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Post Malone- “Congratulations” ft. Quavo, remix Post Malone- “Congratulations” ft. Quavo, remix Post Malone- “Congratulations” ft. Quavo, remix What is going on guys today we- Post Malone- “Congratulations” ft. Quavo What is going on guys today? We are back and today I hope you guys are all having a great day It is noon o’clock and I woke up and I was like hey I want to go on a ride so I was going on my ride And then my mom called me, and she’s like will you get your sister from school today? And I was like hey, that’d be pretty cool for the vlog might as well Take the R8, pick her up and that it’s gonna be awkward Yeah, other youtubers will take their car to their old high school to pick someone up Or just drive by and there’s like kids surrounding their car and it’s all crazy I’ve driven by my high school before and I fully know what to expect But we’ll do it anyway because the last time I brought it there I got a bunch of views and you guys liked it so. But right now I’m gonna go to my grandma’s house while I wait for Taylor to get out of school cuz I have nowhere else to be and I just want to drive around and guys my car is actually a spaceship now. Just listen Update has been about a month, and I am still scarred by this road every time I drive down I just see the human fly off the hood Which blues used to I want grandpa This isn’t even the blue juice. We’re out of the actual blue juice. Yeah, the gallon. It’s alright, you’re working on your tracker What’s going on? Ohh batterys dead And we’re gonna go play some wood. I look like you’re ready. I’m ready. I didn’t wear pink crocs I’m ready for anything, so grandpa’s going to drive his truck up there. I’m gonna got the four-wheeler. We’ll go chop some wood up He doesn’t have work for 11 days so we can party will she start Yeah, I gotta tow this thing behind me I’ve never done that that means I can’t drift I’m gonna have to be careful when I was bored sitting at home so I came over We’re not using this thing today are we we’re gonna cheat Okay, we got to get the right side okay Hello and welcome back to the hydraulic press channel where we’re going to be wood with this thingy Subscribe for more and you see these are too long to go on the press and they won’t fit inside of the fireplace So we’ve got to cut off the end with a chainsaw. I’ve never used a chainsaw I’ve just seen him in like murder movies, so it’s my first time And check it out. We’re adding to the pile. I think this time I actually contributed Oh yeah he did good (Got an answer right sound plays) Man you make me want a little dog sometimes Whoa no way. Holy crab look what you can do now. She just jumped up there all by herself Grandma’s got some presents under the tree I’m gonna do what I did back in the day and find the one with my name on it I’m about to shake it and find out what we got – tanner all right pretty heavy. I really don’t know what to expect Hop on ready, there’s one and two and three Good night, uh wish me luck. Oh, yeah, good luck Thanks Alright here. We are at the high school It’s so weird that my sister goes to school here now because she used to do online and now she’s walking out of the building I used to damnit shoulda brought the GoPro for the windows so we could get reactions like this I’m picking up Tayler for the vlog was it awkward for you to oh Lucky yeah, Taylor got out of three today with everybody else aww lucky tayler got out at three today so I wish Quentin could be in the passenger seat so we could we could both roll up together Sadly there’s only two seats, and I got to get Tayler Wow hey. Where are you? I’m walking towards you See you people are doing burnouts because I’m here I get it all right so here’s the moment you guys have all been waiting for I was literally just minding my own business picking up my sister and Then you can see this guy run up to my car your minds gonna blow up from stupidity. Let’s just watch What are you doing hey stop it stop Oh s**t it’s chalk it’s chalk oh your gay as F**K bro Here’s what a live pussy looks like thumbnail we got vandalized out here, yo now. I have a reason to wash my car, but here’s a life lesson, okay You could be mad about what people have because they got it without you like everybody this school is gonna Be salty as F because I used to get bullied and now look at me like I’m balling like a sphere That’s straight out of logic, bro F y’all but yeah, I knew this was either gonna Go one way or another people gonna be nice gonna be like nice car congratulations or people or people gonna Be like this kid somebody wrote on my car. This isn’t cool Yeah, they’re there Hey, she’s in the tanclan as long as you’re not an asshole you’re cool in my book. Let’s go hi Let’s go thanks, bro. Yeah, we’ll see you later Here’s the part of the video where I decide if I want to have the kid that wrote on my car clean it off I’m fit I think I’m gonna do it We’ll go find out where he lives and we’ll have them wash my freaking car and lick it clean because you’re OOF Let’s do it so we got some blue right there obviously that stuff on the front I don’t know what that is and then there’s this little guy back here. I think it’s the size of the kid that drew it If we can’t get him to come outside of his house and clean it up Then we’re just gonna call the cops will just have to see what happens, and I will see you guys at Quentin’s Let’s go. Hopefully I’m cooled down by then bye Is it about the penises on my car? Okay So I’m parked in Quientin’s garage. She’s almost back home here to go get his brother from somewhere else I don’t know but look clays here, which one do you think’s worse that? She’s for sale if you want her. I do not want her Omg It’s basically Lunna It’s Bella Quentin’s dog I’m gonna try not to be an asshole I’m gonna give him a chance to just clean it and be fine and then move on but if he doesn’t want to then I Don’t know he’s going to all right. We think we made it. Let’s go Let’s go ring a doorbell okay now leaving this house because he’s at a friend’s house We have his address as well since he’s with his friends Yeah, if we find anybody. It’s completely