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Let me just jump right into this shall I no Lube no butter no Vaseline just fully fully raw dog my way into this I i am apparently racist now You heard that right my dudes according to one of my now ex followers on Instagram I am Blatantly racist I was just going about my daily life, but little did I know my whole online presence was going to be besmirched with a racist accusation which sucks because I don’t know I’m not racist or I don’t think I myself am racist I thought I had a genuine sense of respect to literally everyone. I have interacted with regardless of the race So just this general kind of accusation, whatever the fuck do, you know kind of news to me But you know some fucker on the internet said it so it must be true But WHY am I racist? How did I get this way? Can I change? Probably not because I am the worst person to walk this planet and I’m going to be Putting on a front in order to maintain my reputation. I Creepshow art I’m going to fully and completely explain this situation front to back. No bias. No opinion Just giving you the straight piss of the situation so you can go around on your pissy day and know what happened I know the term is the tea but if like piss has more impact and it’s just as more so let’s get pissy my dude Let’s start at the starting point with the art that is in dispute And if I could edit like De’Angelo Wallace or Widget or fucking TeaSpill This video would be a lot more fun, but I can’t, I suck I know. You didn’t want to unfollow because of my blatant racism You should probably unfollow for that and go follow D’Angelo Wiget or fucking TeaSpill they’re great. At the time I’m recording this audio. I drew this piece that you’re seen being drawn behind me, you know two nights ago Here’s what it looks like finished. Spoilers, That’s what it looks like as end of this video. Bye! I was watching season two of Justice League Unlimited and frankly, It was terrible But I love terrible things but ten out of ten would watch again for meaning purposes, because boy were there some good moments Well, I watched though I was drawing and I ended up drawing this character, She’s based on no one in the show I shouldn’t have brought up the show in the first place. She is literally just a cutie who is turning around with flowers in her hair as if to say hi I’m a cutie who is turning around with flowers in my hair. bingo-bongo Simple as that… “The easy way to look at it is if it has a hat on it will probably be called hat man. Most of the titles for my pieces arrived because on computer you have to call them something So I have.” while making it I really like this drawing and I still really like this drawing because I drew the flowers Because if you haven’t noticed there are flowers in it. I don’t really draw things well I know a lot of people don’t think I draw humans well either but I draw things like objects way fucking worse so the fact that I was able to make something that’s Recognizable as a flower that to me was dope if you haven’t noticed I’m pretty basic however I liked it and I didn’t know how long I was going to take to make a video Using the background play of the artwork being drawn, so I do what I always do I said fuck it and I posted it on Instagram with the caption. I can’t draw a rose as well If I am self-deprecating and makes your insults less hurtful, so I post it and went about my life little did I know I just committed an artistic hate crime cut to the next day Which is today. When I’m recording I am literally recalling like shit that happened two hours from right now and it feels like I’m living in a nightmare So let’s keep going. It’s the next day. I’m going through my DM’s because someone commented “Hey, check your DMS. I DMed you” But for the most part My DM requests are all “Buy free likes now!” or spam art accounts that want to feature my artwork. so if you’re wondering why I didn’t respond to your DM, anyone who has DM me It’s very rare that I’m able to sift through and find something of value among the “Get likes now!”, “Buy active followers now!” “Let us feature you” “Your art is great.” “Do you wanna collab with us?” [insert fake company name] However on this here day, I was able to sort out some of the non bullshit-ass DM requests That seemed like maybe I don’t know would be a nice interaction Little did I know I was about to embark on the dumbest digital quest I have ever been a part of. Scrolling through I see a message from “Doh!”