making of DIY water lilly/lotus using color paper

Take 10cmx10cm color paper and fold it diagnally now fold corner to corner as shown fold corner to corner again fold in the middle as shown cut off the excess draw a cured line in the shape of a petal as shown and cut along the line cut off a tiny piece on the other end to get a hole make a small cut between the petals with the scissors tip make sure not to go too close towards the center fold each petal in the middle and make a crease repeat the same step for three 10cmx10cm color paper and two 7cmx7cm color paper take one 10cmx10cm flower and turn it over apply glue on one half of the petal stick it to the half of the adjacent petal as shown repeat this for all the petals after applying glue keep it aside for drying take 7cmx7cm flower and flip it and apply glue in the middle take 10cmx10cm flower and flip it over the 7cmx7cm flower make sure that the petal on the bottom flower is in the middle of two petals of the top flower now repeat the same process with two 10cmx10cm flower repeat the same process for the remaining one 7cmx7cm flower apply glue in the center as shown take the flower bud and stick it to the flower as shown and leave it for drying take 14.5cmx17.5cm green color paper roll the paper as shown stick the ends with glue and press it as shown when the flower is completely dried put a hole in the center with the pencil put some glue near the tip of the stem and insert it into the hole of the flower slightly bend the petals upwards our flower is ready take 14cmx14cm green color paper fold it diagnally draw a curved line draw a straight line as shown now cut it along the line slightly bend along the edges with a pencil our leaf is ready place the flower and leaf in the pot as shown..u can make n number of leaeds and flowers

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