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Malachi Martin on Nibiru / Planet X / Hercolubus / Aliens? Something Approaching Us

Malachi Martin on Nibiru / Planet X / Hercolubus / Aliens? Something Approaching Us

whether they admit it or not great deal political power all around the world uh one of the things that they did fairly recently was they muscled and I do intend to use that word they muscled their way onto a mountain in Arizona Mount Graham and they built an observatory on Mount Graham in connection with an Arizona University however the Vatican has the larger part of the control of this Observatory in looking at deep space things okay now why would they have done that father because the men found the attitude and intelligence amongst those who at the higher level the highest levels of panic and administration of equity of politics know that now knowledgeable going on in space and what approaching earth could be of great import in the next five year and you carefully and well-chosen words father sanctions are west of the Rockies you’re on the air with father Malachi Martin you

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28 thoughts on “Malachi Martin on Nibiru / Planet X / Hercolubus / Aliens? Something Approaching Us

  1. Don't call me a DICK or whatever but I gotta ask/wonder WHY, 3mnths from the end of 2012 we STILL cant see a giant object that is hurling our way. I remember looking in to this in early 2010 and people were saying by 2012 it would be visible to the naked eye and that's why the gov would be using the FEMA camps; to control the people because everyone would be freaking out, I admit I have seen a lot of info that points to a catastrophe heading our way but WHERE is this giant "DESTROYER" star?

  2. Somehow the arrival date gets postponed all the time (well, except when guys like John Moore and his "insiders" try to have it arrive early).
    First it was going to come by in 2003, then it was in 2010, next in Dec 2012 and now you're saying 2016. There's an eerie similarity with Harold Camping's "Rapture" here, but at least he was man enough to accept defeat on the third failure…

  3. One "hypothesis" is that one tends to notice that the sky has a distinct red cast of late, possibly because it is being deliberately laced with iron oxides to block the red glow of the object in question…PURE speculation of course! I personally think the paranoia about a giant planet slamming into earth is encouraged as camouflage for some other celestial problem(s) which may generate disasters, while we are kept looking the other way…

  4. The Vatican has publicly stated it's belief in alien life, and, as I understand it, equates it with "angels". They are also reputed to have a distinct interest in astronomical observation due to concern over the object the NT calls "Wormwood"–whether either thing may be connected to the "Planet X" hullabaloo or not…

  5. NO, Malachi Martin's timing was NOT off! When asked explicitly WHEN this would happen, when it would all go down, he said in less than 20 years. This would bring the date earlier than 2017. Hasn't occurred 'yet'! Note that he is talking about the observatory being of value to the Vatican in 5, 10 years… he knows with that observatory they will be able to locate what they are looking for during that time, not that it will be visible to the naked eye at 5 or 10 years, 2002 or 2007.

  6. Actually, they are covering all their bases. Remember that God made man a little lower than the angels as far as their constitution; yet they will judge angels!

  7. I agree, there is that political angle. And Catholicism is great at working it. But some might say that while "elohim" (powers) "engineered " man to be a lesser being, GOD (in the sense of a universal Almighty) had His own "architectural" plans beyond that, to glorify Himself, not them, through us…,even angels/aliens/"gods" merely propose, while GOD disposes. Just my opinion, of course, not a doctrine or dogma.

  8. Maybe the Pope wanted to warn the world about this incoming object, and was "Shut up" by the NWO. Could this be the reason he has resigned?……..

  9. Yeah, maybe the Nazi pope didn't want to see a lot of people die. Whatever they no,w will learn the hard way, because we don't have the balls to revolt. we are the victims, primarily, of our own cowardice. Bury your head and tell me, where is your ASS?

  10. 2012 was never a End Date, it a time of when a great change would emerge and dawn of a new age… the time frame we are looking at is now 2012-2017

  11. The pope now loves meteorites and has a whole display of them and buys them from those who sell them why? I think the Vatician is expecting comets, meteors and yes alien ships now for our future I do believe in Nibiru and but can not trust anyone from the military or aliens etc only time and infrared will tell. Because if our binary star comes near us it will take the back drop of the sky and Nibiru will cross the sky with its tail of debris and moons then it will be no doubt.

