Multicultural Playwright Program performance 2019 – Coffs Harbour

Multicultural Playwright Program performance 2019 - Coffs Harbour

like this up in Coffs Harbour and I'm happy to do whatever it takes to get it up here so Marin has done just that and just it's thank you for your work and everything that you have done really not wonderful a retired teacher that's never worked harder probably so thank you very very much and Mirren's also going to work to taking this out to other regional centers as well and mentoring teachers and and other people in community resources to share that it's absolutely fantastic to be in cost because it's refugee week as well and so it's very very fitting in and I'm absolutely blown away by the opportunities that Coffs Harbour have on offer for everyone who lives here people that have lived here for a long time people who have recently arrived from all over the world and all over the state I personally have friends that have chosen coffs harbour to retire to and I don't blame them it's an absolutely beautiful part of the world and but the way that the community celebrates cultural diversity is is absolutely inspiring I'm incredibly sorry that we're not staying in extra an extra night so that we can attend the Freedom feast which sounds amazing and I'm sure will be a huge success but next to you if we're up here we're going to make sure we're here for that freedom feast I'd like to thank all the Department of Education executive staff program coordinators the principal's that we have here head teachers teachers parents and students who are with us to watch this performance today I would particularly like to thank the principles from coffs harbour height or Mina high Aurora high and Narang go public a school for supporting the teachers and the students to participate in this program and for being either physically in the room or watching us on the livestream today thank you so so much it's a lot of paperwork it's a big deal to have three days out of school to be doing this performance but what they've learnt and what you'll see I'm sure you allow you'll appreciate that it was worth it I'd also like to thank the staff from the Conservatorium Pat Gillian and Sheridan have been absolutely incredible this is a fantastic facility coughs Arbor Harbour is so lucky to have a space like this eight years in the making only opened in May last year they've allowed us to come in and and use this space for this for this performance and couldn't have been more generous more hospitable more trusting that that the space was going to be well used and and it was a fitting venue for what we've tried to achieve over the last few days so thank you very very much we just give the Conservatorium staff a big round of applause I think we're almost ready oh is Sonya so before last little bit and this program started twelve months ago with the idea of bringing it up here for the schools and the teachers participating it started at the beginning of term two we had a day of professional learning about how to develop stories and possible starting points for the work that you're going to see today and and it was a fabulous day um then in the last three days we've had the fabulous tutors from zeal Tom and Steph were working with the students to put this all together into one piece and we've got students from Aurora high coffs harbour height or Mena high and Narang a public school and there's 30 students performing today the country's being represented on stage here today are Syria Iraq Burma Ghana West etho Ethiopia Philippines Congo Cambodia Iran Pakistan in yeah and Korea and we also have the live stream which is now running and we welcome everyone in live stream land and David Todd and Peter Copeland who are here today to operate that live stream it's going to a national and an international audience the students have taken home the URL the link to this performance and I can say that in watching this program are people from Turkey India Afghanistan Pakistan Norway America Iraq Germany Iran the Netherlands France Philippines South Korea Syria and South America and these are all the countries that the families and friends from the students who are participating are tuning in and watching what they're learning at school in Australia so can we just give a big round of applause and that let's officially broken the record for how much international context that we have so that's absolutely fantastic well that's enough from me I'm very excited to now sit down in the audience and watch the fruits of our labors I'm going to hand you over to our wonderful students please enjoy today's performance [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] what about you boy why doesn't do so I was hanging out with my friend John didn't have time ready that can yes are you friends more important that in future you come up to school to study to have a future yes not to play yes what about you go why didn't do your homework miss I was drinking with my mum that's why I didn't do my homework so she was very sick and I was very I don't care I don't care about that you still need to bring your homework special you are a girl there but I can't get a job and work certain means they don't need to worry about anything but you you are girl you just want to be a wife or somebody and have kids you don't own a future for yourself you are coming to school to study to on a future not to playing around yes man I just wanna ask why on our country safer for both boys and girls in our countries that prefer boys more than girls because I asked this day the girls is like glass if she did a mistake she breaks and she never came back as he used to be and that mistake stay a black dot in her life I never goes away and people never forgive her even after days we mom don't either yes no always people say oh do you remember that girl that did a mistake um what do you say about points I mean like the boys in our community are like the King there even if they did the mistake people forgive them and they don't say anything even like because I because there is boys Lukas like but now as the future we want to change that and we want that the girls and the boys are equally to each other everything and so that is not school I look like in Australia [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] our science topic and you should all copy it down whatever miss oh yes you're playing with your politics day I told you thick and I'll finish the mustard time do not come back doggy we'll just take a photo do you know my video [Applause] [Applause] when I try to speak English [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] don't talk to nobody I nobody talks to me I just lose my voice through ones beam me forth but it feels like home they can say they can say it all sounds crazy they can say they can say I lost my mind I don't care neither cares that called me crazy we can design the brightest colors spin my head a million keeping me away I think the world the wars could be Pacino's the one I see I merely dreams is always kind of dead a million teens for the world anime [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] my brother was so hungry that he went straight to the fridge he opened the crate and he was so amused by all the different