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Martial Arts, Tai chi and Quantum Mechanics Part 1

Martial Arts, Tai chi and Quantum Mechanics   Part 1

If I’m limiting myself compared to
you, then I’m not going to be able to see things in time it’s going to be too late
I’m gonna have to move really fast. And I can’t move that fast especially in
close range like this. You can’t be faster than that. It’s all about parameters. So, yeah. I love trying to be able to explain everything in terms of Classical mechanics Classical mechanics is something that is easy to understand. The problem is that Classical Mechanics is an incorrect model of the universe. From a scientific point of view you want to have a model that explains everything. Classical Mechanics only describes certain things within the realm of ordinary human experience and sort of in the way we interpret things. Classical mechanics does not explain the
very small or the very big. It is great for explaining movement, mass, acceleration, force, that sort of thing. But it doesn’t work very well with psychology, And in combat, we run into problems if we get stuck on Classical mechanics. It’s very complex. So, we have very strict categories. Now there’s me and there’s
you. You know, the other person. I am, you know, made up of my a head
and body and arms and legs and so on. That’s all me, and my emotional state and
my perspective versus your perspective, and that’s all me. I can use leverage to move you. What do you put in parentheses?
How do you group and categorize things? If I describe myself as being different separate from you, then that’s a very rigid definition. If I describe myself as being the limits of my hands and my feet, then that’s a very
rigid definition. It doesn’t allow for all of the other complex interactions that happen between people mentally, physically and psychologically. so we have to be able to break down those categories and move the parentheses around. So, instead of saying, you know, X plus y plus.(…) So, when we’re interacting, if I’m trying to move myself relative to you then I’m going to miss a whole bunch of potential interactions and a whole lot of information. If I’m limiting myself compared to you then I’m not going to be able to see things in time. It’s going to be too late. I’m gonna have to move really fast and I and I can’t move that fast especially in close range like this. *WHACK*
You know you can’t you can’t be faster than that. So, that kind of speed is going to be you know problematic for you. So as you were talking about absorbing the other person. Yeah. You can absorb the other person so you
can instead of seeing that yourself as a compared to B you see yourself as a plus
B all right so you’re you and you think you see of yourself as you and me so
that way you get to feel where I am understand my psychology my intent so
that when I move you move with it you interact with it so if you push me we’re
pushing together it’s the two of us pushing okay and then we can we can
interact and then at the end I go now we’re back to me being a again right so
as you push me work together on it and now we’re separate or yeah if you if you
punch me I can say who are we punching try that again if you do that there and
I merge so as you punch and I go like that now I’m joined with
you all right right so we’re both punching together and I merge with it so
I join with the the punch the energy behind the punch the intent behind the
punch this cause of the intent the source of the cause of the intent if I
can get to it early enough then the punch never actually gets to manifest
right but if I’m if I’m too late and I’m seeing myself a separate from you then
I’ll get hit so I have to merge I have to develop rapport compassion
understanding I have to have listening have to be able to see things from your
perspective so that means that I have to be able to actually change who I am or
what I am I have to let go of the designation on the distinction of being
separate from you I have to actually see it from your point of view so you become
the relevant observer in there in the greater scheme of thing the universe
doesn’t care who the observer is but for me if I’m watching you I’m the observer
if you’re watching me or the observer and either one of us can affect the
outcome depending on how we observe it and if I want to avoid being manipulated
by another observer I want to I can either yeah I can either be another
observer or I can be that observer or we can or we can create an another point of
view okay so from here if you grab my arm and I’m pulling so so I can do that
that’s I’m in the center of the universe there right if you sense me doing that
and you find out where I’m pulling from then as I pull then there’s a different
point of view all of a sudden there’s a different pivot point there’s a
different still point so let’s see if I can simplify this a little more so if
you’re pushing me and I’m me trying to just just to move it that’s that’s going
to have one a certain type of interaction but if you push and I think
I become the pivot point then this becomes the point of view the thing
around which everything circulates if I see myself as being inside my head
dragging my body around then I’ll move like this but if I see the head is just
being an extension of the dunkey on the core and then I’m going to change
everything else and now the Dantean is move around and I’m going to be
different I’m going to walk differently I’m going to move differently I’m going
to interact differently other people will will respond to me differently so I
will create a different world based on how I Center myself where I Center
myself and if I if I’m in my pelvis that’s going to have a different
reaction if I’m in here that’s going to have a different reaction so where I
place my mind my central point of view life that changes the frame of reference
so if if I’m here leaning on you that’s going to create a response that’s going
to create a reaction set up a bunch of dynamics and then Newtonian mechanics
takes over mm-hmm that’s it but if I can be you there then I can then you can
float I can change the point of view right so instead of being inside me I am
us and we are moving together as opposed to me being me and then trying to move
you okay now that’s a that’s a great that’s a different kind of universe
right but if I move the parentheses around then we’re both moving and that
that changes the nature of the relationship and it changes your and it
changes your nature by how its observed I have to change the competency yeah
well you can yeah you can or not you can do it ever you want doesn’t matter the
unit to the universe so from here if you wait now we think of this as rapport or
compassion okay so you feel the ground under your feet you feel the ground
under my feet you feel the spine in there now you think about the spine that
my spine is being the center of all movement so the center of an antenna
you’re not gonna push me with your hand you’re gonna know you’re gonna become my
spine and this Mun my spine is gonna move so you’re gonna move my spine there
you go that’s better so that’s different that requires no considerably less
effort and there’s still there’s still the differentiation it can still feel it
yeah so there’s a difference between me I’m still trying to manipulate it but
I’ve changed my focus so now I’m focusing my mind on that what I’m
talking about is actually letting go of the ego enough so that you actually
intercept the other person’s status as an observer okay so that sounds weird you

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