. Okay, so I shouldn’t actually name her So let’s just call her Vaseline intensive care I get a message from Vaseline intensive care, and I think cool finally a message from a fan, a message that might be nice Someone’s finally gonna be nice to me today, not trying to sell me an auto liker for my account Finally an ounce a positivity in my– In my life after a fucking harsh winter little did I know what I had actually walked into or clicked into, whatever. Vaseline intensive care had sent me my own artwork just Dmed it to me and said the following I’m going to do this and a dramatic ass reading because of course I am, so feel free to call me Overdramatic or just annoying in the comments down below or if you want call me a full-on racist anything works, but now for the dramatic reading. “I know you probably didn’t mean anything by this, but it’s disrespectful as a white woman to draw a black woman. Like the skin tone, the hair, It’s all wrong and blatantly racist. I know you probably did it out of ignorance, but you’re a white woman. You shouldn’t be drawing people of color, unless you are a person of color. I would take the image down, apologize publicly, and link some people of color artists in order for this not to escalate. Please don’t make me take this any further than it needs to go.” Personally I kind of dig that it ends with a big threat. Like don’t make them do something like I’m gonna like I don’t know like I don’t know what I would do to make them do I don’t know what that means but I like it. So I read through that once and immediately was mildly pissed off. Honestly. There’s probably nothing I hate more than being talked down to especially when people come at me like they’re morally superior than I am. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I’m a moral Beacon or– I don’t think I’m a beacon of morality and justice or whatever But I have conscious thoughts and I am capable of critical thinking so when people tell me shit like this as if I’m not aware of my words or my actions or my basic power as a human person like it just gets under my skin. I’m not an in-intel– I’m not an unintelligent person I just mess up staying fucking great nailed it Shannon. Good job so naturally I am a bit irked, a little bit peeved, a little bit not happy about the shift in the universe, and the fact that someone Instead of reading me for something proper Instead of reading me for something That would be I don’t know good like “Your roses suck, learn how to draw roses dipshit” They wanted to infer a racial injustice for my actions of drawing a person of color. I thought it was a bit of a stretch in my honest opinion in my fair unbiased completely unbothered opinion of the situation that I personally am NOT a part of but like You know seems like a stretch. LITTLE DID I KNOW that this was only the beginning of the stupidity. I Screenshot the messages to send to my boyfriend because I needed to rant about it privately To someone who would tell me if I was in the right or wrong. Like I needed to know like, Hey I don’t think this is bad, but let me just Be super sure. It’s not bad No offense, sometimes I ask you guys if I’m in the right or not, and you just enable my bad behaviors So I just need to make sure that I’m not always full-on full-out being terrible so I screenshot the interaction and I send it to my boyfriend and I send it to my boyfriend and we end up going back and forth about if this person is serious or not because He thought it was a joke. He asked me if this was said by a person of color? I said no, It wasn’t. It was said by a white high schooler who lives in New York according to her profile He asked me if she was following me actively or not and I say I don’t know. I’m kind of a shit poster though. So like, I don’t know it’s someone who actually believes what they seem to have believed would follow me So I don’t know and in the end we went back and forth and it ended up with us both being Unclear if this was trolling or not, that’s when I got a message from Instagram That was a little bit worrying. [This message has been unsent by the sender.] If you have ever received this message from Instagram It’s the fucking worst, cuz it’s so fucking vague It shows nothing about who unsent what or what their original message is, what interaction it’s from. None of it. Whatever was there is just vanished and you don’t know what it was or why it was And it’s not really a great feeling because every time that happens I always like go into panic mode like is someone deleting parts of our Conversation to make it look like I was saying something I wasn’t saying? is this person setting me up for destruction? like what? Why would they unsend something? you know, normal paranoid lunatic shit that goes through my head. So I get four notifications back to back to back, unsent by sender, unsent by sender, unsent by sender, unsent by sender and think fuck that person deleted the chats and I was right 10 minutes after they sent me you’re racist for drawing someone of a different skin color than you, suddenly this person was either no longer Offended by my mundane art or they just didn’t want to get into this argument