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Meet Vincent van Gogh Official Trailer | Van Gogh Museum

Meet Vincent van Gogh Official Trailer | Van Gogh Museum

Meet Vincent van Gogh Journey through the life of an extraordinary artist The Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience invites the public to embark on an unforgettable voyage through Vincent’s fascinating life story Beautifully rendered to simulate the world as he saw it Discover what we’re still learning about
Van Gogh the artist and Vincent the man Jump into the science behind the art This is the closest you will ever get to Vincent Vincent’ words guide visitors as
they explore his world like never before (Vincent) I’ve painted wheat fields
under turbulent skies (Narrator) After being pulled into Vincent’s early life Witness him unfold as a man and as an artist (Vincent) My Dear Theo,
I remember very well that when you spoke to me about my becoming a painter I wouldn’t hear of it (Narrator) Walk in Vincent’s shoes and really get to know the man behind the celebrated paintings From the rural Netherlands to
the vibrant streets of Paris pull up a chair at the Potato Eaters’ table or take a seat at Cafe Le Tambourin in Montmartre Immerse yourself in the Provence as you hear the wind rustling through the wheat fields and truly feel Vincent’s joy as he grew as an artist …but also experience his pain when things don’t go to plan (Vincent)
It is I that wish to die You will remember me I feel incapable of taking the studio again The experience brings visitors full circle as they savour Vincent’s legacy how he remains an enduring source of inspiration for millions of people all over the world If only he had known Forty-six million dollars (Vincent) A cup of milk cost you one franc a slice of bread and butter two (Auctioneer) Fifty-three million dollars (Vincent) And paintings don’t sell (Auctioneer) Fifty-four million dollars (Vincent) The day will come though when people will see that my paintings are worth more than the cost of the paint or my living costs (Auctioneer) Fifty-five million dollars (Vincent) I believe that the day will come
when I’ll sell too At fifty-five million dollars and selling Sold Fifty-five million dollars. Thank you. Meet Vincent van Gogh A once in a lifetime experience
of an incomparable life

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