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Murph Fights the Rat King (Ep 4, Pt 1) | The Unsleeping City

Murph Fights the Rat King (Ep 4, Pt 1) | The Unsleeping City

(Brennan exhales) – Hey, gang, it’s
Brennan Lee Mulligan here from College Humor. Coming up on the roof is
where I do my best thinking about what’s gonna happen
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content coming your way. Sky’s the limit. (door knob jangles) (Brennan knocks on the door) I’m done centering myself, I can’t get back in! (doorknob jangles) (Brennan sighs) (Brennan yells) – Welcome to the Unsleeping City. – You are what is known in arcane circles as a Vox Phantasmus. – I’m a voice for the dream? – In the history of New York, there has never been a Vox Phantasmus and a Vox Populi at the same time. – And a what? – I’m the Vox Populi. – You guys actually crossing
through Betheseda Fountain. I’m the angel of the waters. You can call me Em. – Did you happen to see
anything weird going on? – Don Confetti’s daughter
is getting married. – We’re just gonna run up in
the pixie mafia’s wedding? – You feel the flask full of water from Bethesda Fountain get
burning hot in your pocket. – Something’s going wrong with the angel of the Bethesda Fountain. – The statue of the angel
is gone from the fountain. The statue was somehow
removed from the fountain and dragged down into the sewers. – Can I see if there’s any bugs? – You actually hear in the distance. (Brennan chitters) The king has returned! The king! The king! – Oh, is this the fuckin’ Rat King? – Oh, you are too late, I’m afraid. I have been gifted my bride! Try and stop me, bring it. (Dimension 20 theme) Welcome back, one and all,
to the Unsleeping City. My name is Brennan Lee Mulligan. These are our intrepid heroes. Say hi, intrepid heroes. – [Everyone] Hi, intrepid heroes. – We find them deep underground in the sewers of New York City. Grimy, filthy, smelling of and piss, our heroes face the Rat King here looking on this ancient cistern underneath the reservoir of New York. The aqueduct coming down into
the city in Central Park. This ancient cistern,
the Rat King swarming massive, so many hundreds
and hundreds of rats. Their tails all tied together in a knot, wearing a golden crown.
(woman laughs) – Aw.
– You’ve entered this cistern and you see the door, boom! Slam shut behind you and locks as the Rat King goes and
presses this little panel over here on the wall next to him. Well, my friends, it
seems that you have come to the court of the Rat King and you, Kugrash, pretender to the throne. – You’re a dumb. You got all your tails tied together. – What? We are royalty! And we do not have our
tails tied together. We have one tail to unite
all rat folk as one people. You would know nothing, usurper. – This dude sucks. He’s a dumb. – Oh my God, I just thought of something. We have to keep Kug away from the Rat King or Kug, you have a tail, right? – Your tail shall become one! – I tie my tail.
– No way! – Disgusting, you’re disgusting. – We do not suck! In fact, we rule!
(Emily laughs) And soon we shall rule all. – You seem like you suck. – Yeah, no, I think we’re all in agreement back here that you suck, dude. – I’m getting suck vibes. – This is disgusting. Why am I here?
(everyone laughs) – Well, it’s not disgusting. I mean the sewers are
nice, he’s disgusting. – Okay.
– Specifically. – You know what?
– You do not wish to be in the court of the Rat King? Well, cry me a river. Beep. (Brennan makes whooshing noises) And water starts to course in.
– I knew it. I knew it! I knew it! – Water starts to course in
out of the pipes into the room. (Brennan makes whooshing noises) (Brennan cackles) It’s sink or swim in the
court of the Rat King. Come my, minions, and join
our glorious evolution. Our new queen is here. You guys don’t see Em, the
angel of Bethesda, anyway as he says our new queen is here. Misty, you’re first to act. – Ah. How far away is he? Far? He’s far, right? – He’s very far away. – He’s more than a
hundred and 20 feet away? Yes, he is. Also it doesn’t matter. – He is. That’s 80. So from there it’s another, he’s, yeah, he’s like maybe
like a hundred and 30 feet away. – Now can you explain this little platform situation in the middle here? How do, we would have to
do like an acrobatics check to jump to these platforms? – So all the, any step that you see that is not like normal
human sized step basically you can either just use
movement to get past it. Meaning it’s like extra difficult terrain. So basically, to go from
one step to the next step on these giant stone platforms is gonna take about 15 feet
of your movement, right? One for the normal step and
then 10 to get up the vertical. – [Siobhan] Great. – You could also use
acrobatics or atheltics to make that terrain a
little bit less difficult for yourself.