with me for whatever reason. How was I supposed to know which one it was? Oh, right because I still know their account name I went back and I tried to message them ONLY to find out, I was blocked fully and completely blocked by Vaseline intensive care I guess they weren’t really in the mood for defending the racial injustice in my art. At that point I’m fully annoyed and a bit miffed. Like I don’t know if you’ve noticed this I’m a bit miffed about this So I made the great tactical move to post the chat to my Instagram story. One, because I was annoyed that this little butt thought by unsending and blocking me She would be erasing the evidence that she was some kind of dick and two, because I wanted to share a little bit of idiocy With my loving audience. I wanted to show proof that people like Vaseline intensive care actually do exist And they go around trying to make people feel bad and like pressure artists into a little fucking corner, because since my tumblr video people have been like no one acts like that Nobody does that, that’s not really a thing, and it’s like no DEBORAH, It is a thing. Here’s proof that it’s a thing, and literally I’m not a big artist. I can’t imagine what artist is bigger than me, with a bigger platform go through, because holy shit! Someone wants to draw something as simple as someone with another race and show diversity in their art and they get people fucking up, ending their fucking careers, like Jesus Christ! It’s ridiculous And I know you thought that was the end of the story and that we’d reached like a moral, but little did you know This is a two prompt story time reaction commentary thingamabob. Like that’s right. I’m not just an art channel I’m a gnome. Part two of this is me at talk for the past month I’ve had one very persistent fan telling me to expose another artist, not like a YouTube artist but a Professional artist on Instagram who draws things for games and is just amazing. And this person has wanted me to expose that person because they said they’re racist or at the very least problematic. They have sent me mass direct messages on all of my platforms and pretty much demanded that I out this person and make a. video on this person for only drawing two people of color. I don’t know if they’ve never drawn any other or this person is operating in some sort of Time frame because i didn’t ask, but still apparently according to this other person their entire lifespan they’ve only drawn two people of color. Now this person who’s been demanding this of me is very determined and might still be very determined, to get me to make this video and expose this person for the evil that they are But first off, not an expose channel. Not my cup of piss. Thank u, next. Second off, after the experiences I have had with the tumblr situation and this one I can Understand why other artists with bigger audiences might not want to branch out that way I was literally told, that as a white woman, white artists are not allowed to draw any other person or any other culture. That it’s some form of an appropriation and insult and that if I do that I am Blatantly racist that we have to stick to only drawing one thing and one thing only or else We’re just gonna– they’re just gonna shit on us for being the lowest of the low and well I don’t think that makes anyone racist I could see why big our artists than me are like I don’t want to touch that with a ten-foot pole. I don’t want to ruin my career. No, so I don’t think there’s really a moral here. It’s just probably more of a rant than a story time it’s just, it’s a fucking lot to deal with and if I Were slightly less jaded from years of being fucked with online. Maybe this story would be more impactful and maybe I would be crying about it, but Jesus Christ. Like, maybe we can all get our heads on straight and stop shit like this… Maybe. I don’t know though because for every person who’s like “You can draw whatever you want.” I approve this.” There’s like a person saying no, so That seems to be a good enough place to end this I don’t usually do videos that have like any sort of morals I think I feel like I’m mostly an ambivalent person. So let me know what you think of this video in the comments down below and let me know if you care. Like either way, like if you it’s SUPER DUPER racist that I drew a person of color or that if any non person of color draws a person of co- I fu- like you know Let me know if you think choosing not to draw someone out of your like ethnicity, nationality what-have-you is racist or let me know if you think Choosing not to draw someone is racist or if you don’t draw them you’re racist. Frankly I don’t think either is and I just I want to go to sleep honestly, so Goodnight, have great– a great time and let me know whatever. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye.