legal. He’s not 18. I’m not 18 pays to be a young bastard Ring ding ding dong yo he says he’s here. I went to his house down bo I Just heard there’s house. I know he’s here bro his mom told me he’s here. I need him to clean my car He wrote on it with chalk, and if he doesn’t come out and clean it right now. We’re gonna call the cops for vandalism He’s gonna come clean it so if you want to come out. That’s cool in five minutes. We’re gonna call the cops All right my first time calling the cops let’s go can leave as well I mean, I don’t know if you want you to leave, but I definitely let you leave, bro It’s okay, because you’re on camera right now What’s it like to be jealous It’s not really an emergency my car just got vandalized a little bit with some chalk But I want the kid to clean it up. I have him here, and he’s not willingly doing it It’s an Audi r8 2014 rose gold Thank you no way the cops already here what the hell turns out that’s not the cop we needed He’s here for another call so we’re waiting. Let’s go sit in my car cuz it’s cold, so usually in these situations I am the speaker of the peace. That’s how you So when Tanner was on the phone? I was talking to which is the retard that drew on the car I was like you do know it wouldn’t be a big deal if you would have just cleaned it. He’s like, bro And I was like okay. Well. Why would you do it? You’re not even friends? You know how retarded yeah, I’ve never seen someone hold their attitude like that so long what the hell I thought for sure if I would have shown up filming He would have just cleaned it, or would have been like apologizing that so people in this town are oh? You’re successful exactly Robin saying that since day one on this YouTube channel people here hate me. They’re dicks literally I understand It’s chalk it comes off, but that’s not the point the point is I worked hard for my stuff And I’m not gonna clean it up myself Ten or fifteen minutes later cop is here. Oh, I just pulled a practical joke It’s talking to the cop right now and trying to say that I’ve been rude to him in the past I haven’t talked to this kid in two years I didn’t even know that his last name, and I had to find it out through five people And he’s trying to say that I’ve been rude to him and the cops just saying to come over here So things don’t get heated, bro. I just hate liars and I hate people that don’t treat other people’s stuff with respect I just don’t understand that never understood it and we’re just gonna wait all I know is I he’s cleaning off my car before I Leave and it’s gonna be funny all right so we got it worked out I stopped recording in the cop said hey he’s gonna clean your stuff, but you’re not allowed to record it That’s his one request. I was like whatever I’m not gonna argue with you guys anymore hurry up clean my car, so he cleaned it of course I got a picture of it. Here’s the proof q and then here’s what just happened oh You’re so sweet. Yeah when he was talking to the cop. He’s trying to be such a polite young man I know right soon as the parents leave yeah, and then he’s like Talk to you and we got to show you guys one more thing from Quentin’s brother’s phone real quick. Here’s Quinton’s basically identical twin So it’s me driving by in my RA and some guy flipped me off. He’s from this town as well I can’t really recall anything I’ve ever done to anybody here such a big part of me wants to move away But for now we’re just gonna sit in Kansas with her dog She’s the cutest one come here right here She’s actually smart unlike our other dogs. Oh, yeah the reason our dogs are retarded is because they’re 1/4 Weimaraner And they’re known for being retard. It’s pretty clean. Good job Paul okay guys we are back home. I’m calm down triggered Tanner’s gone. He’ll be back someday for sure we got dinner cooking again Pilo easy what the hell’s up all right, let me see this room of yours Oh about apparently he cleaned it and he set up the light that I got him so I sit over like before Dirty nasty all right. Let’s check it out It’s off. Oh you can do it from your phone. Yeah, yeah, I didn’t know the lights I bought for him were pretty expensive there, bro. I gave him the triangle lights You know yeah, I didn’t know how expensive they were I wouldn’t have got him for him. I didn’t look at the price I was just like yeah, we got to get this video done. Oh that looks so sick makeups all good night I’m gonna do a review. That’s why this is an all-out radical radical radical another reason, I’m in a good mood Now is because dips clothing right we were in a hundred locations total guess what just happened guys Lhasa did an order of dibs clothing of twenty three thousand units hats Men’s women’s going to every single buckle store in the United States Let’s go on your dibs would be the next big thing and it already is on its way because it’s just about being different It’s the coolest clothing brand ever here’s some freaking pictures low Let’s go you could be as dumb as Luna and be cool with dibs clothing on that Here’s orders going out to all the buckle stores across the United States in mid-january so be on the lookout of course I’m gonna keep you guys up to date on it that is just insane amazing It’s a good day except for all that other Bulls. Yeah Yeah, you filled me in on all of it So you don’t want to the behind the scenes of the YouTube we’re not focusing on the negatives here You are now in the vlog hello. Hello. Hello Guys this beautiful woman is going to get surgery tomorrow on her lip she had a cleft lip and she’s killing it She’s gonna go be a savage tomorrow. She’s gonna go get surgery, and she’s gonna come out with Beast I wanted to put her in the vlog cuz I ran into her sister today. Here’s a clip bye Is it about the penises on my car yeah? That was her it was nice to meet you guys I’m gonna keep everything We’ll see you later. All right But yeah guys it got dark, so I’m gonna go ahead and go to bed and end the vlog here And hope you guys enjoyed it Thank you guys so much for watching and don’t forget to give a like and share with your friends if you enjoyed. Subscribe if you’re new and i’ll see you guys next time. *ahquqhw it aint my fault*

