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Miami’s Art Deco

Miami’s Art Deco

Welcome to Miami!
Welcome to Ocean Drive, baby! We’re on the middle of Ocean Drive. This is the area where most of the TV
series Miami Vice was recorded Back then it wasn’t anything special
but today the area is very hip which is also apparent from the cars
driving here, especially at the evening I can’t even pronounce the names of all
the car makes, but they are expensive It’s obvious that those driving those
cars have lots of money Often you see the men dressed
casually in jeans and a shirt and on their arm maybe a little harsh But on their arm, they have a girl in very
high heels and next to nothing else on But they look good Ocean Drive is also well known for
it’s many art deco buildings Art Deco means modern art They were built in the 1920’s and 30’s They are recognized by their
vertical and horizontal lines This building, right behind me is typical for art deco, also with the windows
that go around the edges of the building Sometimes even a door is located
in a corner of the building And the lines are very clean And most of the buildings are in
bright, pastel colors I am way off in these clothes! Ocean Drive is also where you
go out to dine at evening But it is not cheap But that’s not to be expected when you can
sit outdoors and look at the ocean We can’t really see it here, but we
can clearly feel the ocean breeze That’s marvelous when it’s
around 100 degrees warm That’s so warm! Gianni Versace’s house (Short clip of the theme from CSI Miami)

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