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100 thoughts on “MY ART IS RACIST NOW (YES.REALLY)

  1. I once got someone complaining about my characters being only white
    Excuse me this character is a fox girl, with white fur, I only have like 3 freaking ocs
    This was irl

  2. It’s funny bc creatives like authors are encouraged to feature characters of another race, so whyyyyyy are other kinds of artists ridiculed for it?

  3. Wtf that makes no sense. I bet that it was only that one very specific person who felt offended and oh boohoo so attacked because you drew a POC…like are they well aware that artists will draw what they want and will most likely not give four shits about how they perceive it .-.

  4. Honestly I love your art style! Anyone who says you can't draw people probably can't draw themselves 😂

  5. i've had the same problem but at school. I'm a white girl that loves drawing and doodling in my books, but i don't care for coloring. i haven't touched a color pencil or crayon at all this school year or last. all of my doodles are entirely black and whatever color the paper is, and when i try to make a POC, i'm called racist. people expect me to magically make my mechanical pencil a tan color, or at at least portray my POC as a POC by not coloring them in. Sure, i could make them act a certain way, but then i'd be pulling at stereotypes, and then i'd get even more backlash. I've stopped doodling POCs entirely and only draw them digitally, with no dialogue or anything, just smirking or being there. the best part- my friend, who is a POC (i swear i'm not pulling a black friend on you) actually loves my art and thinks its hilarious when i draw him doing something stupid.
    sorry for the rant, its just annoying

  6. Honestly it’s looks really good but if she is a black character then she looks kinda white. Meaning her features don’t look like she’s black ( it’s really just the nose) but I do think that person overreacted

    It’s totally normal to draw characters out of ur race just make sure it’s not offensivE

  7. Im white thath means i can't wach black people shiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (gets shot in the head because im reacist(sorry for gramar im Croatian))

  8. God the art program you're using in this, I love how the fill tool looks like it sort of throws the paint. I've legit never seen an art program do that before and for some reason I love it.

    Also Vaseline Intensive Care is the best fake name I've seen.

  9. Me: im not mad…im mostly happy about your drawing and how would call you racist dude…your not, but im guessing the person how send that to you is, but just dont pay them no mind and just chill and draw wut you wanna draw, they cant stop you…but if someone hate it, then so be it..If I was you I would tell them to leave me alone say "im not racist

    Edit:ok this is my thoughts on this message, basically everyone in the world draws any race but he/she wants to pick on you for this?! Im not mad i love this and the picture to my eyes is beatiful .im african american myself and i usually love to draw white/asian/carcasain its not a crime to draw whatever race size or even shape its what you think . Let your mind flow sweetie ignore the bullshit.

    Mysub: #Nocommonsince #forthegirlhowsentthatshit

    other People: #likeifyouagree

  10. I'm Mexican but since I'm also Danish, I look white. Some people have gotten pissy with me for doing things or saying or even eating things that are "for Mexicans ONLY" and I'm always like ??? I'm Mexican dude and I wouldn't care if you did (only ever really told these things by white people who I know are only white). I don't even usually draw any characters that aren't white because people of some cultures have different features that are harder for me to draw and make look natural. I'm practicing but really people?

  11. Always found it ironic how people who accuse random artists of using stereotypes- use actual blatantly racist stereotypes in THEIR art.

  12. YouTube started playing a preview with subtitles on my app and all I saw was “let’s just jump into this. No lube no butter” and I was IN

  13. I've also seen the opposite, had a few people call me a snowflake or sjw cause I had a story with a black character as the main without even reading it and not knowing I spent 10 years with this story on the back burner. If they did read it, about a chapter in the main character is accidentally responsible for 2 deaths…not very progressive lol can't ever win.

  14. whoever said that is a freaking moron
    just because you draw. A person with color doesn't mean you're racist.

    just like saying if my skin is rainbow and I'm drawing a purple person and that is Racist
    Its not like

    what if the situation switched?

  15. In the words of Dan Avidan, you should never go raw, dog.

    But in this instance, it was appropriate. Real talk, though, I was called racist for NOT drawing other races (I do now. I didn't because of a lack of education on how different hair types worked and different facial structures), so I dunno what the proper thing is for white people to draw?? But I would have ONLY taken this stupid ass message seriously if it was from someone of the ethnicity in question. White people don't get to tell me I'm racist. White people don't know shit about it.

  16. >dRaWiNg OtHeR rAcEs Is RaCiSt
    >yOu CaN oNlY dRaW yOuR oWn RaCe (Which IS racist)

    SJW logic in a fucking nutshell.

  17. I can draw every race then. Because I am so fucking mixed I don't even know what I am anymore. All I know, is that my mom has recent Irish descent and my dad is Native American. But holy shit.

