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Katy Perry – How to Draw a Minimalistic Portrait

Katy Perry – How to Draw a Minimalistic Portrait

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial. I am Leonardo Pereznieto
and today we are going to do a minimalistic portrait of Katy Perry. We begin by marking some keys
spots, like the chin, the height of the eyes and head. Then with loose strokes we
sketch the shape, based on those points. Measure the width of the
face and mouth. Then, we start giving more detail. We mark the eyes. I´m taking the measurements
from a reference photo. One of the main characteristics
of the beautiful Katy Perry are her spectacular eyes. Let´s try to do them well! The eyebrow looks more or less
like this, from this angle. The eyelids are pretty arched,
specially the upper one. The eyebrow and the nose. I´ll correct the shapes
since it has more curved on the upper part and
it´s wider at the bottom. I’ll also redo the mouth
since it goes a little bit higher and it did not has
the correct shape. The upper lip is a little bit
thicker… like this. The ear goes here. And the forehead more straight. Good! We continue refining
details in this way. The neck goes here under
the ear seen from this angle. And… thinner, that´s better! We begin giving color
with the pencils. Her iris are of a bluewish-
grayish-green, with a tinny brown by the pupil. Now the lashes. Good! It starts having
life and personality. Don´t forget the white
reflection on the eye. The upper lids will be blue. And now the glamorous red lips. We use various tones,
a dark one for the shading, a middle general tone,
and an orange or even pink for the lights. This is going to be
a minimalistic drawing. I am not going to finish everything,
I am only going to do the most important and characteristic features. The once that should get all
the attention of the viewer. It´s a style that I want to share
and that you of course, can use. See what I mean, it is something
simple but the important part is to capture Katy´s essence. I like it how it is coming out. I love drawing so much! With the black color,
I go over the line that I had done with pencil. By the way, the list of materials
is in the information below the video. We may place some light purple,
above and below the eyes. We give it the last shadows,
the last master touches… and it´s ready! If you enjoyed it please
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on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

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100 thoughts on “Katy Perry – How to Draw a Minimalistic Portrait

  1. Every video of yours is great, but I've got to thank you specifically for this one. I've been struggling a lot with Loomis' approach on portraits and your method of measuring and then tracing is surely worth some study.

  2. Pretty nice idea to draw only characteristic things of katy perry like the eyes and lips so that the full attention is on it.

  3. really beautiful, thanks so much for sharing! would you recommend using prismacolors? right now I'm not sure whether it's the pencils I use or the way I color that affects the outcome:/

  4. a beautiful drawing! all of your drawings are so nice, I wish I could draw like that Leonardo. keep the beautiful art coming……  sallie

  5. I love your videos Perez!!! But you should try to practice more this type of drawings cuz i didn't noticed that it was Katy Perry if i dont see the title but its good tho;) Here is a drawer person that is good on that: SaraProduction 313 Katy Perry-speed drawing:) thanks for your videos!!!

  6. can U please finish it cause it is amazing 🙂 hope U take in conideration and reply me U are ana amzing artist U give me hope to continue drawing to be like U 1 day xxxD ^_^ 

  7. Everytime you say 'I love drawing so much' I smile, because I can just hear your passion. You are an inspiration. Thank you!

  8. You aren't teaching people anything. You were just giving them generalized locations as to where to place the objects without actually telling them how you came to your conclusions. I bet you're just keeping your trade a secret…

  9. Can you please draw One Direction! It would mean so much to me if you did! And I have been trying to draw them but it's not working out that good! So please can you draw One Direction!

  10. Her essence was captured perfectly, through such little detail. Well done! I always love your videos and hearing the passion in your voice. I learn so much from you and, to me, you really are an inspiration! 🙂

  11. I am in love with your videos because they aspire me do much.! I love the way you talk to your audience and how you tell us what and why you do things. Thank you for all the wonderful videos, I can't wait to see more 😀

  12. Your art is very VERY Good I appreciate all ur work and pls can u make a video doing a realistic animal I know u have done quite a few animal pics but I want to learn how to draw one by heart cause I normally have to copy it from a picture and how u color in the artwork and shade in lots of color's together and make it very bright and stands out and maybe 3-D and a very outstanding backround with dark shades (ermm… Did I Put loads af description of how I wanted him how to do obe piece of art??)

  13. Do you use Instagram?
    If yes! Then can you give me the link of your Instagram account
    I want to follow you on Instagram

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