Mac and Me – Full McDonald's Dance Scene

Mac and Me - Full McDonald's Dance Scene

hey how's it going okay we're leaving okay I'm gonna go and I'll leave Courtney are here to watch you until Michael gets here okay boy that teddy is amazing okay he's here what yes I don't believe this Debbie what's going on the finger was talking about from the petting zoo oh no wait so cute yeah real cute listen those guys were phones they're here well what are we gonna do I don't know just keeping dancing L just think is it teddy okay member what's he doing all right come on move it let's go you you get after them

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36 thoughts on “Mac and Me – Full McDonald's Dance Scene

  1. Who was that handsome man with the red hair. He looks great, AND DOESN’T PUT CHILDREN IN HIS CHICKEN NUGGETS

  2. This is why I stopped going to McDonald's. The Relentless dance parties always getting in the way when I'm trying to buy a hamburger. I finally gave up.

  3. Are we all just going to ignore Mac's eyeballs at 4:16? There literally out of the eye sockets haha

  4. I just realized why I remember nothing about this movie: that dancing and music caused more trauma than the time my brother took me fishing and made me feel like a girl. HE MADE ME A GIRL!

  5. They don’t have any of this at my McDonald’s, so unrealistic, I mean wheres the poopie diaper in the ball pit or loud woman calling the cops because they forgot her cheese on her quarter pounder?

  6. Jennifer aniston was the dancer in the red. She was uncredited but it was her first appearance in a movie.

  7. what is the name of the song that's playing and what's the name of the song when they do a dance off in Mc'Donalds. can someone please help me

  8. these where goods time but  in the early 90's McDonald decided to ban dancing in all their restaurants

  9. I should never have trusted in McDonald's Happy Meal commercials. In fact, I should also NEVER have trusted in obnoxiously annoying toy commercials for girls (e.g. Boxy Girls) EITHER!

  10. I cannot help but think that holding an impromptu dance contest is just being insensitive to the kid in the wheelchair!

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