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Meet Amelia Drummond, our Emerging Female Classical Choreographer

Meet Amelia Drummond, our Emerging Female Classical Choreographer

[ Music ]>>One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. To be a dancer on stage, especially when
given an opportunity to express real and raw human emotion, it’s the most
incredible, indescribable feeling. I feel like I’m giving a part of me
on the stage and I’m leaving it there. I want to give the audience a reason to like dance apart from
the aesthetic side. The emerging female classical
choreographer initiative came about because of the underrepresentation
of female choreographers in not just Australia, but globally. It’s a chance for young choreographers
like myself to be creative, express their ideas in a residency
at the Sydney Opera House. My next step is to go
to the Australian Ballet and choreograph my work,
which will be called [ Foreign Language ] [ Music ] Being a dancer influences my
choreography and especially since I’ve experienced
giving such raw emotion, it makes me incorporate the emotional
side more into my choreography. I hope this initiative will push
me forward into the next step. I hope to continue creating, I hope to
continue sharing my ideas, my voice, my creativity with more people and continue my creative
journey as a choreographer.

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