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Months to Minutes | Unlocking Productivity, Creativity, & Competitive Advantage | DevOpsGroup

Months to Minutes |  Unlocking Productivity, Creativity, & Competitive Advantage | DevOpsGroup

Meet Mark. Mark heads up the IT division of a traditional Enterprise organisation. Marks working day is characterised by escalations, interruptions and incidents. 75% of his annual budget is spent simply keeping the lights on with little money and even less time available for innovation. Mark is under huge pressure from his board and from disruptive companies moving into his market. Work for Mark is characterised by: Long arduous handovers between lots of teams, with painfully long lead times. A management team that spends most of
its time and energy managing escalations and delays. And employees that spend most of their time carrying out time-consuming, manual, and outdated work. For Mark, even the simplest change can take months to get into production. His company has one of the lowest customer satisfaction scores in the industry. Now let’s look at Kim. Her organisation has been modernising their ways of working. She heads up a customer-obsessed IT division that is focussed on delivering business value. Her teams are cross-functional, so each team has the skills to deliver a fully finished piece of work. They have implemented a product-centric operating model with product and service teams supported by self-service platform teams. They understand their customers and have the autonomy to deliver the things their customers value. They have been relentless in removing manual work and waste from their day-to-day work. They focus on building the automation and continuous delivery pipelines that underpin their ability to deliver change with speed and stability. All of this means they can put changes into production in minutes. Kim’s working day is spent supporting her teams as they deliver great service to their customers, and focusing on how IT continues
as a strategic partner to the business. Do you want to go from Months to Minutes? Click the link to find out how DevOpsGroup can help.

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