– Great. For now, I’m just gonna ready an action but I am gonna look over
at young Ricky Matsui and say, Ricky?
– Yeah? – Don’t take this the wrong way but you can really rock a fireman’s outfit. And I give you a bout of inspiration. – Thanks.
(Brennan laughs) – Awesome. What is the action you’re readying? – Do I have to say that? So I. I am potentially readying crown of madness but that only works if
there are more fighters in play and right now the Rat King is the only one there, so. – So you’re gonna. So to express your ready action, if an enemy combatant comes
within range of the spell, you are going to cast
crown of madness on them. – Yes.
– Dope. Awesome. Kingston, that’s you. – I’d like to bless, I was about to call you Kristen. (Ally laughs) Pete, Ricky and Sofie Bikes. (Emily gasps) (clattering in the background) (Emily laughs) – So blessed.
– Sofie, I’m like, you’re so drunk already. – That champagne was a wild ride. – Can you put that broken flute down? – Exactly. Sofie, you know–
– What? I’m picking my teeth with it. (everyone laughs) – But I’ll bless the three of them and then I guess I’ll, the water is just starting to rise, can I do an insight check to see how much or the rate or can I do
some kind of guesstimation as to how long– – Give me a insight and give me a perception check. – Perception, great. (dice clatters) That’s gonna be 11. – It is a geyser of water coming in here. – Got it.
– It’s like four powerful, this is like a water mains that had be fully opened onto the space. – Great, I’ll take. I’ll take like, I guess, I’ll go one, two, three, that’s what? – 15.
– 15. And then can I use 15 to get here? – Yeah, you can use 15
to get up right on there. Absolutely. – Can, we can’t walk on the
water at this point, right? It’s too deep? – Well, it’s pretty viscous and murky but you do see that
this a drain right here so you’re guessing there’s probably only three or four feet of water. So you could actually, if you wanted to, charge through the water. It would just be difficult terrain, it would halve your movement. Awesome. That’s gonna be Pete. – Kinda stranded out there
if I try to do the water. ‘Cause I can’t jump up. – You can’t jump up to that? – I mean, I can jump up to that but if I tried to do the water route and I get caught like right
here, these are too high. – Oh, I know what you’re saying. Right, if you go around it’ll be harder to jump–
– Yeah, if I’m trying to go around, yeah, I could get caught. – I feel like we just
gotta get to high ground. – Yeah.
– Yeah. Okay, I’m gonna do the same movement as Kingston. Just go up, pop up next to him and then I’m gonna cast, I’m gonna cast minor illusion. As like just a, a stinky
wet piece of cheese. (Lou and Emily laugh)
Right here. – Oh. – I’m gonna need you to roll
a deception check for me with advantage ’cause
you’re creating an illusion. – Cool in deception I have plus seven. – Cool, roll with advantage. (dice clatters) – Six. 17. – 17 plus–
– Plus seven, so 24. – You guys see the most incredible wheel. (everyone laughs) The most incredible wheel of some crazy, like, French cheese that’s
only made in one village. Pete, you feel yourself
reaching yourself in and you go into yourself for a second and it’s like 1892 and it’s
Ellis Island in New York and you see that there’s
a little French man getting off a boat, who says, I’ll open a cheese shop here
and make the greatest cheese that has ever been. And the cheese he is dreaming of, boom, appears in the end of your hand and appears right here right on the pipe. The Rat King says, rats, that cheese must be mine! (everyone laughs) And you. You see that where the cheese appears a bunch of rats that were set out to come and attack you, appear and attempt to get that cheese. (Ally laughs) – [Emily] Ooh! – Yeah. – Amazing. Ricky, that’s gonna be you. – Okay. This feels maybe dumb but I’m going to cast, I get to cast divine sense. I can use it a couple times a day, so I wanna cast it to see if I can tell where the, where the fountain person is. – Okay, quick rule check while I see the, the range of divine sense. – 60 feet, within 60 feet.
– 60 feet? There is, the celestial presence goes deeper into the
chamber but you do not think within 60 feet of
you that the angel is here. So you don’t think that she’s under the water near you, for example. – Okay. I will. I’m gonna go over here. So one, that’s 15 feet, so that’s 20 feet. 10, I can’t hop over to here, right? – You could absolutely
jump over there, yeah. – [Zac] All right, I’m gonna do that. – Cool. So that’s your movement. – And I think divine sense is my action. – Let me see how long, does it say how long divine sense lasts? – Till the end of your next turn. – Till the end of your next turn. Cool. – So unless, it’s still working, yeah. – Rat. You jump up, that’s going to be. You see that the Rat King looks at you and says, will you not kneel to your king? – Real rats deal the no rat king, you piece of. – Yeah, this is New York City, we don’t have kings here.
