17 thoughts on “Muse REVOLT CHIPTUNE Cover

  1. Incredible! Honestly, what talent, this is great! Would you ever consider making music especially for games? As you see, I am a game developer, and make pixelated 2D games in my free time, and I would really love to have one of your songs in my game! I would love to advertise your music within the gaming industry, and even though it probably wouldn't give you a lot, it could probably help you a LITTLE bit! My next kind of "bigger" project will be a hitman game, and will probably be out before Christmas this year… So if you read this, let me know, send me a private message, and I could then give you my email and etc! (Of course this is just an offer, and it is entirely up to you if you want to do it or not!) I only want you to know that I admire what you do, and would love to help you in some way :)Thank you for taking time reading this!

  2. People despise this song because it's just kind of simple and uses very basic and common chord progressions, also because the general sound of it just isn't anything like Muse would/should. ever do. That's not to say that you haven't done a great job though ;). Keep working on The Globalist haha.

  3. I love your videos, they're awesome man.
    I also have FL studio and I would love to make some chiptune music too so I was wondering if you could tell me where I can get the sound packs from or if there's any tutorials I can watch.

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