  18. This just happened to me today.. apparently drawing black and Muslim ocs (I researched their cultures well) as a white girl is racist…

  19. I got ridiculed for drawing a Maori merman…….. Im american born but i have Polynesian decent. On my mom's side…. I take after my dad…. And i look like my dad. A european lookin dude…

    Boiiii did it shock the tumblr sjw when i started replying to her maori insults /with/ maori. I hate SJWs. So much

  20. so drawing your own race exclusively is racist and now drawing other races is racist, what next ALL art starts being viewed as satanic, racist, tansphobic, immoral and toxic -.- fuck these stupid people, I hope they eat shit and die

  21. I’m sorry but its always non POC calling out bullshit thats not even problematic for black people in the first place AND AHEM YA CANT SPEAK FOR BLACK PEOPLE. STOP. When we see bullshit, trust and believe we’ll say it but otherwise, stay in ya damn lane. You’re good because I would have went off LOL This video was so funny and I’m SO sorry you had to go through that.

    Now, me as an artist myself, I LOVE when black people are drawn by non POC. It gives me a sense of inclusion. I will saw its HOW one would draw us is what I’m weary of. Not too long ago my best friend who also is an artist showed me a few pictures drawn by a couple of white women both showing racist caricatures of black women, one main thing making us look MANLY. Always wearing tattered and ruined clothes. Stereotypes here snd there but they’re revered for the art of black women that they do. Nuh uh. NOPE.

  22. Aight if white people cant draw poc poc cant draw white people, OR we can be fucking normal and not give a fuck its a drawing

  23. all of my ocs have unnatural skin colors so i guess i'm the WORST
    example: my oc, Adelaide had grey skin and her brother has white skin.
    the only "normal" skin color is on an oc named buck and they have darker skin, that's slightly tanned. and i'm white so i'm mega racist

  24. Is racism a problem, yes. Do we as people have to have a Frank open and honest discussion about it…yes. Having said that, this person's attack on you is not only misguided, it's flat out wrong.

  25. HoW dArE yOu DrAw A pErSoN oF cOlOr! YoU’rE rAcEiSt
    My only response to that would have been “really… are you actually serious?” Why does it not surprise me anymore that piss like this happens?

  26. I'm actually gonna throw up. This is such a sham lol. The term racist has been so watered down and misused, it doesn't even have an effect anymore.

  27. Shannon I was once called racist for "curling my hair to match a black person's". This is my natural hair. Apparently I can't have my natural hair without being racist. People are impossible to please

  28. What the F is that person serious to me as a PERSON OF COLOUR it is offensive that people don't really draw PEOPLE OF COLOUR so I actually think your art is beautiful and that person is an F-ing idiot

  29. This person really thinks you only have ONE way to draw a black character as if all black people look the same.


  30. You're racist if you draw people of only one race and you're racist if you draw people of a race other than your own so wtf

  31. As a person of color that little white girl legit knows absolutely nothing. Half of the outrage and cries of racism are done by white people trying to be "supportive" but honestly most of the time they are just being dicks.

  32. There are animators that don’t draw people of color, and yet someone yelled at you for actually drawing one? I’m confused??

  33. in my area i see more racism toward white people, but racism in general is bad like wtf whats the point of attacking someone for being a different color

    bahahaha imagine harrassing someone for drawing a different skin tone

  34. Alright so as a black artist who doesn’t draw white people because I suck at drawing lighter skin tones, Does that mean im now racist? There’s definitely worse people than a a white woman drawing a POC. There’s plenty of people on tumblr who use stereotypes to draw POCs and nobody bats an eye

  35. The person that told you this is extremely uneducated. I love to see artist paint people outside of their own race because that tells me that they see beauty beyond people that solely resemble themselves. And, Of course, there is nothing wrong with painting only people that are in the same racial group that you come from because that could be what makes you more comfortable. I would’ve ignored her message and posted another POC drawing. 🙄

  36. Okay I know this is an old video, BUT,

    As a mixed girl, I’m honored to see a white woman draw a woman of color. Your art is beautiful!!

