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Make DIY Sugar Sprinkles for Cakes and Cupcakes! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Make DIY Sugar Sprinkles for Cakes and Cupcakes! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Colored
Sanding Sugar Tutorial where I’ll be showing you how to make this beautiful colored sanding
sugar at home. Tools and equipment that we will be using
today: I’ve got a baking tray and just a piece of
greaseproof, wax, or baking paper. I’ve got a half a cup of caster sugar. So
caster sugar is your really fine sugar, not powdered, just the finest baking sugar you
can find. I’ve got some food coloring. I’m going to
use liquid food coloring and mine’s just blue today.
I’ve got a zip lock bag. I’m going to use this great little scraper.
If you don’t have one of these, you can just use a knife. But I find the scraper’s a little
bit easier to use. And I’ve got a nice, big rolling pin.
Let’s get started. The first thing we want to do is empty our
sugar into a zip lock bag. Now you’ve all seen me use sanding sugar in a couple of my
tutorial and it’s a great way to get a really nice effect that you can make yourself at
home. So if you don’t have the right color sprinkles, you can just whip yourself up some
sanding sugar. So pop that sugar in a bag, your zip lock
bag. Take your coloring. And we’re just going to put 1 cup-full of liquid coloring. You
can also use color paste. But I find it easier to mix through a liquid coloring. I find that
color paste sometimes gets a little bit chunky in there and it’s hard to mix it all the way
through. Give that bag a really good shake around.
And you’ll see there, as your color gets coated, you just need to push it down. We basically
just want to mix all of that color through. Alright, so you can see there, that gorgeous
color has now mixed all the way through. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to pop
our sugar onto that baking tray. Just kind of dump it on. Obviously, if you want a paler
color or a pastel color, you would just less of that food coloring. I want to quite deep
colors for my sanding sugars. Now I’m going to take, either your knife or
my scraper, and I’m just going to kind of chop it around so that I’ve got 1 nice, even
layer. Alright, so I’ve got my nice, even layer.
And the reason I’ve done that is so that we don’t have 1 big mountain of sanding sugar
in the middle. So I’ve pre-heated my oven to 50 degrees Celsius or 120 degrees Fahrenheit
and I’m going to pop this into the oven for 10 minutes.
Alright, so that’s had 10 minutes in the oven. Now don’t be tempted to put anymore heat into
it than just that 50 degrees Celsius or a 120 degrees Fahrenheit because you will melt
it and it will turn into kind of a glass. But it should have a little bit of a sparkle
to it. And you can see here, it’s kind of stuck together in kind of clamps. So that’s
where our little scraper or knife comes in again. Just break it up.
The [more] we’ve done by cooking it into the oven is we’ve not only taken moisture out
of it which would have been put in there by the liquid food coloring. But we’ve also given
it a little bit of a shimmer. So it’s kind of a…It’s got a little bit of a sparkle
to it. Lift up your baking paper and pour it in.
Now you want to let as much of the air out of that zip lock bag as you can. Make sure
that you do zip it all the way up. And you see here, you’ve got your little, kind of
blue chunks in that bag. So this is where your rolling pin comes in. We’re just going
to roll it back and forth until it’s beautiful and fine, back to that sugary consistency.
But now it’s a great shade of blue. If you love this tutorial, please make sure
that you head over to our channel My Cupcake Addiction and hit the Subscribe button and
we will show you a bunch of ways that you can use this fantastic sanding sugar.
In a nutshell, there you have your gorgeous, blue sanding sugar. We’ll tip that into a
nice, little container. You can see there in an array of colors. As
I said, you can make them pastels, you can make them brights, you can make them absolutely
any color you like. As always, I hope that you’ve enjoyed this
tutorial and thanks very much for watching.

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97 thoughts on “Make DIY Sugar Sprinkles for Cakes and Cupcakes! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

  1. So the sugar flavor is still there I could guess… and you said something about how it could turn into glass if it cooked too long…Do you think you could make something with edible glass like as a decoration or is that even safe?

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  3. I have an even easier way. get a jar, put in sugar, put some drops of food coloring then put on the lid and shake. and add more color if you want it to be darker. didn't bake or any of that and used regular sugar with it still keeping the shimmer look.

  4. I'm taking a Wilton course and it calls for yellow sanding sugar for calla lily middles an this recipe made my life so much easier. Now I don't have to buy coloured sugar I can just make it! Thank you so much:)

  5. woww amazing but how come it didn't turn to caramel because if a sugar was in a heat, it should turn to caramel but still great job! x 🙂 😀

  6. Hope this works in my kitchen. I've been watching videos like this all day, but all of them say 350*F and theirs just turns out really glassy and dull

  7. can I use granulated sugar? I can't find this kind at my local stores (walgreens , Walmart, heb, CVS ) if not I'll try a Baking store

  8. I can't get the shimmer I do from the cake supply. I notice their's have a few more ingredients that must give the shine to the sugar.

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