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LIVGIVARE svensk trailer (2020) Animerad VR-film HD

LIVGIVARE svensk trailer (2020) Animerad VR-film HD

Stockholm, Sweden. June 12, 1972. [Indira Gandhi] It is clear that the environmental
crisis which is confronting the world – – will profoundly alter
the future destiny of our planet. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The Earth Summit of 1992. [Severn Cullis-Suzuki] I’m only a child
yet I know we are all in this together – – and should act as one single world
towards one single goal. Katowice, Poland.
UN climate change conference 2018. [David Attenborough] If we don’t take action,
the collapse of our civilizations – – and the extinction of much of
the natural world is on the horizon. They say that time heals all wounds. It’s not true.

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