varieties of food and drinks but this one drink in particular was a green drink so he grabbed it out my mom came storming into the room now my father was one of those really food dad's I thought he could cool things down so it can be in the room ticking yo our service what's happening I can I judge do not fight again you fighting again when we come and yell in the airplane and now again for a I have to go and do my makeup my father was picking up the fruit and when he picked up was pretty good in the fridge and then he was also surprised by the Queen although they were warned not to touch it he was so misfired that he told my brother both the drinking the cup and my mom came in the drink in the room again I have enough from your son that night she stuffed my father's so hard that ability yeah I'm just feeling dizzy I need God to see just fine [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] on the second day of Zara's family arrival her mom and her translator came to the doctor's I'm dr. Jackson today I'm bunching up how was your sleep did you speak well the translator translates everything but shower in in English it in her language [Applause] I have no idea when where or even how we went me but I knew that as a future we will meet as the first time we will help each other and when we will meet as a second time who will know each other we will be a friend you will save me I will save you you will hold my hand ever walk with you will be our best friend I'm telling this world to my future best friend I don't know is it he or she but I knew that I was being happy to have a best friend like you [Applause] that was hardly any sound where were all the people going about their business where are all the cars bringing people from one place to another where are the children playing games on the streets no one was out on the streets there are not dogs and humans roaming the streets [Applause] and couples with traditional carnival with school which called spicy I Avani would you like to try some yes please I mean from well I don't really have a favorite dish but I really like hot chicks we are we are able to tolerate some of the food in Australia we appreciate the school that helped us learn the language although this tuner had told us some of the some of the words that we shouldn't iron now we appreciate the opportunities our mothers get to work in our countries usually our mothers had to travel for two months or more to just work and only bus with our younger sisters our elder sisters who were just like 10 years old [Applause] [Applause] now we appreciate how beautiful this place is I'm like the amazing sunset here the water and the light now we have each other [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] very much all of you to come and watch our show here [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] and whatever I liked about em can we get these people a huge round of applause [Applause] all that in one jar in three days pretty amazing there's some there's some people behind the scenes that we do need to think and there's some teachers that have worked very very hard we have Mary would you like to come up here from narang a public school gaterboy and tamina high school Bonni Griffin from Aurora and Jessica rotten breed from comes home on our stroll and I'll be supported by Zulu holy also from hops have a high school that's always good and everybody here can we've got Pat really from the conservatory and can we give her a big belly burger thank you for having us and Marian would you like to come up thank you and the last couple of people I'd like to invite our Stefan insu and Tom like our CEO theater would you like to come down [Applause] thank you so much just gonna ask you people to sit for a moment do something a little bit impromptu so we thought we might finish off with a little bit of a question-and-answer session and if you've got any questions about this but I have a question that I wanted to ask and and if you in big voices could could share with us over the last three days you've been pretty amazing and apart from learning your lines and sharing your stories we've learnt some other things some skills can anyone put their hand up and tell me some of the things they think they've learned over the last three days yes making new friends and that this good feeling in front of everyone excellent yes they've done lovely yes yes sharing our each other how creative everything was and everybody joining in on that any other things yes confidence excellent I love that working together collaborating and working and being one excellent and we talked about at the beginning like we're all separate when we came when we came here on that first day but we wanted to form our very own theater company and their own experience and we've done that but for me what I've seen over the last three days is our respect and not only respect for for the differences but respect for the similarities as well that we're all all have this shared experience we're all living in the same place and the similarities by far outweigh the differences and and to me that's just been amazing to watch and I'd like to congratulate all of you for for those things so that's that's a pretty impressive list of of what people have learnt and I'd like to put it to you that their life skills that will continue long long after this this moment in time does anybody in the audience have any questions that they would like to ask maybe about the process or about what they did yes sorry done who was the director that's a really good question actually yeah yeah so everyone just worked on it collaborated and together really and had lots and lots of suggestions that's a great question it's a great answer any other questions yes I just listening sorry ah we can it's about the most difficult part would you agree there and what else for the other ones yes just be glad yes it's a big spice and have to get our voices all the way up the back yeah but that was something we had to learn over three days was there another thing that someone thought I'll tell you what it's a very I takes a lot of courage and a lot of bravery to a come up with your own performance and stories and ideas but to step out from behind that curtain and to share it with all of you takes a lot of courage and I know there was a little bit of nerves backstage but gee you wouldn't know it when you're on stage you just came alive and did such a fabulous fabulous job any other questions one more yes there you guys proud of what you just did so proud of yourselves very very good yes okay well I'm going to we'll just do one last thing that I like to do it's a lot of fun you guys can join in we're going to celebrate the end of our performance we're going to thank the people that have supported us to get here we're going to thank Tom and Steph oh and the teachers with three cheers so he did fantastic one last round of applause – thank you so much for being here we're just going to take some group photos now and teachers if you'd like to just take your time – to leave the building check any belongings having been left behind and thank you again for being here and being such an important part of this process thank you you

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