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  1. The colour of your car is a bit sh1tty. Your taste in music is even worse. As for that little blue picture, it's a portrait of you.

  2. I swear that kid who vandalized your car is the most retarded person I ever seen my mind just blew up with Stupidity

  3. It’s not a super car it’s just a nice car a super car is a Batman Lamborghini with maxed out exhaust, engine, and bulletproof windows and tires

  4. imagine being such a jealous soy boy that u vandalize someones car because ur salty that he made it big and u didn’t 😂

  5. why do people have to be such dicks about someone being rich just because they werent lazy like those dick wads who get angry with rich people who work hard

  6. everybody is just pissed because your rich and there drug using dirt bags that cant appreciate anything

  7. literally I’m from Kansas and live in Kansas and 1000000% I have people in Kansas 🤣🤦🏿‍♂️

  8. Bunch of salty pricks in your neck of the woods, man. What town do you live in? I’m going to have to visit soon.

  9. justice served. makes me happier:) I hate people who dont wanna work for themselves and disrespect people who do

  10. Tanner i know u won’t see my comment but just if u do u should try to make so dibs or roses dog Merch I would so get me so for my dogo

  11. i love how you dont give a crap you just want him to clean it so lazy he cant clean boii every one HAS TO CLEAN WHEN THEY GET OLDER Right Tanner

  12. I'm 25 and im driving in a shitty honda civic, living off ramen noodles and living with my parents…and you look like my damn age and you driving in a super car??? And own a house?

    How??? Lmfao

  13. I wouldn’t exactly call an Audi a supercar. There fast and they’re expensive but it’s more of a real expensive luxury car like a Mercedes or some shit. Although it is the sports car version it’s hardly a Bugatti veyron . Or a Ferrari F 40 Or a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California. Or a Porsche Carrera GT
    These are supercars. And Audi is not a supercar.

  14. Worthless piece of trash drop out losing fucking cock-sucking pussy ass bitch. I'm so sorry that happened to you tanner, you worked hard for that, srry that kid is a cock juggler.

  15. Sorry but you’re to nice…. I would have got out took that marker and jacked up his face with it. You are to NICE once he came to door and acted like that I would have choke him out. Jealous bitch is what he is. I’m subscribing to you because I like car stuff and I’m happy you’re doing well. 👍🏽

  16. This millennial pencilneck can't whip anyones' ….., and has an ego, bragging about his car.likely he'll get jumped or shot, a beatdown some where, and it'll be his fault, cuz of that cocky tude. And when it happens he won't talking normal, not function regular.

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