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Mother Fat Shames Daughter | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Mother Fat Shames Daughter | What Would You Do? | WWYD

You did such a good job at school you deserve a treat! yum I want the oreo! Uhm, no, not for you. But I got better grades than Sarah.. Sweetheart we talked about this, look at
yourself, you need to lose weight. You’re at a donut shop when you see a
mom with her two daughters. She’s rewarding one of them with a donut
but the other one she’s on a strict diet. Will customer side with our mom, who
desperately wants her daughter to lose weight, or with a young girl who simply
wants to enjoy a treat with her sister? What would you do? One donut isn’t going
to affect my diet! That’s just the attitude that got us
into this mess! What are your favorite flavors? We’re rolling one last
time and our mom thinks she’s found a friend in a man behind her in line. But I did tell my one daughter no donuts for her. Why? that’s not right. Look at her she needs to lose some weight! No she don’t! I think, she’s got her own special donut right around yeahhhh. Now we noticed this man behind him
listening in. Did you hear what he said? You know what she’s getting? That’s what she gets. Life this isn’t
fair right. Now that man in the back, steps
forward. Yes. What do you mean… body shaming? I’m the mother here
maybe you should mind your own business. I’m trying to help her. Hi gentlemen how are you. Time to introduce
ourselves. It’s the TV show called What Would You Do. Sometimes people hesitate in telling
other parents how to raise their kids, right? That’s not
fair to have a daughter but I can’t tell her how to raise her kid. You don’t
want to do it but you had no fault. What does that do to a little girl? My assumption would be that it’s
going to break down self-confidence and hurt her in the long run. I don’t think anybody should be treated
that way.

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100 thoughts on “Mother Fat Shames Daughter | What Would You Do? | WWYD

  1. Ugh whites are such drama queens (or kings in this case) My mom is Korean, and when i was growing up, if i was gaining weight or not dressed nicely, my mom gave me constructive criticism. The child is fat. It's a fact. This Political Correctness is what's killing this country 🙄

  2. Dont eat the donut
    Embrace obesity and let your daughter get fat and get all the related diseases and eventually let the mom bury her own child.

  3. They always use the excuse “you can’t tell me how to raise my kids” no I can’t make you but I can tell you how you should

  4. Pretty low likelihood that somebody would only have one fat child ha Letting your children become obese should be considered child abuse or neglect at the least.

  5. Me/me everyday:eats donut,ice cream,cake,salty food,greasy food

    My mom:eat a Damm salad now
    My mom:good
    Me:makes fruit salad and puts chocolate on it

  6. If i can't get one ill just say mom if i can't one don't get her a donut because then she'll become the same as me and your not gonna complain her fat ass mom ur f***in high dumb ass mom

  7. Man: Don't do that to your daughter

    Mom: Maybe you should mind your own business I'm the mother



  8. mom does this to me all the time, and so does my whole family when we go out to eat. wish i had a hero like the man with the tattoos.

  9. Honestly, being fat is not good. Especially it is not good for your health. When people are like, “he/she doesn’t need to lose weight,” they’re just sugar coating it. If someone really cares about your health and you are overweight, they would tell you to lose some weight. The truth hurts.

  10. The girl is overweight but I think they should’ve chosen a girl that was slightly bigger but not by that much so it would’ve looked like the mom was shaming her over a minor difference.

  11. Why do I see my mom like this? I can really relate to this video. Whenever my mim would point it out in a really annoying way, I'd shut my ears and act like I was listening.

  12. I respect that man so much you could tell how affected he was by what she saying about her daughter. We need more people like that to speak out, because he’s right that will affect her in the long run

  13. This hurt me.. I'm 11 and about 150 pounds.. I'm really ashamed .. my step mom keeps telling me to eat healthy or she acts like the actor. I tried even starving myself once. It worked intilI had to eat. Like they forced me. I don't know why I became so … fat, i think it started were my mom left me to go party.. it hurts me so much and I'm trying to lose weight I really am..😢

  14. That guy with tattoo all over his body look like a bad guy but he really really loves his family especially his daughter.. Bravo..

  15. This is a stupid video, if you're overweight you need to eat better. That's the truth, this mother is just hoping the best for her child's health

  16. My mom always says I have to eat and I say no because I'm not trying to be bigger than I am but then when my family is over she loves to talk about my weight I hate my mom

  17. Let’s not kid our self, if it wasn’t the mother that helped the daughter lose weight then the doctors and people at school would have been much worse for her to experience and reason to feel bad about it. Excessive eating is unhealthy, it’s addictive, has plenty of health problems, and leads to more oblivious people thinking that it’s ok. Although it’s not alright for the mother to shame her at all. Be supportive and help change people through kindness, motivation, and little by little, u will get there.

  18. Why not just buy the larger girl a different prize, like a doll or something? Wouldn’t most girls gladly take a doll over one donut?

  19. imo if this was real ion care that she wouldn't give her a donut maybe jus talk it out w her beforehand instead of embarrassing her

  20. The answer to that is, let her have that doughnut; but ni desert after dinner that night, or anymore sweer snacks, since she's had her desert at lunch/ tea time.
    Also, a medical check up might be a good idea, with a view ti having her referres to a dietirian/ nutrrionist, as they can put her on a,regime where she's not hungry most of the time, and one treat daily is allowed, and she stands a chance to stick to the diet and lose the weight in a safe way with a,balanced meal. BUT! what you DON'T and should NEVER do is to point out un oublic how fat YOU think she
    is( even if she actually IS) as shaming her un public will affect her confidence; make her jealous of her sister, and very likely she'll rebel AND quite possibly start to
    purchase unhealthy snacks or raid the fridge when your back is turned. I ubderstand your concern as a mother, but over harsh
    disciplinary action is a waste of time,/ unprodctive.

  21. The mom really isn’t wrong tho I mean the actor could have been nicer and more supportive like a real mom obesity is a huge problem in this country

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