– Yeah. – Kings you do have and what’s more their thick and beefy boys
that come from beneath. Guards, seize these interlopers! The water moves.
– Thick and beefy? – Oh, the beefy boys, this is bad. – Albino alligators.
– Aw. – Whoa!
– What? – [Zac] What? – That’s awesome. – Those aren’t rats!
(Brennan laughs) – Why? You were such majestic creatures, why would you bow to such a lame one? – They’re huge! – [Brennan] Hold on one second. – [Zac] They are so, Jesus. – Wow.
– This one’s going to. – [Zac] I shouldn’t have moved. – One, two, three, four, five, six. – You couldn’t have known. – Seven, eight. He’s going over there. This guy is going to
make an athletics check to jump up and try to get Ricky. Does not. So this horrifying fungus
covered albino alligator comes, (Brennan roars) Snap! Right near where your face is. You see that the Rat King says, these alligators were
left flushed down toilets, forgotten by the people
in the realms above! They have joined my cause
as those of the sewers rise to take their vengeance
on the sunlit world of old. The attacks they’re going to make now, one of them takes an attack against Sofie. – He knows I have the
higher AC now, right? – I don’t think he knows that. Misses Sofie. One’s gonna take an attack against Kugrash and misses against Kugrash. That is now going to be Sofia’s turn. – Okay. I feel like we need to get to the panel. Am I right? I feel bad that leaving you two with the alligators but I– – Get out of here.
– Awesome, okay. Then I am going to–
– Thank you, Misty. – I would like to use all of my movement to try to get towards the panel. – Dope. Are you, so you’re gonna rush away from the threatened area
of two of those alligators. – That makes it sound like it’s a bad– – It’s not a bad idea
but you have abilities that allow you to disengage
and do stuff like that. – I know, but I wanna save, I wanna use my bonus action to add to my speed so I can
get to the panel sooner. – Make whatever call
you would like to make. – Okay. – [Brennan] Let me know
what you’re gonna do. – Okay, so do I need to tell you? So I, well, I kinda wanted
to see how far I got and then take my– – So you’re not taking–
– Dash. – So you’re not taking a disengage? Correct? – Yeah, oh so. Two of them or just one of them would go? – Two of them are gonna get their attacks of opportunity on you.. – I guess I will. Yeah, okay, so I’ll use. I’ll use step of the
wind to take a disengage. – Okay.
– And then I’ll move my full amount.
– Cool. So that’s gonna be 40. – That’s gonna be 80.
– 80, right. Let me see, ’cause these cost a lot extra. – But I’m also an acrobat, so– – Oh, you can make an acrobatics check for the round if you want
to ignore some of the, like, for each of these gaps, you can, so there’s one, two, three gaps, you could give me three acrobatics checks to try to overcome that penalty. – Okay. (dice clatters) First one is gonna be 26. – Hell yeah, you make it. (dice clatters) – Next one is gonna be 11. – Okay, so you’re gonna
have to use movement to get past that one, you
don’t clear with acrobatics. – Last one’s gonna be 26 again. – Cool, so we’re gonna go five, ten, 15, 20, 25 and that’s gonna be 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80. – Okay.
– Cool. You guys see Sofia just–
– Whoa! – That’s so cool! – I think I’m doing like
front handsprings, too. – To like flip up there. Yeah, incredible. You make it all the way to the top. Also, next round, just so you know, you’re entering your next
round at a full sprint. So whatever things you do next round, you’re doing with a full running start. – Yeah! – Hell yeah. – So can I? Sorry, use my readied spell? – You could absolutely use
your readied spell, yes. – And I would like to cast
crown of madness on this guy. – Awesome. Crown of madness. – So they have to take
a wisdom saving throw or be charmed for the duration. So my spell save DC is 14. – This, what does Misty do to this giant crazy looking alligator? – Oh, I see we’re wearing crowns today, I say to the Rat King
and then I waft my hand in a fun little circle
around the alligator’s head and I end disgusting crown. – On the alligator. The alligator looks up at you with alligator tears in its eyes and goes, me king, too? Me king, too! – Sure, everybody’s a king today! (everyone laughs) – Me king, too! Thank you, lady!
