My AP-ART Portfolio (Top Score!) +Tips and Help

My AP-ART Portfolio (Top Score!) +Tips and Help

glasses no glasses blasphemy my last Fez huh glasses hey guys it is me common and today I am doing a video and that a bunch of you guys requested I made a video like two weeks ago ish and it was a video of me going through my sketchbook and all my sketchbooks and all my little sketches and doodles and things like that and it ended up getting a really good response and everybody really wanted to see more and in the video I mentioned a lot of the stuff in my sketchbook was for an AP portfolio and I asked if you guys would want to see a video of all my AP portfolio stuff and you guys all said yes a lot of them a lot of yeses it was overwhelming but I got to thinking and I thought more than likely people probably wanted to more see like what I have in my portfolio over like tips on how to have a good portfolio and I think by staying a portfolio that did well it helps a lot to like make your own portfolio do well so in my little tiny journal I wrote down a few tips on like what I did when I was making my portfolio I guess I'll just talk to you guys about my portfolio so for those of you who don't know an AP portfolio is basically like a college-level art class and when you make one you make 24 art pieces in a year you basically just collect 24 art pieces called a witch that all have a theme like a central theme and 12 that are just like random and kind of show your creativity and show your personality I'm a senior right now but I was very fortunate to do my portfolio when I was a junior because I kind of put me in this mind state to where like if I did badly it didn't really matter because I still had another year to try again but I actually ended up doing very well I got a 5 which is like the highest score you can get on an AP portfolio if you get a 5 that means you did very well and that means that's like the top which I'm very happy that I did well because going into it I didn't really like know what was going on and to really know if I was going to be able to do well so I end up choosing to do a 2d portfolio so everything here is all two-dimensional I'm sculptures or anything like that my concentration prompt was centered around social media presence because I do this YouTube thing and I have this very small following on the internet and it affected a lot of my life throughout all of high school and all of middle school so I did a lot about social media presence and about self image and like what media expects of people so that's what I did my concentration about I'm not going to show you guys like every single piece in it cuz that would be twenty four pieces and it's like a lot of work and I'm pretty sure like I've lost some of them and stuff like that because this is last year but when you do your portfolio you send in four pieces I think it's four pieces this is the artwork that they get to see um you know in front of them everything else they just see on like a little computer screen so I wanted to pick like my best four pieces for this so you send everything in this portfolio which actually isn't that large because I make a really large artwork I like to make big artwork and so this was kind of a challenge because a lot of my pieces were bigger than this already so I'm going to show you guys what I ended up sending to the jurors the first piece which is probably like the Big Kahuna like the big guy is this drawing it is a prismacolor drawing it's won me a lot of contests thank clean factor actually is a blue ribbon on it right now because I got Best in Show at a gallery which was really cool this guy was kind of like the centerpiece of my entire portfolio this piece is called a star for you and it's prismacolor um and there's some gold leaf and some a little bit of paint you but primarily prismacolor which i colored pencils for those of you who do not know this kind of like was my piece to show what the portfolio was about and to show like my skill level like my technical skill level and I was young my mother used to always meeting this book and it was this book called Oh as a book called you are special I forgot who it's by but it's basically about the civilization of people who are like made out of wood and they like their self value and like their value in the society is determined upon how many stars they get and people hand out each other like stars and look like oh you look good today and they like give them a star or if they like what bad today they make a mistake don't even look a great dog what I was saying with this piece is I was trying to express how either way even if they were good comments or even if they're bad comments they always in the end had a negative effect on my personality or a negative effect on my view of myself this is self portrait she can't tell this to me and don't like it you know I was basically saying like even if you get a bunch of compliments a bunch of gold stars they won't raise your value as a human being and even if you get a bunch of negative comments and if everybody hates you that doesn't decrease your value as a human being in the portfolio you put 12 slides and this draw ended up taking up two of those slides so I took a photo of it like far away and another photo of it close up because the detail work is pretty like intricate and took me a long time yeah this was this was a big in he's a big man I talked about that one a lot promise I will talk about the other ones okay wait a man this is a drawing I did my sophomore year it is me with my gecko on my face you can tell them I'm significantly Pinker because back then I didn't really understand skin down this was a piece named unlikely this was kind of like my big piece of my sophomore year too and so in the ones that I sent to the jurors I sent like my biggest baddest painstakingly realistic pieces you know this it looks very realistic but you know what I mean like the stuff that I work the hardest on from in the longest honor this is one of the pieces where I didn't really understand how it fit into my concentration like how it fit into my prompt but I stuck it in there anyways that's one of the tips I wanted to tell you guys you shouldn't worry too much about everything sticking to your concentration prompt I think that it's not as strict as I thought it was when I first went out there I still got a top score I still did well even though this piece doesn't really scream like social media present but I think it's still good this was a painting that I did of my friend Gus during off more here this is one of the first paintings I've ever done because I've never painted before it's basically just his portrait but something about the mood that it evokes I thought it matched my concentration this was a prisoner piece I did with my sister I was trying to show how everything that she had on which she believed had monetary value didn't really mean that much in the end and that's why it's all painted like because I was just trying to show how vain the world is right now this is the last piece that was sent to the jurors it is a Christmas color drawing of my friend Charlotte and I was trying to show how everybody has two sides one side that they show to the world and another side that they don't show to the world this was really fun to do because it was done in like a kind of double exposure style and all something else really interested in during the time so those are all the pieces that I sent to the jurors those probably decided my scoring and now I'm just going to show you guys some of the stuff in my breath section in my breath I kind of just looked went crazy I just experimented a bunch with different types of media and I just wanted to see what types of materials I could use and what kind of subjects I could have to show that I can do more than portraits because I didn't want to seem like the one-trick pony because I know I am NOT a one-trick pony I can do a lot of things and that's kind of what I wanted to show them this was a piece in my bread section it is made completely out of yarn this is all yarn and glued it just was a way for me to show me using different types media and it's also really fun to touch which is good here is a cute little scratch board cicada that I did probably my sophomore year I just really liked the black and white and the contrast and the board that I used was really nice okay dad I really love cicadas I don't know what it is I just love them this is one of the things that I put in my bread section because it showed my technical skill I think it's important to show both your creative skill and your technical skill because they're looking for really well-rounded artists this acts as a still life while still portraying some kind of message it's just a bottle which bottles are really fun to draw and do you have a drama bottom floor draw ball I really fun to draw 2:30 cute so those are just some examples of stuff in my bread section here is a piece that was in my concentration but I couldn't send them because it was too big it's actually another piece about to show you that had the same problem another tip that I'm going to tell you guys is to make sure you don't make your pieces too large and if you're going to make them large then you can't send them in just keep that in mind it's too big that's a fit in this portfolio but it's ok because I didn't really want to send that in my book folio anyways here is my big painting from my junior year this was the painting that I entered into a bunch of contests and it did really well it's me if you can't tell I like painting myself I just feel like it's the face of that know the best my own face this was one that I was really proud of and I really liked it just because I had it painted that much I don't paint that often I usually draw and so painting was something I really got into my junior year and this guy ends up doing really well I got they went to state competitions that really big though which means that I couldn't send him in for my e-portfolio so this guy got a slide in my concentration last is this little guy he went into my raishin section as well it's just a watercolor painting and he took me like he's with me maybe like 45 minutes but I just kind of wanted to fill up some space I don't think you should stress too much about certain things just because you can make good or in short amount of time I don't think you have to worry too much about the time constraints so everything that you aren't seeing is all the stuff in my sketchbook a lot and I mean a lot of the things that I put in my portfolio were this large there were tiny little pieces in in my sketchbook my watercolor sketchbook the good thing is about the portfolios is they're online so you can take little photos and they don't really know that it's this tiny little thing in the watercolor sketchbook they just think that it's a painting definitely keep a sketchbook cuz this sketchbook stuff is going to save your booty when you're like if I don't have anything to put in my portfolio all this sketchbook stuff is what you're gonna want to put in your portfolio you're able to show a diversity of your talent in a somewhat quick manner because you have to make 24 things in a year so you know that's why sketchbooks are really useful if you want to see all the things in my sketchbook I did a sketch book tour so that's why I'm not showing them in this video you can go watch that I'll leave a link in the description below so that is all I have to show you I hope that you enjoyed I I'm very scatter brained with this stuff because I don't really know how to go around telling you guys how to make a portfolio obviously my portfolio wasn't perfect when I went into it I had no plan on what to do with my concentration and I was scared that I didn't have enough pieces to be able to fill out 24 I'm sure a lot of you guys are in the same boat right now so I just hope that my folio or the stuff that I showed you would give me that little burst of inspiration I hope we help you guys as I know it can be stressful and it's perfectly okay to be stressed out right now it's a hard task in the comments I'd love to hear any questions you have about my portfolio or about your portfolio there's tons and tons of resources online on how to make a good portfolio and so I hope that this helped I'll make sure to answer as many of the questions you guys have in the comments below because I want to help you want to see more of me click the subscribe button if you don't you can we I'll see you guys next week with the brand new videos god bless and good bye