  37. By this logic a black woman/Hispanic woman(or literally any gender or race that’s not white) drawing a white person is racist.

    You can’t have it both ways, sis

  38. & ppl like her are the exact reason why the word racist/racism has lost all meaning. When you cry wolf ppl stop paying attention and ill be damned if something ACTUALLY RACIST happens and it goes ignored or unnoticed because ignorant dipshits like her have cried racism too many times… its sadly to the point where I see racism written in a headline, title etc and roll my eyes and ignore ir because 9 xs out of 10 its something thats not even racist. & then when a little boy or girl gets called a "nappy n***er" by their primary school teacher no one pays attention because they're desensitized to the word racist… ugh…. & thats a true story, in my town my 6 yr old daughters bestfriend was called a "nappy n*glet" by a substitute teacher and if it hadn't been for a few of us white parents, and her parents of course, throwing a fit, nothing would have happened. The other parents of color were afraid of retaliation, which i COMPLETELY understand but whats worse is that the substitute was a POC…. ….. What chapped my white ass was that she said it to a white teacher and she just cackled… yes, SHE JUST LAUGHED and keep in mind the sweet baby girl could hear them! Im sorry but idc if your black or white you dont say that and idc if you're white or black, if you overhear it being said or its being said to you its your responsibility to do something about it and if you dont youre just as bad as the person saying it. HOWEVER, drawing a POC isn't racist, finding a person not of your own race beautiful and inspiring isnt racist. Hell imo there is one race and thats the human race and I refuse to allow the people charged with teaching our youth teach anything different than inclusivity and acceptance. & to teach them a white person drawing a black person is racist IS NOT INCLUSIVITY, thats the first step to segregation & weve come too far to go back.

    My oldest daughter is 13, we are 1/3 Blackfoot Native American but look totally white but shes LOVED black guys since she was tiny haha She never had crushes on white boys and still doesnt. Its never been an issue to me or our family. We live in Tx and unfortunately there are still extremely racist ppl down here. Last year she went to her school dance with her best guy friend who is black and gay, wasnt 20 minutes before she called me crying because one of the parent chaperones said they couldn't dance together because he was black… Momma bear came out full force haha my ass was up there in my PJs teaching folks 😄

    When she was in 1st grade she had a crush on a boy in her class named Dae'Sean (i love the way his parents spelled his name) and they walked out of school one day holding hands and im over here "awwwwing" my heart away thinking how fcking adorable they are when i hear someone behind me say "Another n***er lover in training", he didnt know I was her mother so i turned and said "thats my daughter…." & noticed he was a god damn cop…. but i chewed his ass anyways and then reported him to the proper authorities and as usual nothing happen to him. Fast forward 6 years and his 18 yr old daughter gets pregnant by her black boyfriend and the POS tried to shoot him. He got arrested, convicted and is in jail but it pisses me off because I, and others, reported him for his racism and ill treatment of POC and they ignored it and a really good kid almost died because of it…. smh.., so ppl PLEASE STOP USING RACISM/RACIST FOR EVERYTHING, ITS COUNTERPRODUCTIVE AND DOING HARM.

    But, theres a happy ending 😄 The ex cops daughter and her bf got married last February & shes pregnant with twins. I'm so excited because they bought the house 2 doors down & I can't wait to squeeze me some baby cheeks 😁😁 gotta love teeny tiny towns haha

    To sum this shit show up, I was raised to not see race/color. I raise my kids the same. I have not one microscopic smidge of racism in my soul but within the last 5 yrs its felt like everyones walking on eggshells afraid to say the word black or POC without being called racist. Its just a shame because thats doing nothing but driving a wedge between everyone. Just look at South Africa and whats going on there but ppl dont mention it because theyre scared if they say whites are being treated badly that they're racist when in reality there is a race war going on where children are being slaughtered and thats not okay regardless of how much melanin you have or don't have. WE ARE ONE RACE, THE HUMAN RACE, we have different cultures, traditions, religions etc but we are all one race. A white Nordic is human, an Australian Aboriginal is human, they are of one race but 2 different cultures…. thats just my opinion/view lol & Its okay to disagree as long as there is no disrespect

  39. Social media is full of these kind of people, she probably just learned what racism is, and hasn't yet learned the actual facts about it. Or she's just one of those people who like feeling superior to others – kind of think it's this one if only because of the threat at the end of the first message barrage she sent your way.