– Oh, boy. – Great. Cool, so now it must use its action before moving on each of its turns. Make a melee attack against a creature, other than itself, that
you mentally choose. – I mentally choose, yes. – Incredible. You see the Rat King looks and says, no, no, fair alligator, she
is a pretender to the throne! Remember your true allegiance! That’s going to now be Kugrash. – All right, big pile of rat posers. I’m, you are not the
only one with minions. And I use a bonus action to, I would like to call
upon the spirit totem. Spirit of the juicy cockroach. – Ooh. – Just the juiciest
cockroach you’ve ever seen. One that ate a bunch of,
in somebody’s apartment. (everyone laughs) – Couldn’t it just be a normal cockroach? – No, it’s gotta be big and juicy. One of them big ones. And it gives us, everybody within, so I can choose a spot within 60 feet and then it does a 40 foot aura. So I’ll do right around, I’ll do like in the middle here. So it kinda gets our, our guys. – Great. – And it’s gonna give
everybody temporary HP. Five plus my druid level, so, nine? Nine temp HP. – Is that including–
– That’s including you ’cause you’re in there.
– Good. – I think so. Yeah, would you be 30 feet if it was here? – Yeah.
– Okay. And then that’s a bonus action and we also get advantage
on strength checks and strength-saving throws
while we’re in the little thing. And then I’m gonna cast
mirror image of myself. – Ooh! – So that there are two of me and whenever people
attack me, they have to roll to see if they
hit me or the fake one. – Cool. – You’re not the only pile of rat, face! And I do my dance. – You guys see three
dancing Kugrashes in a row. The alligators start looking
around very confused. Do not be confused by this druid’s tricks! He is a mystic and a bringer of ill news. (Emily laughs) He, incredible. The water continues to rush in. – Does he press anything
else on the panel? – I think it’s just open.
– It’s just open. – Okay. – Ooh.
– Oh! – I’m gonna need you guys to take Misty, Kugrash and those alligators off the board real quick. If you’d be so kind. – [Siobhan] Oh, cute! – That’s so cute. – Look at these, these alli-cuties! – You know what happens when you guys call your enemies cute, right? – It is so cute! (intense music) (water rushing) – So you guys, Kugrash, you’re almost fully in water. Misty, you’re like up to your, I wanna say like your chest, yeah. These alligators are looking hungry. The Rat King turns to look at you. Give me a perception
check, if you’d be so kind. (dice clatters) – Seven.
– Cool. Rat King looks at you and says, he says, Ha! An assassin, eh? Sent to kill my monarchy in its infancy. Well, you are under arrest. (Brennan squeaks) And all these rats chatter. I’m gonna need you to make
a wisdom-saving throw, if you’d be so kind.
– All right. (dice clatters) (Emily murmurs) – Oh, your blessings, right? – It’s gonna be an 18. Thanks to the blessing,
thanks to the blessing of my king, Kingston.
– Oh, okay. – You see a spell hits you and you do feel that Kingston’s blessing repels this spell and he says, what? What trickery is this? My magic’s second to none! That’s going to be, Misty, that’s you. – So, crown of madness takes my action but can I still do movement? – Mm-hm.
– Great. So now I would like to. So this guy has crown of madness. – He will not take an
attack of opportunity. – Can I go onto this platform up here? I’ll risk what I can, I don’t wanna be in the water, you know? – Okay, so that’s gonna
be five, 10, 15, 20. 25, 30. You can make it that far and that one’s gonna get an attack of opportunity on you. – Bring it on. Hang on a second. As I’m passing him, I go, albino alligator, you must be so ugly. (Brennan laughs) I take away– – You must be so ugly. – One from the roll that you just did. – That should be your
thing for everything. You must be so ugly. – You must be so ugly. Like you can’t even see them. (Emily laughs) You must be so ugly.
– Okay, is crown of madness concentration? I believe so, yes?
– Yeah, it is. – You take. Ten, 12 points of damage and as you get to this way right here. This guy whips around and restrains you, grabs onto your leg. (Brennan growls) And is holding you in place.
– Okay. So I have to beat a six? – You need to beat–
– Or a 10? – A 10.
– Okay, great. And I have advantage on that
because I’m a warcaster. – And you’re blessed.
– I’m not blessed but I did get a 16.
– Hell yeah. You hold onto your spell’s concentration but you are restrained in place and you do take 12 points of damage. The nasty fungal sewer awfulness in there seeps into your leg. That’s going to– – I don’t regret insulting you. (everyone laughs) – That’s now going to be Kingston. – All right. Can I cast command on the
alligator holding Misty? – You absolutely can. – So it has to make a– – If you do that, your blessing will go. – No, it’s–
– Oh, it’s not a– – It’s not a concentration spell. – Oh, right, it’s suggestion.
