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Kids Stuck At Home? Get Them Into Art With Creative Art Starter Kits!

Kids Stuck At Home? Get Them Into Art With Creative Art Starter Kits!

We all know why you’re watching this
video your kids are driving you crazy at the moment they’re stuck inside nowhere
to go and you’re at your wits end which is why I’m gonna come in super clutch
for you I’m gonna give you my top five creative time wasters that are gonna
make your kids have fun but more importantly get them out of your hair
well having their own creative adventure so let’s get right into it hey all wild coming at you in another
super clutch video this your first time here and you want to learn to be bigger
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video goes out to all the adults out there for things to get their kids so
that way they can you know get out of their hair but spend their time wisely
with a creative adventure endeavor you’re just gonna like it so here we go
with my top 5 oh and by the way if you like any of these products did you a
favor put links in the show notes below that you can click through they help
support my channel so thank you very much alright on the channel I give off
some advice for oil painting and you know oil painting is a great way for a
kid to experiment and have a little bit of fun with colors which is why I will
always recommend the Bob Ross kit now I recommend getting the basic beginner kit
out there this is the old version they have an updated version I’ll make sure
to put it up on the screen here so you know what to order on Amazon but this is
fantastic if you want your kids to mix colors make awesome mountains and bushes
and you’re gonna be surprised at how well they can make a landscape the
awesome part about something like this is you can do it alongside with your
kids it’s a nice you know father and son or mom and daughter or whatever mixture
you want to do out there it’s a fun family activity to see what you can
paint and this will take hours of their time away cuz they’re gonna have a blast
with it now if you think you or your children are gonna go full ham with oil
painting I would recommend probably paying up for the Bob Ross master kit
which I’ll also put up on screen here but there are always great deals on
Amazon so I recommend checking them out in the links below if you or your kid
don’t understand the creative process that
okay probably one of the most fun things I’ve introduced young-at-heart
or just young people in general to painting is with painting by numbers
this is fantastic you find these all the time online now it’s really cool it
comes with all the painting supplies you need including the paint and brushes and
palette and you kind of just go with what you want or how you feel or you can
follow the diagram if they have numbers on top of it there’s a bunch of
different designs and styles and also the content that you can paint and it’s
fun to do for all kids because it’s easy to understand and adults like it too
because you can leave a kid alone and he can easily figure it out by himself I
give these how does birthday presents believe it or not and every kid that are
given to you know to be honest it’s not as cool as an action figure or toy but
you know what a week later they’re playing with this and they loved it so
you’re welcome oh yeah the best thing about one of these things is the fact
that they’re fairly cheap and always on sale at a store like Michaels but Amazon
has a wider selection so you might find something that your child or you even if
you’re young at heart like the paint cuz you might have something like an you
know a Marvel superhero or an animal that they like to do like a dinosaur
it’s really up to you to pick and choose so have some fun with it all right no
joke these things are pretty cool I like them a lot
now if you or your child already has the creative bug and you have some materials
like brushes already you might just want to consider expanding the color range
for you and your children out there and get yourself a basic oil or acrylic kits
these come in a wide variety of colors the more colors essentially the more fun
it’ll teach your kid how to work in planes or even test out different color
theories it’s really really fun and just get yourself a basic one to start out
you can always build up later on now if you want kind of like a trade down
version from oil or acrylic you can do like those paint safe ten…tempera paints
or tempura paints – I always forget the exact way you enunciate it because
that way if it gets all over the place you’re gonna do finger painting it’s
really easy to clean up but I actually recommend if your kid can handle it buy
them some acrylics or buy them some oil because you’re gonna have so much more
fun with it and they’re gonna have a really good time on a canvas plus if
they paint something really cool you can hang it your house which they’re gonna
love we talked about finger paints but you know what’s actually really fun and
a good messy time is doing acrylic pour painting and this can be done for a
fairly cheap now because there’s a lot of manufacturers already making premix
paints with poor mediums in them yeah you’re gonna pay a little bit in price
if you want to go for certain colors but this is so easy to buy yourself a basic
kit and get yourself some cheap canvases looking for some good canvases did a
video on that and put in the top right corner that’s perfect for a beginning of
acrylic pour painters out there buy yourself some fun colors that all blend
well together keep it down to three colors and pour it across your canvas and
you’re gonna have some beautiful abstract art your kids are just gonna
love this because it’s fun mixing colors and seeing how they blend all across the
canvas I guarantee you you and them are gonna love it
alright you or your kid not into painting that’s right I got you covered
I’m highly gonna recommend perlers perlers are so much fun and these are
super cheap now for the big color boxes that you can get online essentially
perlers are are these little circular cylinders that you put on top of grids
and you make all these different styles and shapes or characters that you want
and you flat iron press them and you make some really really cool pieces of
art in fact my first perler I ever did is I made myself a pokeymon coaster which I
love it looks really really cool and you get these really 8-bit or 16-bit designs
that you can make kids love this if they’re like into Minecraft cuz you make
a lot of Minecraft art or in general just anything and there’s so many
templates online that you and your kids are gonna have a blast
so I recommend perhaps playing around with some perlers because you’re
probably gonna really like it I did this is a great time to take advantage of the
extra time that you have and spend it with your kids doing something creative
or challenging your kids to tap into that creative part of their brain and
when they do I think you’re gonna be happy with the results and all of these
items that I mentioned here are winners for sure you’re gonna be happy that I
showed you all these fun things if you pick up any of the painting items you’re
probably gonna need a little help with the painting and that’s where I come in
clutch for you and your kids which is what I’m gonna put a few videos over to
the side that are awesome tips to get you jump-started
on the right path for your painting adventures you’re just gonna love it and
I recommend checking out all of those videos right after this that does it for
me wild coming at you super strong and as
always I’ll see all you beautiful and creative people next time take care and
of course peace

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