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Logan Artist Elite Mat Cutter

Logan Artist Elite Mat Cutter

The Logan Artist Elite Mat
Cutter is a mat cutter that’s designed for
the professional artist. It’s got some features
built into it to make it more
convenient to use, and you still get
professional results. It has a 40 inch cutting area
so you can slip a full sized sheet of mat board
in either direction to cut it down to size, and
it has a hinged cutting arm. To cut the boards down to size, we have this ruler with
a production stop on it. If you want to
make an 11 inch cut, set the stop at 11 inches, put your board down in place
up against the production stop, and against this fence. The straight cutting head
has a retractable blade. When you push down, the head goes in
to cut the board. And the straight cutting
head rides on the rails. Simply push down, straight, and pull towards you. That cuts the board down to
size to fit inside of your mat. Now you’re ready
to cut a border. To determine the
border width, we’ve got this
adjustable mat guide. It glides on metal rails,
so it’s smooth, and it can go out to a
full six inch border width. I’m going to set the mat guide
to three inches for this cut, and tighten down these knobs. We’re going to
put in a slip sheet, and then we’re going to use
the bevel cutter which is a pivot style
bevel cutter. You pivot the head to
put the blade in place. With the mat board
face down underneath and up against the rail, you’re going to take a pencil
and make a single line. Now we have
a production stop here that’s going to stop
our mat cutter at just the right spot
for accurate corners. We’re going to set this
production top at three inches. I’m going to turn this
mat board 90 degrees, and then take the bevel
cutter and set it on the rail. This stop and start mark shows
us where to start cutting. It also has an
anti-crawl pin built in. You push down on
the anti-crawl pin and that grabs on
to the mat board and keeps the cutter
from crawling away from you and minimizes
the amount of over cuts. Holding the
crawl pin in place, insert the blade, and then pull it
towards you until you reach this
production stop. That first cut is going to be
our next start line for the second cut. Just rotate it 90 degrees, put
the cutter up to the cut line, line it up with
the stop start mark, push in the pin,
and make your next cut. Repeat this on all four sides. All of these instructions
come on the DVD that’s included
with your mat cutter. The Logan Artist Elite
is a mat cutter designed with the professional
artist in mind, and provides
professional quality mats. Captioned by GigEcast

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5 thoughts on “Logan Artist Elite Mat Cutter

  1. @turbonetttt In case you cannot find this product in Bulgaria, keep in mind that Blick Art Materials ships internationally. For information, please contact us at blickinternational @ dickblick . com.

  2. Can you cut a mat with just a 1-inch border? I have the Compact Classic and noticed the hinge prevents measuring a 2" or less inch border. Otherwise, these mat cutters do a great job. I'm tempted to move up to the Elite.

  3. +Dorothy Yamamoto All Logan Mat Cutters will cut a boarder as thin as ¾”.  You should be able to set the mat guide to accommodate this dimension.  If you need assistance, please feel free to contact our Product Information Department at 800-933-2542. 

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