– It’s a single round. – Yeah, can I cast? Yeah, it has to make a wisdom-saving throw against my spell, spell save which is 15. – Got a 14.
– Oh. – Wow!
– Ha ha! – [Brennan] What does Kingston say? – Drop it! Drop it! Drop! (Brennan whimpers) Drop! – And it backs off. – They’re so cute! We need to keep one!
– That’s so cute. – Into the water. You are not restrained
anymore, incredible. (Emily laughs) That’s very good. – Can I still move? – Yeah, you still got a movement. – Ah, great. Can I, I’d like to try
and scramble up to here. – Cool, so that’s gonna be one, two, three, four, yeah, cool. I’m actually gonna need you to, because you’re going
through water for that, I’m gonna need an athletics check for me to see if you can make it up there. – Great, fantastic. And that’s not one of the ones we get with that big juicy
cockroach floating around. – That’s just strength. – Athletics?
– Athletics, yeah. – I think we’re good. A 15?
– 15. You hop up there, no prob. You’re, you know, you’re
older than you were back in your hey day but you know what? You still got it, man. – Man, I’ll tell y’all
the worst day of my life where my house was ruined by pigeons and now I’m running
around in a dirty sewer. (Brennan laughs) It’s nice to know I still got it. – That’s going to be Pete. – All right. I’m gonna try to run up, so is that an athletics also? – You can use movement for it or you can try to do an athletics to counteract some of that. – Oh, I think I’ll try to do an athletics. – [Brennan] Yeah, go for it. – Three.
– Nope. – And then do we get
advantage, ’cause it is, it is strength checks, I was wrong, right? ‘Cause it, if it’s athletics– – Oh, if it’s athletics,
it’s strength, yes. So you would get advantage on that from the cockroach spirit. – You’re also blessed.
– All right, he’s– – You guys see, yeah. Kugrash has summoned this insane glowing, like, brown,
glowing with like brown light being like, yes, the cockroach. I’m doing it, it feels strong. – It’s so, he’s so juicy.
(everyone laughs) – Ew.
– Do it, do it, come on jump. Get up there. – You’re also blessed. – Yeah.
– That’s true. But you are blessed, so you can’t, oh, you do roll with
advantage that’s right. – Roll and then I roll again with blessed? – Yup! (dice clatters) – Two and three again. Very cool. – So you’re gonna have
to use your movement. So it’s gonna be five, ten, 15, 20, 30 and you have one more, you can be like. Or no, that’s 25, 30.
– Okay. – Cool. – Can I see the Rat
King from where I’m at? Or I have that big thing in front of me? – You could actually go to this
square and like duck around. He’d have like partial cover which would raise his AC a little bit, but you might be able to catch a glimpse of him if you wanted to.
– Okay, yeah. I wanna cast scorching ray on him. – Hell yeah, go for it. Let me see here. Yeah, I think you’ve got a pretty much pretty straight line to
this bozo, let me see. Just about, yeah. So we’ve got a bonus AC. Go ahead and make your three
attacks of scorching ray. – All right. With blessed? – With blessed, yup. – All right, well, that’s a 19 anyway. – Oh, hell yeah.
– So that one hits. (dice clatters) Seven and four is 11. – Plus your spell attack modifier there. – Oh, yeah, yeah. With another–
– 19, that hits. – Whoo! (dice clatters) – 13, four, 17 plus seven. – Yeah, even with his raised armor class from having that cover. – Thank you!
(Emily laughs) – Go ahead and roll 6d6. – 6d6 at the Rat King? – 6d6 at the Rat King.
– Thank you. One more d6, thank you, here we go. – Kingston can do a really creaky floss. (dice clatters) (Siobhan chuckles) – No! Only two sixes, okay. A 12. 20, no sorry, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19. – 19 damage.
– Whoo! – Of course. – You see that the Rat King says, here in my sole corner. And once again, your arm splits open and you realize that you’re
channeling nightmares right now. All the people that have
ever burned to death in their sleep in New York City are fucking fires echoing, you can hear like the
Triangle Shirtwaist fire. The fire, every nightmare history thing of like. (Brennan yells) You guys that Pete’s
eyes go completely black and blood starts oozing out of his eyes as your arm splits open. The Rat King goes, (Brennan yells) as like about, you know,
a quarter of the rats in him are incinerated. More rats! We need more rats up here, stat! And I’m going to need you
to make a perception check. – Okay.
– And a wild magic– – And wild magic. (dice clatters) – Perception is seven, plus– – Do you add your blessing? – Seven, 14 and then this bless. 17. – You see as you incinerate,
a chunk of something solid just out of part of the Rat King. – Oh, yeah.