  12. Five to ten years "CRAP" and they know it's CRAP, the lies that pour forth from priest mouths is like poison and yet they want people to call them FATHER.
    Absolutely "PATHETIC"

  13. Please Kindly see thewarningsecondcoming dotcom
    "My sorrow at this time is great as all that was foretold by me during the apparitions at La Salette and Fatima are now unfolding before you all, but many of you are blind. Those of you who dedicated hours before me at my most holy shrines must come and ask me, your Mother, to open your eyes to the Truth. You must ask me to consecrate your hearts and souls to my Son, otherwise you too will deny Him.
    Your beloved Mother
    Mother of Salvation "

  14. I don't think the universe minds if you tire of it or not, it will work in its own way in its own sweet time. Watch out for comets Ison and Lovejoy by the way… straight at ya from the oort cloud, spitting out towards the sun and back… possibly meaning something very big this way comes.

  15. Then suddenly, a mighty angel picked up a boulder shaped like a huge Mill
    Stone, and threw it into The
    Atlantic Ocean,
    and cried mightily with a loud voice saying!!
    Just as I have thrown away this stone, the great city of Babylon will be thrown down with violence , and shall never be found again!!!
    The Book Of Revelation, Chapter 18 verse 21

  16. Bob dean also commented about NASA knowing about a planet or something that was going to be seen. He said this about 3-5 maybe more years ago in a vid I only recently just watched. NASA are lying scum bags as far as I'm concerned. The Vaticans 'lucifer' telescope is more powerful lol.

  17. I am a relative newcomer to this Nibiru expectation cult however as I peruse the comments below which in many cases go back to 2012,l have to admit that my previous innocent joy at looking at our skies and stars has been somewhat undermined and now when I raise my head skywards it is with a certain gloomy apprehension.perhaps selfishly little comfort is obtained by the recognition that this fate appears to have befallen the planet in previous millennia as testified by sumerians.this implies that elements of the human race have survived the encounter,I imagine this will be a matter of geographical good fortune.i am slightly vexed at the apparent efforts by the privelaged who appear to be feverishly burrowing into the earth to find occurs to me however that it's going to be a strange subterranean sanctuary all these greedy aged racketeers ,their spawn and retainers together,I reckon they think they'll emerge once the hurly burlys over and plant their flag on whoever survives on the surface.hopefully it won't come to that and they will all be pressed like grapes by the tectonic presses.these arrogant unworthy cowards do not deserve to pick up where they left in anticipation of this,I hope all you Americans keep your guns so as to give them the welcome they deserve.I suppose we potential British survivors will have to make do with stones and frying pans to repulse them,as happily for our oppressors we are presently unarmed.though as is the tradition most wretches would capitulate to them for a tin of soup.though here is a cautionary thought for your reemerging morlock plutocrat,best keep an eye on your armed Rottweiler retainers they will never have a better opportunity to frag you and take all the goodies you have stashed for themselves.I would strongly encourage any bodyguards/servants who think they might be moving to the underworld with their master to give this some thought,truth be told you would be doing the right and proper thing if you subscribe to the Darwinian notion of survival of the fittest.these old rich people have no right to survive.left to its own devices natural selection would spit them out and for the greater part their worthless do your duty to the natural prerogative and terminate their unworthy command with extreme prejudice.even you must recognise that they who have ruined the past cannot be allowed to own whatever future there might be.this might be a flight of fancy,as I think the tectonic plates will do our work for us.

  18. The Vatican is the Roman Empire Period !! Yeshua Christ Jesus Help them and the hundreds of millions they are leading straight to Hell !!!

  19. It is not comet or some Planet X etc. In this video at 59m 40s he said that it will not be a physical but it will be look like it is physical. This is the missing part of the 3rd secret of Fatima. It is that awful central element of it. But what hell is it????? Now we know that it will be cosmic event and it will affect everyone on this planet. It will be visible to all and it will be scary as hell….but WHAT???? What do you think?

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