solved the scum bags.

  14. someone, please tell me how white privilege does not exist?
    the numbers alone and human psychology will say it does
    with white people being the majority
    and human beings tend to identify and empathize with people who look, sound or have common features to them
    how does white privilege not exist

    I've lived in London my whole life, it is incredibly racist on both the left and right side
    ironically i've received more racism from the left then the right as the left will say England is racist to justify their own racist decisions they make in everyday life

    whilst i've sat down and worked with racist old white guys but they at least will give me legit reasons why they hate black men and won't hide it
    but they would smash a black chick, i even had one white guy come into the store, look at me behind the till and go "him with the beard and the face(pointing out my complexion) he is too much for me, please get Alex(my white co-worker)" i was like kl and got Alex and let them do their business

    but white male privilege exists, call it tribalism or whatever but there are certain things white people (gay or straight) can access that a black person can not
    because you can not identify with that skin colour or seen some stuff on the news and now assume all black men carry knives, sell drugs and are part of a gang and would be a risk to your business
    ironically i get this the most from white women, who are so racist it's casual
    just call me a ni**er and get on with it
    f*ck it
    you get white women going out of their way to avoid you, it's crazy.
    like there is one seat left and they would rather stand than sit next to a black person
    or you step up to the till and they suddenly need to go toilet
    it's funny
    white dudes are only racist when money is involved but white women will treat you like your not human lol
    but i guess they can not empathize with someone with my background(growing up poor and black, no criminal convictions or activity)
    so i guess the best action is to avoid and assume the worse
    hell at least if i was slave i would not end up homeless, i've got that feeling in 10 years i could be that dude begging on the street because i could not find employment
    asking white people to pay me is like asking Hitler to spare the jews
    the ones he likes will make it, the ones he dislikes get the chamber a.k.a
    left in the streets to fight for survival

  15. Ban Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". It draws on Italian source material. Ban "Hamlet". It's cultural appropriation from Danish stories and legends. Ban sonnets for non-Italians. These people are Philistines who run the universities now. Marxist Philistines.

  16. "Cultural Appropriation" is really diversity in action. Those who demand diversity yet shut down CA are hypocrites. Moreover, cellphones and cars are quintessential items of western culture, extensions of mind and body and driven by our sovereign individualism. And we open them to everyone! Anyone want to bitch about CA can just toss their cellphone and walk.

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