– That– – My girl’s tangled up in there. (Brennan chuckles) – Now roll for wild magic circle. – And it’s one or two now? – Now it’s one, two and three. – One, two and three?
– Yeah. (dice clatters) – Three! (everyone laughs) – That’s gonna be much too close to Pete for me to be cool. – You don’t add bless to that? – Oh yeah!
– Do I? – Does she add bless?
– Do not add bless to that. – What’d you roll?
– A three. – Why couldn’t it just be one or two? – Whenever the dice hits something and that makes it stop,
it’s never a good deal. – What is Pete feeling in this moment? – So scared from seeing all these fires. I’m starting to think
maybe I’m channeling evil when I do this.
– Mm-hm. You go, you see that, that there a dog you remember
from your street upstate that used to scare you
because he barked real loud, appears in front of you and says, Remember me? You never have to be afraid again. I gotta help you, you wanna someone up? You’re the bad dog now. Ruff, ruff. Remember that time I stole
your sister’s Halloween candy? I can do that again every time. – Okay, cool. Get that Rat King. (Brennan snarls) And he disappears into motes of light that the Rat King, even your other friends that can see dream,
don’t appear to be able to see the that you can see. (soft twinkling) Turns into motes of sparks and begins to swirl around the Rat King. You don’t know what that wild magic surge just did but it did something. – I open up my med
bracelet and take my, like, anti-psychotics, my Adderall and my testosterone really quick. (everyone laughs) Remembering that I haven’t
taken my meds today. (Brennan laughs) – Hell yeah, that’s going to be Ricky. – I’m going to cast. Fuck. I wish I used this earlier. We’ll use sacred weapon now, just because it will be helpful and I’m going to use a bonus action to cast, what’s it called? – Can you cast two spells in the same, or sacred weapon is not a spell? – No, it’s not, it’s just an action. But–
– Cool. – Then use this, oh, shield of faith. – Mm-hmm.
– On. I think I’m gonna use it on Misty. – Okay, great.
– What does that give me? – You add a, two AC.
– Great. – It is a concentration. And then I’m going to try to move. Can I? Can I? If I move through here, will
I be attacked by everybody? Yeah. – You’ll get one attack of opportunity from this dude right here. – All right, I’ll go to here.
– Mm-hm. – And just–
– Cool. – Try to like be in the center of. – [Brennan] One, two, cool you go here. That guy’s gonna get an attack on you. (dice clatters) Misses. Cool. That’s going to be the alligators. – So I’d like to turn to the guy who has crown of madness and say, you see this guy just bit me? What are you gonna do about it? – He says, as king alligator, I will bite him. – Ooh, yes, good idea! – [Brennan] He rushes over
here to bite this dude. Let’s see how that goes. – Look at that.
– Oh! – Just like drowning.
– Jump his back. – Just a wet rat. – His purr, his fur is
probably matted again. – He misses. This guy swims over here. For Kug. This guy’s gonna come over here for Ricky. – Luckily this is–
– Coming against Kugrash. – Should I get an attack
of opportunity on a guy who ran by me to get Ricky? I mean, to get Kugrash. – Where was he? Oh, yes, you would get
an attack of opportunity. – Cool. – Yeah.
(dice clatters) – Plus bless, right? – Yeah. – That was 11 plus two. And knocked it over to a d20, to a 20. So that was 20.
– 20 hits. Which means that you
actually arrest his movement, he doesn’t come for Kugrash. – Yeah!
– Yay! – Hey, thanks, man. (dice clatters) – And I did, ooh, that’s a 15. – You see that one alligator
looks at you and goes, (Brennan growls) and suddenly, whomp, it’s
whole head disappears under the water with a glowing ax blade in the meat of its shoulder. – Stop it!
(everyone laughs) – Hey, he’s a good kid. Good fireman. – I have a question about concentration. – Mm-hmm, yes?
– So I have concentration on this guy but because I have war caster, I have attack of
opportunity spell casting. – Yes. – Can I, ’cause that’s
not an action, right? It’s just a reaction. – That’s a reaction, it doesn’t mess with your concentration. – So. Can I then cast– – No one’s triggered an
attack of opportunity from you ’cause no one’s left your threatened area. – Oh, they didn’t leave
the threatened area, they just came into the threatened area. – Yeah, absolutely.
– Okay, great. Great. – So one’s gonna go for Misty. Missed. One’s gonna go for Ricky. Missed as well. (Emily laughs) Just chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp. But I believe crown of
madness is every round, he gets another wisdom
saving throw, right? – He does, he gets a wisdom
saving throw every turn. – Cool. (dice clatters) Fails again. These guys are not very
wise as it turns out. – Yeah, who’d’ve thunk?
