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Merle Norman Cosmetics – Makeup Artistry Face #8 Brush

Merle Norman Cosmetics – Makeup Artistry Face #8 Brush

hi everyone I’m Elle Leary beauty expert
from Merle Norman now as a makeup artist I can tell you
that I’ve said it time and time again our brushes here at Merle Norman are
kind of sought after and this brush that I’m introducing to you today is really
no exception it is our new number 8 face brush it is our angled concealing brush
a few things we really wanted to achieve with this brush is the synthetic fibers
first of all they’re synthetic but they’re the softest quality fibers or
hairs you can say and the reason why Merle Norman wanted to do that is
because really with a small detailed brush a concealer brush where are you
working we’re working around the areas of our face that are very delicate that
need kind of a delicate hand so you would hope that you would have a very
soft brush to do that so maybe under the eye or around the nose or maybe any
blemishes that you need to conceal around the face and then also look at
the kind of shape can you see that along my hand there is an angle to it right
there’s an angle to the head of this brush now the reason why we have that is
so it will fit into those sections of the face so again right along that
under-eye even right here in the center of the nose right here where the tear
duct meets the nose that’s really important to keep highlighted and
concealed that fits right in there also around the nose we’re again using that
contour around the nose maybe even around the lips kind of wherever you see
that but this brush is designed to go along with the curves of your face and
then the hairs which you probably can’t see because it’s very small which it
should be is there alternating links in the fibers of this brush and that’s
really so this brush kind of does the work for you so as you’re working those
bristles kind of diffuse the product around that thing or blemish that you
might be trying to conceal also this angle that we were talking about earlier
is at a nice angle a nice flat surface so what can you do
you can do that stippling technique that we’ve talked about to build coverage so
you’re going to take that edge apply product and use this up and down motion
to build product and not to move it so that is what this little edge and this
brush is made for alright so Sam here is going to be our lovely model to show us
how this brush works in action so let’s go ahead and get started I also have
some concealer and my little dish here and I am going to start with a little
bit and then kind of build up as I go I’m going to start with the brush just a
little bit kind of on the tip you kind of tap it next to or I have the
concealer because you want to kind of disperse the product in the brush right
we’re try this brush diffuses the product for us you don’t want to have a
big glop of concealer right on the edge you really want to push the product into
the bristles just at the top so I’m going to take I’m going to have her look
up and I’m just going to see I’m doing that stippling motion and I’m just
pressing this in and we’re just going to take now I’m using the other side the
slide that really does not have a lot of product and I’m just sweeping this
delicately over this under-eye area again stippling
and sweeping it’s kind of finding that happy medium for you between you know
stippling and then blending stippling and then blending but this brush is
going to really help you with that and again we’re going to go in with the
product I’m going to highlight see how I just turn to that brush I turn that
brush on its side so the edge that flat part goes right in that crease right
there so it really makes that easy to get at again stippling and then really
working it into this kind of area that has a tendency to get a little dark and
then right down the eye to give that brightness in the
center of the face I’m gonna have you Sam look right at the camera so they
can see can you see the brightness that’s in the center of her face and
look how easy that was just a couple steps and you have a great concealer and
you have a very beautiful diffused look and a lot of light in the center of the
face so now we’re going to do the other eye we’re going to again deposit product
and slowly sweep I’ve now changed the direction of the brush so it fits into
the other side of the eye again we’re just depositing product and you just
really want to build this area up you do not want to just go at it with a bunch
of product you really want to just take little bits and work your way do you see
how much a little product we’ve used literally this brush really makes the
product go far close honey and you really want to be careful of your
pressure around the eye area you don’t want to be pushing this brush into the
skin I’m literally using a very soft hand almost as if you were painting on a
canvas right our face of the canvas but you want to use that kind of a delicate
stroke and then you can also turn it around the nose
turn it around the nose maybe around the maybe you mess up the lip a little bit
and you kind of just want to go in for a little detail work even if you want it
to kind of highlight under the brow you can use that edge underneath the brow
open all right so here’s the final look so this is actually a really simple way
to get professional results with a great easy and simple tool thank you guys so
much for stopping by I’ll see you guys on the next

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