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Microdosing Psychedelics

Microdosing Psychedelics

– [Chase] So when’s the
last time you took acid? – Actually, yesterday morning. – [Chase] Some people would be surprised that a mom would take
drugs on a regular basis. – That’s good, I’m covering it quite well. (laughing) – [Chase] Taking a tiny amount of what have long been
considered recreational drugs is known as microdosing, and it’s the latest trend. – There are claims it
can improve creativity and concentration, but not
many studies have been done into the effects of microdosing, and it’s illegal. – [Chase] Office workers are
trying it for efficiency, parents for anxiety, and
Silicon Valley tech bros are using it as the
latest productivity hack. – You can put microdoses
of LSD in your cereal, and people will call you a pioneer. – [Chase] But does this
tiny hit of psychedelics actually work, or is it
all just in our minds? (upbeat music) – [Teresa] This is my middle age mom-ness with my Vera Bradley pouch. – [Chase] I love it. (Teresa laughing) – My name’s Teresa, I’m a mom, and I work in tech. I grew up on the East
Coast in North Carolina. Born into a pretty conservative family. Maybe I was dropped off
by hippies, I don’t know, ’cause I completely
didn’t turn out that way. – Microdosing LSD, like Teresa is doing may be popular now, but the drug has a long
and complicated history. It begins in 1938 when a Swiss chemist by the name of Albert Hoffman created LSD by mistake. He then ingested it five years
later for the first time. And from there the drug took off. By the late 1940s, LSD was
being studied around the world and used for psychological therapy. The study of psilocybin
mushrooms soon followed. In the 1950s, the CIA used LSD in hopes of discovering
mind controlling properties. Yeah, that didn’t pan out. In the 60s, while psychedelics gave birth to the counter-culture movement. At that time, LSD was legal. But stories of bad trips, a
volatile political climate, and the beginning of the war on drugs led to it being outlawed. And the conversation began to shift from the drug’s potential benefits, to its perceived harm. – America’s public enemy
number one is drug abuse. – There is nothing
grownup or sophisticated in taking an LSD trip at all, they’re just being complete fools. (crowd cheering) – [Chase] Shockingly, outlawing LSD didn’t actually stop people from doing it, and experimenting with it. But the current trend of taking microdoses to unlock creativity and
crank up productivity really took off in 2011, when James Fadiman published his book, “The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide”. – Since it became illegal,
26 million Americans have tried LSD. – Fadiman said the regular use of small doses of psychedelics, usually one tenth of a recreational dose, had the ability to boost mood, and increase productivity, without the perception altering effects. – I was introduced to
microdosing about a year ago. After having children, I had been on and off anti-depressants for about 10 years. The anti-depressant I was taking kind of takes you out of the lows. But it really doesn’t
like spark creativity. I sometimes will do microdosing when I have to be in a very
intense social environment where I feel like I really have to be up. It kind of helps me
get me out of my shell, and a little less self conscious. It’s all the great
effects of psychedelics, without the, what I would call, the debilitating effects. – To be clear, this is illegal. And because of that, Teresa
and other microdosers are largely doing it on their own. And because it’s illegal, understanding its potential benefits has long been put on the back burner. But the conversation is shifting, and it’s opening the
door to early studies, like one being led by Dr. David Erritzoe, a clinical psychiatrist at
the Imperial College London. He’s found a way to
navigate around the system to study the drugs anyway. And he’s doing it legally. – We are not doing any sort
of controlled clinical trial. We are doing online prospective
naturalistic surveys. So we are basically tapping
into real people’s real use of their own drugs. – Dr. Erritzoe is asking participants to use their own drugs in their own home, and set up their own experiments. Then report the results back to his team. – We are making this sort
of intermediate trial that’s between completely
uncontrolled survey, and a clinical trial. – This is not a lab-based clinical trial. Conditions aren’t carefully controlled, and it relies on self reporting. But Dr. Erritzoe hopes his study, due to be published in 2021, can help kickstart the science and be the seed for proper trials. – Whether or not the microdosing will perform better than placebo, we don’t know. A lot of people don’t respond
to conventional therapies for depression, for anxiety, for post-traumatic stress. I’m curious about, does it work? What does it work for? How do we optimize it? How do we make it safe? And then they can generate
hypothesis for future funding, for proper trials on a larger scale, if it turns out that it looks promising. – [Chase] In the meantime, advocates for microdosing like Teresa say they will continue to do it, because it’s transformed their lives. – It does change your mind. It breaks down these barriers. I think in modern society, we’re really hitting up
against those established sort of social norms. And I think that’s scary for a
lot of people in our society. – There are so many people
suffering mental health. It can potentially help
millions of people, and therefore it is important to get extra tools in our toolboxes in terms of ways of trying to
address it and help people. – Microdosing helped me find
clarity over the past year. I was just sort of
resigned to the fact that maybe my career had like
gone into like a low gear. It really gave me the next level energy to sort of fight those assumptions. Thinking about ways to move forward, and be more creative versus
dwelling on the past. – Thanks for watching. For more Dope Science content, check out our website. And subscribe to Freethink for more
content every week. And if you want to learn
more about Dr. Erritzoe and the work he’s doing, go to

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100 thoughts on “Microdosing Psychedelics

  1. Drugs have become Recreational?
    In the last 100 something years.
    And more so in the last 50 years.
    They were back in time used as
    "Sacred" not Recreational"

  2. Microdosing psilocybin can be extremely helpful with depression and anxiety. Just do some thorough research and keep doses low.