– Who’d’ve thunk? ♪ Who’d’ve thunk ♪ ♪ Who’d’ve thunk ♪ Great, that’s going to be Sofia. – Okay. I sip the last drop of champagne from my broken champagne– – Oh, it just shatters. – This is so wrong.
– Your lips are bleeding. – Yeah.
– Are you okay? – And then I want to, how far can I jump? – With a running start,
you go even farther if you do step of the wind. – Well, yeah, so I
wanna use my whole turn. Like I wanna use every
action I possibly can to try to get to that panel. – Hell yeah. What’s your, what is your– – Which I have step of the
wind if I need to use it. – What is your strength score? – My strength is only one, but I usually use acrobatics. Oh my total strength is 13, but I usually use acrobatics first off. – Gotcha. So this is gonna be, this is like such a long leap but you’re doing step of the wind. Buh, buh, buh. Oh, Jesus Christ. Okay. Also, how tall are you? (Zac laughs) – How tall am I? I mean, what I wanna say right now is like seven foot five but probably I’m more like five-five,
five-six, five-ten. (everyone laughs) – Good on you for being honest. – Five-five, five-six, five-ten. – Yeah, we don’t really talk about it, she’s seven-eight.
(Emily laughs) – Your long jump.
– Uh-huh. – You automatically, if
you do step of the wind, is automatically 25 feet
which is insanely far but I’ll, if your burn the key point, I will let you roll an athletics check. – Athletics or acrobatics? – We’ll go acrobatics.
– Okay, yeah. – But I’ll say that every five above ten that you get, is another
five feet on the jump. So above ten, you’re adding
whatever you roll to feat jump. – So what do I need to do to get it? So what do I need to–
– So that’s five, ten, 15, 20, 25, one, two, three. You’d only need to roll, you would need to roll a 25. – A 25 on my acrobatics?
– On acrobatics. – What do you have on acrobatics? – A six.
– Plus nine. – But even if you fail, you
just fall in the water, right? – Yeah. Can I add, do I get to add this guy to it? – I’ll let you add bless to it. – Okay, cool. I’ma go for it. – Yes.
– So you’re adding what to this, six?
– So you’re trying to beat, try to beat a 25 on an
acrobatics check right now and you’re burning the key
point for step of the wind. – Last time you flipped a thing, now you’re gonna jump. – Okay, okay.
– Oh my God, it’s gonna be so sick.
– Sofie, remember, it is what it is, whatever that means. (dice clatters) Oh.
– Nine. Two is 11. – 11, so I got 22.
– 22. So close.
– Oh, so close. Dang it. – Go ahead and make a
dexterity saving throw for me. – Okay. (dice clatters) That’s gonna be 20. – Cool. Oh, do you have slow fall?
– Slow fall, mm-hm. – So you take, you go, leap, it is what it is! The Rat King goes, no! Boom! And throws a gust of force
from all the rats screaming at the same time, buffets you back and you scrape, holding a hand
and foot against the wall, to land in the water down here. – Wow, okay.
– Okay. Am I gonna be able to get up that wall? – That’s gonna be a pretty
intense climb check. – I should’ve just got. Ugh. – I think you’re gonna be okay. – You’ll do it.
– I should, but I should’ve gone over there. – So that’s your movement, you get the bonus action and yeah. You actually, I think you actually still have an action left if you want it. Right? ‘Cause movement bonus
action for step of the wind? – Mm-hm.
– Yeah. Can I climb? – Yeah, you can try to move. You can try to climb. – Or can I? If I have another
action, can I just use it to move over and jump up here? – Yeah, for sure. So it’s difficult terrain
’cause you’re swimming. So it’s– – Well, I have acrobat. So I get to potentially
get less difficult. – Make a dc, if you
make a dc20 acrobatics, we’ll say it’s not difficult terrain. – Okay, dc20 acrobatics. I did, yeah, 23.
– Cool. So that’s gonna be five,
ten, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, yeah, you can get
up to this ledge here. – Okay, I’ll take that.
– Cool. – That’ll be enough. – Dope, awesome. – Sorry, guys, I’m
trying to get that panel. – That was still the craziest
thing I’ve ever seen. – It was very cool, very cool! – Very, very cool. – I think the water’s gonna keep rising. – I know that’s why I
wanted to get that panel. – Kugrash, that’s you.
– ‘Cause that’s gonna stop it from rising.