  40. There’s this girl on Instagram who draws really beautiful art but she only ever draws Asian people or Asian inspired things like ever (she’s white btw). I’ve scrolled for like 5 minutes through her Instagram and couldn’t find anything else. What do you guys think about that?

  41. Real shit idgaf if you draw darker skinned people i am black and straight up who the f*** cares i wanna see people drawing darker skined folk theres not many people who do imma say you have my support do the fuk you wanna it doesnt matter what others say they cant appericate darker folk F**k them and where ever they come from art is apart of freedom of speech if yall have a problem with her drawing darker folks come at me email me bitches @ [email protected] bring your sorry asses if she wants to draw darker skin sees gonna draw it fuk yall

  42. oh you know what can really get on my nerves?
    "white artists only draw white people they're racist"
    white artist draws a character of another race
    "you can't be white and draw people of another race you're racist"

  43. This was click bait and stupid….. Use your common sense not very damn this is that dramatic. I am mad at myself for clicking. DAMN ME!!

  44. “Morally superior than I am…” No.

    And the author the message: The racism was blatant, but you didn’t know it was racist. I am using the word “blatant” because I even know what it means. Yep, sure do.

  45. What the #UCK is wrong with that person. They sound so ignorant and stupid and a cunumunu and anything that means dumb.

  46. LMBO, that person is ridiculous! She's got Orange Man Bad Syndrome.

    How can it be racist to draw a black character? If you're drawing a black person, isn't it likely that you like black people??! Personally, if I draw a portrait of someone, I must like that person pretty well. I am not going to sit for hours, or even 15 minutes really, stare at a reference photo, and spend hours drawing that person. Even if I don't know the person, I have to find something about hem attractive, their pose, or their facial expression, or their looks in general, or I won't make art of them. If a character came from my own mind, then I must especially like a person similar to that, because I had to spend time dreaming the character up. I imagine most artist are similar to me in this, and make art of things and people they like. A racist wouldn't make art with characters of other races.

    Why are you getting hate for drawing a black person, but cartoonists and movie makers get called racists and bigots if they don't have enough representation of minority races, women, the LGBT community, immigrants, and disabled people?

  47. why do white ppl make tantrum videos about if they are racist or not… so cringe…. u werent being racist so heres ur cookie 🍪

  48. That's like saying "oh, you're a girl? You shouldn't be drawing male characters-"
    "Oh you're straight? You shouldn't be drawing gay characters-"

    Then let me fucking quit art because all being artist is is creating and bettering yourself and anything is a great subject to draw. I have many characters of varying races and ethnicities and backgrounds and body types myself and I only try harder every time I draw to get anatomy and facial structure correct. Just stop being a fucking snowflake and realize art is just a way to open the floodgates to acceptance, as big of an idea that is, get it through your puny closed minds.

  49. That's like saying "oh, you're a girl? You shouldn't be drawing male characters-"
    "Oh you're straight? You shouldn't be drawing gay characters-"

    Then let me fucking quit art because all being artist is is creating and bettering yourself and anything is a great subject to draw. I have many characters of varying races and ethnicities and backgrounds and body types myself and I only try harder every time I draw to get anatomy and facial structure correct. Just stop being a fucking snowflake and realize art is just a way to open the floodgates to acceptance, as big of an idea that is, get it through your puny closed minds.

  50. White artists draw black characters: "That's racist. You shouldn't do that unless you're black".
    White artists don't draw black characters: "You don't have any black characters? You hate black people!".
    White people have a favorite fictional character that is black: "This hasn't been created for you, you racist!".

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