  3. too! Ex boyfriend did this with Mushrooms and seemed fine. I've never taken halucgenics but he seemed fine it made him more creative and motivated and had more energy. I was concerned big time and after a couple weeks he started to have serious back pain

  4. I decided to try microdosing
    5 years ago after reading a
    scientific article about
    microdosing shrooms
    from scientists.

    I had a great trip
    'microdosing gold cap shrooms.'
    I was thinking much clearer,
    much positive, much happier
    & relatively much calmer.
    I was hiking &
    my vision only got more HD
    & I could see everything clear
    & I got the ability to understand
    every detail much clearer.
    I could organize my thoughts
    much more professionally.

    It's like I inherited a 6th sense
    as an independent entrepreneur
    like Steve Jobs.

    I haven't microdosed
    since 5 years ago.
    I only microdosed gold cap shrooms

    I'd for sure try microdosing
    gold cap shrooms again
    if I were hiking somewhere
    beautiful like Hawaii 💖🏝😁

    I'm a pothead for sure,
    I love medicinal cannabis 💖🍀

  5. I read and found out that.. Psychedelic mushrooms.. 1 intake. Helps a human last up to 6 months. Like how ppl feen or feed of meth every 3 days.. But 1 take can help a person even after worn off.. That they still be in a good state maybe up to 6montha. I was surprised to try one.. Closer to the 6th month. Hopefulky they forget about it. But only self mental guide. Before thwy think they might feed another. Wow. From holding off 6montha. To day to day to qeek to week..isnt seem as good. Dead do-ers

  6. Wow, this is awesome. I totally agree that there can be a lot of mental health effects by doing this. Our delusion keeps us trapped in maladaptive emotional responses, which creates a cyclical process of never being satisfied, and eventual misery. Psychedelics can help people to see things from a new perspective, and realize how they are perpetuating their own mental illness (such as depressions and anger). It should be legalized and standardized (which could really help us to evolve out of the very sick culture we currently live in). Lol, just as I typed the last sentence, she started talking about how we need to break through the cultural norms we are currently running up against.. Also, this was posted on what would've been my dad's 70th birthday (and he was a major hippie lol).

  7. This needs more publicity, from personal experience microdosing psilocybin or lsd is way better than the multitude of designer anti-depressants doctors try and push on you

  8. I have reconnected a mental state in myself using LSD and shrooms I prefer LSD but not on the regular basis and it has to be done by a person that is mentally prepared for expanding themselves and fixing themselves and focusing on what's right. It also helped me fix a neurological disorder that plagues me.

  9. LMAO illegalizing a natural mushroom that grows on cow paddies is impossible. LMAO
    Just make sure you pick the right one because the other is poisonous.

  10. I had great times on sid…idont know why but cigarettes tasted soo good…I ended up.smokin at least 2 packs in a 6 hour trip

  11. Microdosing is fine I suppose but medically we have to let the body's hormones re-balance. My concern is buiding up too much chemicals over time that are non-native to the body. 434 talks about this at times in their vids. If you don't want to go the entheogenic route try the mystic approach which has been good to me. My tradition is called Drukama check it out. Be well!

  12. With the amount of cutting these drugs are going through these days how could you ever even know if in that days microdose it wasn’t 98% poison??

  13. Dude, tools in life’s tool box…….I have preached this idea for decades. Please doc, I’m totally down for assisting in this realm but I have to warn, I love and appreciate existing totally but gettin my better half to percieve existence in a more positive and healthy mindset gets me down everytime.

  14. Have you ever wondered why CA turned into the turd of the USA? Here ya go… I use to love California. The beaches were so beautiful in the 80s and now, I wouldn't piss on it if it were on fire.

  15. Lemme just say if i bought acid and i didn't actually trip it wouldn't boost my mood. Id be more impressed if all these people went full tilt and just dropped out. The other side is that repeated doses over time is what made charles manson.

  16. It definitely is in our minds…but that’s the fucking point. Be scared if you want or be enlightened to reality. The choice is yours and no one else’s. Be safe and responsible

  17. Muscaria are safe versions of these mushrooms! If you boil them,you weaken the effects and will be safe.

  18. Wat….lsd was not created by mistake. It was one of a number of chemicals synthesized intentionally!!!! using ergot as a precursor. Da fuq?

