21 thoughts on “Mixed Media Whimsical Face in an Art Journal [Classic Karen Campbell Style 💜]

  1. Only took an hour? 3 kids? A hurricane? I’m stressed just imagining all of this! 🤣
    I can’t wait to do something similar. This is very beautiful!✨
    And such a lovely coincidence I just purchased a set of those pitt pens! Can’t wait for them to arrive.

  2. Karen, I just adore you! I can't wait to get home and try this one! I haven't joined your mixed media group yet, I'm still working through all your lovely free tutorials, but I will sign up at some point. Thank you so much! <3

  3. You, my dear, are just too much. There's a hurricane coming? It can damn well wait, Karen has some arting to do and arting she did….classic K.C. art even. Hahaha and I agree with you about the crayons, I think. I only have Gelatos to compare them to, but I think the Marabu is a better deal. And you only live 20 minutes away from Jerry's? Wow! Better you than me cuz I just don't have that much self control. Hahaha I'd be like a 4 year old in a candy store, " I want MORE!" 😁 Well, I hope you had fun with your bit of wind 🤗💜

  4. There's a hurricane coming but you're painting…you rock🤘🎵 I'd be stashing my supplies in a safe spot and throwing myself on top as protection!😃 Love her green eyes, thank you Karen 🤗

  5. Gorgeous Girl! Got those crayons in all colors – yes they are fabulous; gallon of Mod Podge, and Pitt markers and I’m ready to go.😂. Playing with white pen at the end should come with a warning: highly addictive! The eyes of my girls almost always come up with that cat look – it had to be the fashion illustration classes. I really have to put effort not to do it, but then again, drama make-up — awesome 🙌🎨💕😄

  6. Yes awesome is your middle name she's gorgeous and just as beautiful as a Disney princess#kcampbelĺawesomeartist

  7. Whoop Whoop, "Classic, Karen Campbell"!! ~ The Best of The Best!
    Your girl is A-May-Zing! Gorgeous colours & I now own a pack of Pitt pens (still to get the flesh tones).
    She is definitely channeling her inner Disney, fabulousness while also bringing her own 'kick-ass' self!
    I am REALLY going to try to do at least one class this month! Don't ever think I am not appreciative of you. I am, I am, I SO am!! Squidges and thanks. C🙃🐈🐾🐾🐾

  8. I use paint so often that the only paper I ever buy is watercolor paper.  The only exception is when I make Christmas cards – I will make a picture on watercolor paper then glue it onto a mixed media paper base. I didn't do that before, and I found the card was warped. I also like the way you tore the paper before gluing the pieces. Looks more interesting.

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