Math Games For Kids : Playing Advanced Arithmetic Bingo

My name is Courtney on behalf of Expert Village
and in this clip I’m going to show you a more advanced version of BINGO to play to practice
math equations. The first thing you’re going to need to do is make your math BINGO board.
We’re just going to fold this into eight sections. We’re going to take a marker and draw over
our creases just to make our spaces more defined. Then you’re going to take another piece of
paper, fold it in the same way to get eight sections and cut those apart like I’ve done
here. This time on the cards that we’ve cut apart we’re going to put answers or just one
number and on our board we’re going to actually write the equation. So, I’m going to start
with filling out my board and I’m going to put some simple addition equations. We won’t
write the answers on here. After you fill up your board you’re going to then make sure
you have a correlating answer to these equations on the cards we cut apart. Then, we would
shuffle our cards up and you’ve lay them down. You would call out the answer or your child
would turn a card over for the answer and they have to then mark their, put a marker
on their correlating equation. This is a little more advanced because they are having to work
backwards. They’re having to think about which equation matches the answer.

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