  19. What a group of whiners ….
    Ya know what causes me stress ? A bunch of druggies driving on the same roads high on LSD , mushrooms 🍄 or whatever.

  20. 1) if this illegal why are you filming it
    2) just because they said it helps doesn’t mean I’ll do it
    3) no thanks I’ll stick to Mary Jane

  21. I’m a mother of two who has been widowed twice by suicide. I microdose psychedelic mushrooms regularly and have noticed huge positive effects in my life. I’ve never been a person who takes pharmaceutical drugs but I knew I needed something to manage my depression. I diligently record my dosage and journal the effects. I’ve been dosing off and on over the past couple of years (depending on my ability to source the medicine, cause ya kno, it’s illegal) I speak for myself, but, it’s done wonders and I highly suggest more people look into it.

  22. I wrote a college essay on Psychedelics and the positive effects they can have, as well as treatments for PTSD and other disorders. I got an A.

  23. I used to do a lot of LSD as a teenager. When I was 17 I would do it about 4 times a week. But I would take small amounts because it gave me the energy to work my 2 full time jobs. Funny I was microdosing before it was a thing. This was in 1996. Lol

  24. It works, but I dont want ppl to get carried away and ruin it for others who dont do that.

    I can see ppl getting in car wrecks.

    Ppl need to do research on it and have knowledge about it before they do it.

    Dont ruin it for the rest of us.

  25. Question for addicts/alcoholics in recovery who have tried microdosing- did it trigger the 'phenomena of craving' that the books tell us about?
    My sponsor says don't risk it whereas my therapist is like "let's do some research before diving in" … So yeah, personal experiences needed 😊

  26. So if he was doing the same kind of voluntary study with any other crime…would he have any culpability? Drugs shouldn't be illegal, but they are. At least have the balls to not act like you know what's up ffs.

  27. When I experimented with microdosing it was ~12mcg LSD every day for 2 weeks (I think that was stupid). I got lots of gains, but eventually found it soul-exhausting. BUT! Even though I did it every day, I found enormous benefits. I was more social (I'm an introvert), more creative (I'm an artist), and I found that I genuinely appreciated my life. I used to have suicidal ideation and my MD exp. really taught me how to navigate my turmoil without descending into despair.

    I pray (not religious) that I can have access to this kind of treatment without breaking the law. Rx drugs have always harmed me, but not LSD. It helped me so much! And psilocybin too. Can't exclude that wonder drug.

  28. Stop playing with fire and leave your brain alone. Exercise, nutrition and living a balanced life with Jesus as Lord is your Only Hope✝️

  29. The Greatest Power it is in YOU.
    Therefore, it makes a big deal of difference your OWN ACTITUD and response.
    If you try riding a bicycle and you are full of fear, chances are that you are going to fall.

    It is not for everyone, if you feel you are not confident enough to trust yourself, then go with a more organic way like Breathing Work, do not fall in the trap of taking the easy and fastest way.

    You must think by yourself and know your body trough Meditation, remember, even when all are One, every being it is UNIQUE. What it work for one, not necessarily work for everyone.
    Again, it is very importante to use your own criteria to discern about everything and anything that comes to you.

  30. Naturally is better then thess man made pill that make the system wores in most case resorting in death .. Natural is the best… and the gov ment does won't to have the good stuff becouse that mean u get better and they can't make money of u going to the Dr who charger outge pirce to do unthing but give u pill make it wore on ur body and can resl in death and cancer u want to know were cancer come from pill they put in pill doest matter what kid of pill u take it in there sum people body accept it and sum don't 😞so very sad Dr and gov ment does won't u to ve better

  31. You guys gonna lie and say this stuff isn’t addictive which is why it’s actually illegal come on wake up. This stuff is dangerous and takes a tremendous amount of responsibility to correctly do and is not worth it

  32. When I trip on shrooms its like my mind resets. You see, those stupid little things u get pissed about, really don't but matter. And u get a positive outlook on the future. I have never had a bad trip tho ..

  33. That was actually very interesting! I’m a former Drug addict and now work with Addiction Services, so trust me when I say I have a strong opinion against drugs. But knowing more about controlled, regulated and un-uttered use can have amazing properties to different illnesses, especially Mental Health..

  34. I haven't had mushrooms in a long time but still remember how good it felt and seeing an aura around everything.

  35. Mushrooms are such a fun drug. I don't advocate the use of drugs, but imo a natural occuring substance is not a drug in the first place. But in my experience taking normal doses, I've had some of the most fun I've ever had. It's like being drunk only you can see things move and colors appear out of nowhere. And laughing sometimes never stops. It's nothing but good times for me, but everyone is different they're really not for everyone.

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