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33 thoughts on “My AP-ART Portfolio (Top Score!) +Tips and Help

  1. I wish I watched this before starting my ap art class. Towards the end I felt kind of unsure with my concentration.. it was on diversity of people / not cultural or anything. I then felt my pieces looked incomplete. Most importantly I had to rush many times… Part because of my terrible time management and strict weekly times to finish. I wish I went back and did more media and focus more on my quality pieces the most. I would love to start over now that I figure out how the AP art work. Thank you for this video and thanks whoever is reading this

  2. Im a freshman and next year when im a sophomore I'm going to start AP Art Class. so I wanted to know how to do a portfolio ,so thanks for the video I love watching your video 😍. Im advance not to brag or anything ,but this "AP" thing will be new to me and i know it may get stressful at times but i can do it .

  3. Idk if you’re still responding to questions 2 years later but- would my pencil portraits of ppl and still life be ok? They don’t rlly have any meaning to them and idk if they need to have a meaning? but they’re one of my strongest pieces in terms of skill. Also I’m not too creative so I have many paintings that are literally from pictures online, I’m just worried- I don’t have any art that came from my imagination

  4. I have my first ap tmr and watching this is making me think that I’m not set to submit my work. I have a different style but I still feel like my work isn’t good enough for the jurors to even look at :/

  5. Dude I know that story about the wooden people with stars, I had 2 books that my mom used to read me. I'm am legit shook rn. I remember being really creeped out by it.

  6. dude… I received credit for the exam and I DID NOT TRY AT ALL! For my concentration I did most of it last minute and I winged it! Imagine if I had actually tried…??!?! That’s why I’m majoring in art now… I’m awesome.

  7. I usually avoided you because people just kinda kept talking about you non stop and it got annoying. I’m into art and music, love it, so when I found out you sang and drew, I had to check it out. I’ll be honest, I’m glad I decided to check you out. You seem really cool! New subscriber😊😊😊

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