– All right. I’m gonna climb on this nice alligator. – Mm-hm.
(Ally laughs) – And get, I guess, as
far as I can over here. – [Zac] You can climb on me if you want. – [Brennan] Five, ten, 15. – Yeah, can I climb up on
my friend, Ricky’s, back? – Yeah, go for it.
– Is that okay? Is it okay with you?
– Of course, get on my back. – I hop onto Ricky’s back.
– Great. – Wow, you got big lats, kid. – No days off, man. (Brian laughs) – And then I wanna use a bonus action to move this fear, ’cause it was back here so it’s not gonna affect some people in a little bit as people move. So I can move it up to 60 feet. So maybe I’ll move it. Where do you guys think I should move it, if it’s 30 feet? Maybe just like in the center of us. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – I guess I’ll do it right around where Kingston is right now. – Mm-hm. – You telling me there’s gonna be a big juicy cockroach–
– The big ass juicy cockroach. Don’t worry, I got you, bud! – I hate this!
– Juicy cockroach, come down! – The trifecta.
– Kugrash is ruining your life.
– Rats, cockroaches and pigeons all in one day.
– I hate this so much. I live a clean life! – And then, so I’m there with Ricky and then I still have an action, so I guess I’ll create a flaming sphere. – Awesome. Very cool. – Sweet. So I’ll create a flaming sphere. So, you know what? I’ll just start it right on this guy. – Hell yeah and he has to roll a save? – I think he doesn’t take anything unless he gets hit by it or
unless he ends his turn in it. It says, any creature that ends its turn within five feet of the sphere must make a dexterity saving throw or it takes 2d6 damage. As a bonus action, I can
move it to ram people and then they have to do it. So I think it’s like appearing above him, but doesn’t hurt him yet.
– Gotcha. – It hurts him on his turn. Kugrash is playing the long game. – Water continues to rise. (water rushing)
(intense music) You see where the rats go, sire, the cheese! It’s phantasmal to the
touch, I can’t get it! (Emily laughs) Get this cheese at once! (Emily laughs) and that’s going to be the Rat King. Buh, buh, buh. Looks at you again.
– Okay, bring it on. – And says, freeze, you stand before royalty! I need a wisdom save. (dice clatters) – Oh. That’s gonna be a, (Emily clears her throat) 11. – I’m afraid–
– A robust 11. – I’m afraid that Sofia
is frozen in place. As chills go up your spine, mud. (Emily sighs) – You’re already in water. – Yeah, you are standing
about knee deep in water and feeling it rise around you. Misty, that’s gonna be you. – Get out of here.
– I mean, yeah. I’m gonna get up as high as I can. – Mm-hm.
– Movement wise. – [Brennan] Okay. – And then I still have crown of madness so that’s what that is and then I’m gonna. – Cool. Those two are gonna get
attacks of opportunity on you. – Bring it on.
– Cool. – Ha!
– And one. Two, one, two, three, four. – This guy was attacking this guy, right? – [Ally] Yeah, wasn’t? Wasn’t one of them?
– Yeah, this guy. – He was, yeah.
– Wasn’t one of them being attacked?
– Yeah, if you were here. He was there, if you’re
here, so you can go basically, one, two, three is 15. 20. With an athletics check you can get up to the next thing
– Great. And we have advantage
on that because of the? – Yup, the juicy cockroach. Just call to the
coockroach, he’ll help you. – The juicy cockroach oozes.
– He’s a good dude. – I got a 15. – Oh, 15. 15 gets you up.
– Great. Cool.
– Cool. They’re gonna get some attacks on you. – You get that plus two to AC this time. – Oh, yes, so my AC is 16 currently. (dice clatters) – Before you get up there, this one here restrains you. Restrains you and is gonna go ahead and deal (dice clatters) (intense music) 24 points of damage to Misty. – Did you crit?
– And he critted, yeah. And you are, once again, restrained. (Brennan laughs) Well, guys, that’s it for today’s chapter of Dimension 20 but what is that? An archer? Looking at me through the (Brennan yelps) (Brennan grunts) A scroll attached to the arrow. Brilliant! There are more full
episodes of Dimension 20 available right now on Dropout.TV. Hopefully, your viewers
will be less fool than you and sign up for their free trial today. You must succeed where I
have failed, brave viewers. Sign up. At once. You start thinking, like, what are the limitations of my magic? I’ve, I’m what? I’m the Vox Phantasm? I, what is this? And then you hear a voice saying, dreams are anything you make them.

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  2. Notification squad 👍🏻
    And idk if it's my internet or what, but it took a good minute or so for the video to load cx

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