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Kitty Hawk SU-22 Fitter 1/48 | The Inner Nerd

Kitty Hawk SU-22 Fitter 1/48 | The Inner Nerd

Mr Surfacer 1500 Black Alclad 112 – Steel Alcad 110 – Copper XF-4 Yellow Green XF-19 Sky Grey XF-20 Medium Grey AK Neutral Wash AK Black Pigment Mr Surfacer 1500 Black H307 FS36320 H8 Silver XF-4 Yellow Green Unibal POSCA Paint pens AK Neutral Wash AK Grey & Black Paneliner AK Neutral Wash GX2 – Ueno Black Molotow Chrome Pen X-25 Clear Green Evergreen Clear Styrene Sheet – 9005 Evergreen Styrene Rod – 0.5mm H307 FS36320 Unibal POSCA Paint Pen XF-1 Black H340 Field Green XF-2 White replicates warning text AK Neutral Brown Wash AK Neutral Wash Cotton bud dampened with White Spirit AK Grey & Black Paneliner Molotow Chrome Pen JLC Razor Saw Evergreen Styrene Strip – 122 Eduard PE Air Brakes set – 48924 KASL Hobby Intake Correction Set – K48089 H340 Field Green XF-3 Yellow H319 Light Green SBS 1/48 Scale Rivet Tool H340 Field Green Evergreen Styrene Sheet layers to hold vertical stabiliser tab Mr Surfacer 1000 Grey – Thinned 50/50 with Self Levelling Thinner Kristal Klear can be smoothed with water dampened cotton bud AK Grey & Black Paneliner Model Master Brass Gun Barrel Mr Surfacer 1500 Black 2000 Grit Sanding Sponge Kitchen Scouring Pad Mr Surfacer 1200 White H313 Yellow FS33531 C22 Dark Earth H340 Field Green H330 Dark Green H319 Light Green Mr Paint – MRP-58 RLM65 Hellblau XF-20 Medium Grey ALC 101 – Aluminium GX100 – Superclear III Sanding Sponge 2000 & 3000 grits AK Neutral Brown Wash H181 Semi-Gloss Clear Abtielung 502 & Winsor & Newton oils AK Panel Line wash Abtielung 502 – Industrial Earth White Spirit dampened Cotton Bud Raw Abtielung 502 Industrial Earth Soft brush dampened with White Spirit AK Grey & Black Paneliner Soft brush dampened with White Spirit Staedtler “Noris” Pencil Eraser Scalpel Blade AK Neutral Wash AK Grey & Black Paneliner Abtielung 502 – Industrial Earth Soft brush dampened with White Spirit Alclad 104 – Pale Burnt Metal Alclad 112 – Steel Alclad 110 – Copper XF-4 Yellow Green X-23 Clear Blue Abtielung 502 – Industrial Earth AK Grey & Black Paneliner AK Scratches Effects H330 Dark Green Mr Paint – MRP-58 Hellblau Soaked in water for 2 minutes XF-86 Flat Clear Model Master Pitot Tube Am-48-122 Tamiya Poly Cement Tamiya Extra Thin Quick Setting Cement Molotow Chrome Pen

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67 thoughts on “Kitty Hawk SU-22 Fitter 1/48 | The Inner Nerd

  1. Great build and a superb finish. Just awesome.
    How long did it take you to build/paint this?
    And first too I believe…

  2. magnificent build!! iv got the trumpeter and hobby boss versions,but their never gonna come close to this.waaaayyyyy too much work,thanks!!!

  3. Awesome build. Lots of great tips too. I'll be using that kitchen scrubber filter idea for sure. Thanks!

  4. Splatter mask idea is genius, thank you.
    Commentary we can clearly hear without overly intrusive music is really good, lots of YouTubers would do well to follow your example

  5. Hey everyone I'm back! Happy much-belated 2020 to you all, reason being that this project has taken me 2 months to complete. I hope you enjoyed the video despite having to listen to me for twice as long as normal 😂.

