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Kristen Bell on Dax Shepard’s ‘Sweet Bromance’ with Bradley Cooper

Kristen Bell on Dax Shepard’s ‘Sweet Bromance’ with Bradley Cooper

I want to talk about what
you did the other day, and why you did it. And were you– Forced to do it? No. You weren’t forced to do it. It was voluntary. You thought about it. Was it painful? Sure. Yeah. Did it almost kill us? Absolutely, Ellen. Yes. I’m not a spokesperson for the
Prostate Cancer Foundation. And to raise awareness, to get
folks to go get checked out– Right. –there’s is a challenge called
The Chocolate Challenge 2019? The Fuego Box. You buy this Fuego box. And it’s the
Choco-Challenge 2019. And you eat a violently
hot piece of chocolate. And we were real arrogant. Because I won a hot wing
chicken contest, eating contest. And Kristin, here, had the– I’ve had the chips
here on your show. Right. No big deal. Blew through it! So y’all like hot things. Everyone was like,
“It’s so hot!” I had four of them. No big deal. We love hot sauce. We couldn’t have
been more cocky. Woo! So we decided– well, I didn’t. Kristen decided,
because she’s genius. I was like, honey,
we have to do this. We’ve to do it on video. It’s like, every post, they’ll
donate $5 to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. We want to raise money. So we live Instagrammed it. Insta-storied it, right. And, the wheels
came off the bus. And, whoa, do we regret it. All right. Let’s watch this. I was watching this in
my office this morning. And, OK, this is the beginning. We’ve narrowed it down. It’s 14 minutes long. Yeah. So this is condensed. But just watch them. OK. Yeah. Whoo! Holy heavens. I need a tissue. That’s really hot. It’s not comfortable. Right, could you hand
me one of those tissues. Ho! Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Let’s answer some questions. Yeah, there’ll be more
of The Good Place. Oh, my god. [INAUDIBLE], right? It really starts watering. Oh, that’s so much better. Eat that. For a minute. It’s so much better. Oh. Look at– We were a mess! Whoa. Did you? I’m just wondering. Truly, though, why
hasn’t it subsided? Oh, my god. [RETCHING] That was 100 times
worse than I expected. [RETCHING] Oh, my god. OK. [APPLAUSE] He was– none of
that was acting. We thought it would
be no big deal. And we thought we’d have to
even pump it up and go, ooh, this is hot. Yeah. And we were a mess. By the way– For how long? Oh, it got much worse
when we stopped recording. We stopped recording. And It– Things went south in a hurry. And, again, it was
14 minutes long. This is cut down for the show. But– Yeah. So it lasted, maybe, an hour? Yeah. Well, we did have to evacuate,
orally, at some point. I don’t know the
classy way to say we– To save our lives! Yes. Yes. And then, sleeping
was really rough. We were both really
kicking around, like. This is– you’d get– oh, I’d
get a different shock of it. Like, it’s still in there. We thought we’d got it out. We did not get it out. And I still, a little
bit, I’m having flashes. I get hot, and then sweaty. Flu symptoms. Flu symptoms, yeah. Wow. We will never get hired
to play world champion hot food eaters in
a move after this. It was hilarious, though. It was really embarrassing. I was laughing so hard. OK, let’s talk about the
last time you were here. OK, so your first
crush was Brad Pitt. You’ve moved on that
it was Bradley Cooper. You went to the Golden Globes
because you were nominated. Congratulations. Thank you. So you were at
the Golden Globes. You see Bradley. And, immediately, he
says I saw you on Ellen. And he said, I was watching it. And it was really funny. But there was a moment where
you said, yeah, I like Bradley. And he said, my heart sank. But then you said,
I love Bradley. And then I felt a lot better. I thought, why did you say,
I like you, when you love– It’s a very sweet bromance. And then, I think we were
both so moved by that that– then this took place. Then this happened. Because that’s– and you’re
off to the side, watching. Oh, lonely as can be. Yeah. Just really wondering why
I’m not involved, you know? Yeah. I mean– You’ve got lips. I mean, honestly. Yeah. We’re not the only
two with lips there. Hello! He’s a he’s a great guy, though. He’s very sweet. He is. And what a name, Bradley. So I’m keeping it in the– Oh, Brad, Bradley. Brad, Bradley. Yeah, I’ll even go. Maybe Paisley is next. Maybe– Paisley Ooh! Yeah, Brad Paisley. There’s a lot of Brad’s
that we’ll go to. Yeah. And he’s a great
selection, Brad Paisley. He is. He’s very funny, too. Yeah. OK. Good. That’s next. You should go to him next. All right, let’s
talk about this. You have two girls. And you decided
to have the talk. How old are they? Five and– Four and five. Four and five. And this was the time– I say “five and four.” You said, this is– opposites attract. And you know (SINGING) It ain’t
[? fiction. ?] It’s a natural fact. We come together. Because opposites attract. OK. So– [APPLAUSE] All right. We’re here to promote– we’re here to promote that song. Paula Abdul’s album– MC Skat Kat. OK. Check it out. All right. We’re going to take a break. And the we’re going
to talk about the fact that you had the talk with
four and five-year-olds. And I want to know
how that went. We’ll be back.

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