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Laser Cut Mosaic Wood Wall Art

Laser Cut Mosaic Wood Wall Art

what’s up I’m Jonathan and welcome to
maker the tales where I’m sharing my maker journey to help you go further in
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opportunity to keep making in this video I’m gonna be showing you how to make
this laser cut wood wall art this project caught me out a couple of times
and the real trick you’ll learn in this project is how to make perfectly fitting
pieces for future inlay style projects let’s start off by creating a design
made of individual pieces I’m using rhino3d but feel free to use a preferred
vector drawing program just remember to keep laser accurate when it comes to
wood wall art designs can be very objective to keep things neutral I’ll be
designing a geometrical style design with the design done I would strongly
suggest that you do some computer-based coloring to see if you like the outcome
of your design of course color is completely optional later on I’ll show
you a design where I’ve used just the direction of the grain instead of color
once you are happy with your design there is just one more step kerf
compensation like any precise laser cutting project we need to finish the
design off by knowing our laser curve to learn a little bit more about laser
kerf head over to my finger joints with no glue video to find out your laser
kerf link is down in the description my basic laser kerf for my three
millimeter laser ply is point zero seven five millimeters having said that if I
use this exact kerf value in a complicated inlay or wall art design I
would be working with zero tolerance which is a double edged knife yes it
would be possible but it would take me five times longer to fit all the pieces
together to find my perfect inlay wall art kerf I use this method I start off
by creating this design here once again made of individual pieces from this
point we need to separate the pieces and apply the desired laser kerf offset
this offset will be less than the exact curve to give you a very small margin of
error after a few tests you’ll find your perfect fit
I ended up with my desired fit at point zero five millimeters of offset this
offset is key to perfectly fitting pieces here is the test design with and
without the offset as you see without the offset the pieces move around within
the frame this effect compounds with the more pieces you have in a design a word
of warning what really caught me out in this project was my understanding of
offset I truly believed that scale and offset were the same thing in a nutshell
scale makes pieces bigger but remains the absolute shape offset makes the
pieces larger by construing the shape to fit the desired offset equidistant along
all edges with this newfound knowledge let’s apply the offset to our design and
it’s that easy it’s now ready to be cut out once cut it’s relatively simple if you
have a complicated design I advise using masking tape to keep all the
pieces together to make the next steps easier I then go and give it a quick
sand on both sides glue up the frame if there is a frame then I’m going to color
the wood I’m using watercolors here if you do the same keep in mind that this
will raise the grain plus it may expand the piece making them harder to fit
together if it is not fully dried again to fully dry it I put mine on top of the
radiator for just a couple of minutes and then going to be using some 320 grit
sandpaper to just take off that top raised grain plus I want to just make my
colors just a tiny little bit paler with this done you now just glue it all
together and there you have it some perfectly fitting wood wall art when it comes to wood wall art the
emphasis is on art play around with your design do organic looking lose the frame
break rules and go beyond any limits that you set yourself a whole bunch of useful links are down in
the description including where you can get these files for yourself if you’re
wondering how to put these up on the wall I would suggest using a command
strip if you enjoyed this perhaps check out another one of my videos and if you
have any questions do leave them down in the comments below thanks for watching
keep making and let the quest continue

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