    I'm also using new video software so getting to grips with that may result in some more visual effects in the upcoming videos!

    Next I'm planning on making another, more detailed, display base for this model to work on what I learnt when making the Harrier airfield so keep a lookout for that over the next few weeks!
    Happy modelling,
    The Inner Nerd

  6. Congratulation!. this is a very accurate video. The Build and the paint job is really well don. Please follow this right way for the next one!

  7. Just a quick suggestion, try cutting photo etch on something solid ie. Ceramic tile there's no fear of bending parts where you don't want bends. Love the build and paint work. Best wishes Vic.

  8. Hi, this is really good build, and nice painting. Just one question, you used Soviet marking but polish stencils … why? Is there some reason, or was this combination historically used? Thank you.

  9. Was waiting for your vids and it was worth waiting. The spounge-through paint hack is awesome, it is hard to paint so by hand.
    Great build and very inspiring,

    In mother Russia there is no such thing as maintenance crews, aircraft maintains self

  11. it's beautiful, it's awesome! thank you for your videos, they're always like "how to…" in scale modelling for me 🙂
    you didn't show the decals in the unpacking part of the video, but there's one little mistake, on 39:37 on the wing there's a mark "NIE STAWAC" ("No Step"), it's in Polish, but not in Russian – "НЕ ВСТАВАТЬ"

  12. Ecselent work. Just one suggestion! The plane wears a Soviet insignia but the flag belongs to the Russian Fleet Post Soviet era. Second – writing's on the plane should be in russian but on this model on polish. Good luck with your future plans.

  13. It was one of your earlier videos (Sd.kfz.251/1 "Hanomag") that inspired me to get back into modelling now that I am retired and every day is a Saturday. Keep up the great work and thanks very much.

  14. I think you've singlehandedly motivated me to go dig out some of my stuff and start a project. Great work.

  15. Lovely work. I have this kit in my stash so I will be using your build as a guide. I will also purchase some aftermarket goodies as well.

  16. Great build. Regardless of its performance, one of my favorite aircraft. Looks like it is from another world, say, a machine from a post-apocalytic era.

  17. I have been building models for over 30 years and I have to say this is one of the best builds I have seen hands down…great job sir🤘😎🤘

  18. That is a genius tip about using the scotchbrite pad for a stencil. I'll be using that one next time for sure!

  19. Great work on this model. I really like your painting in that you don't use heavy washes. It looks very subtle. I'm also encouraged to see that even the experts have some issues with paint and the orange peel you had to sand out. I usually get compatibility issues.

  20. Beatyful airplane model,ang great job. Sukhoi airplanes is wery good. Trust me,but not now,because capitalism destroy this manufacture. Thanks for this model!

  21. Fabulous and meticlous. No apology needed for the length of the YouTube video because you don't get a quality video by rushing a quality model build. Just stunning and such close painting techniques. Just one question. Did you use a lighted magnifier lens to paint the fine detail of rivet washing and fine weathering of oil washes? Many thanks. Mike

  22. A wonderful build! Impressive painting, shading and weathering techniques! I've switched from building plastic models to larger RC models, but would really like to apply your techniques to my subjects. I am also building a large Fitter, and have considered this scheme. I wish there were available photos of the full scale aircraft, although I do know there are some walkaround sites of a couple of the Polish Su-22 birds…

  23. Thanks for such a detailed and comprehensive build…..the result is amazing and your commentary as a complement to the visual is excellent. It was worth the two month wait!!

  24. I must admit, I have never seen this level of modeling before. I don't know how to describe it, other than to use the word brilliant. Thank you very much for posting this video.❤😀👍

  25. Not into modern aircraft , more WW1biplanes and figurines. This is a very informative, unselfish, high quality video of modelling techniques. I've learnt so much. Top man!

  26. Excelente video y trabajo ami también me encanta el aeromodelismo desde chile abrazos 🤘🤘🇨🇱

  27. Где пушка на правом борту? Зачем флаг ВМС на носу возле бортового номера?

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