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Learning Through Art & Bi-Okoto Fuel Creativity and Learning

Learning Through Art & Bi-Okoto Fuel Creativity and Learning

Learning Through Art is celebrating 27 years of building resilient communities through art, and one of the ways that we do that is through our Books Alive! for Kids program. Books Alive! for Kids is where we literally make books come alive through sight, sound and touch. You read the book, you make the craft and then there’s a performance. Bi-Okoto is a cultural arts education organization. We now have our own cultural center where we have other programming. Our residency programs, where we work with schools, will be a program of a minimum of ten weeks. It could be the entire semester or the entire school year. It is called, “E Sin Mi D’Afrika,” which means, “Come Follow Me to Africa.” We give them a total African experience. Learning Through Art has been able to touch the lives of over 23,000 students with Books Alive! for Kids in over 1,200 classrooms in 18 different states, but primarily that’s right here in Cincinnati. We can take all different parts of the book and turn it into all different parts of our learning experience As a principal, I was very selective about programs, and I had to be. Learning Through Art and Books Alive, it’s one of the best programs. I like the African dance, because I like what it exposes my kids to, as far as other disciplines of learning Self-confidence. Decision making. Could be in their subjects, It could be in social studies. We talk to them about the history of the dance that we’re teaching. Through Books Alive! for Kids, we’ve been able to develop our family literacy program, and that includes our Family Literacy Nights, and then we have our Family Adventures. ArtsWave has recognized the significance of utilizing the arts as an educational tool and they have been able to push forward the notion that art is not just about going someplace and sitting down at a concert. ArtsWave has been the reason we are doing more of the residency programs in Cincinnati. Today, we are reaching more kids than we’ve ever reached. With the help of ArtsWave, we will be able to continue having this impact with children.

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